What Is the Best Part of Dating Aries

    The best thing about being with you, Aries, is the energetic and adventurous spirit that you have. Going out with you means discovering what it is to LIVE. You are that person who transmits an excellent vibe from minute 1, a person who attracts a lot because of all that power and strength that he has inside. You are not a perfect person, but having you by your side has many more good things than bad, Aries, and you know that perfectly. You know it because you see how you can make others happy without hardly trying. You know it because others thank you for everything you can do for them. Your confidence is one of the things hanging out with you is so unique, Aries. It is the reason why you attract others so much, because they see that you are a solid and confident person, but, above all, because they see in you a person they can trust.

    The best thing about dating you is that you are a different person who has a super open mind and signs up for any plan.

    A date with you, Aries, can be the perfect plan for anyone. With you, no one is ever bored. Everyone laughs and has a good time. In addition, you are such a positive person, who always sees the good side of things, that you can help anyone out of any situation. The best thing about dating you, Aries, is the optimism you can bring to your partner. Even when the relationship breaks down or ends, you are one of those people who avoids having a lousy time with anyone. The best thing about dating you is that you try not to hurt anyone when love is over. There are times when you can't help it, and you form the odd drama. But in general, you are one of those who prefers to turn the page and something else butterfly. When the problems are solved, you realize that it is better not to hold a grudge or remember everything terrible when the anger is over. You keep all the good that that relationship has brought you, and that's it. You are a highly motivated person, full of life and energy, ready to embark on an adventure. Aries, you are the perfect companion on this journey called "life."