What Makes Aries Happy

    Aries is happy with very little. The only thing Aries wants is for someone to listen to it, especially without their asking. That other can feel when Aries is wrong or when he is sad. Aries needs to be understood and understood when you are in pain. You don't want to share that pain with anyone, and you need to feel protected and cared for. You feel happy when others stop to listen to you, and all they do is hug you and tell you that everything will be fine.

    Aries is also happy to have clear ideas. Solve all your doubts and clarify all the future that lies ahead.

    It overwhelms him a little to think about what will come. Therefore, he is happy when he does not think about it. He also loves that the people around him are clear about things. They are clear about what they want and what they don't want. Like Aries, people with clear ideas. They are intelligent and go further, that they do not stay in the here and now. Also, as Aries is very independent, he likes to know before acting. Aries is happy to stand and meditate on life and his surroundings, nothing more. In those moments when Aries doesn't feel good about himself, the only thing that makes him happy has a good friend around. That person you trust so much and the one who will never let you down. Aries is happy with little, and who knows him will know it very well. You do not have to give him all your love or tell him how much you love him, and only Aries has to feel that he is close. Feel that you are not alone and have someone who will help you with anything. You need their company to feel complete.