What You Don't Know About Aries When It Breaks

    Nobody has the slightest idea of ჴ€‹ჴ€‹the times you've had to "pretend" to pretend that you don't care enough about Aries, and you know it. There have been many times in which you have dressed in your best armor so that that touch of vulnerability is not seen, there have been many occasions in which you have been a cold person for not getting too involved, but no one knows Aries why this attitude is assertive, because if you pretend to be an adamant person who is not affected by anything. It is only for pure protection so that they do not see that it affects you too much so that your vulnerability remains intact and no one knows that you have a heart that does not fit in your chest.

    You are very capable of putting your calmer face and your more severe demeanor in the lowest moments for your Aries's heart, and you know that this is not good for your health.

    What Does It Mean to Dream About Crying? But you do it because you don't want them to know that it hurts you, that it hurts much more than you would like to admit, if you act like this, it is to keep that sensitive and pure side so that only the people for whom you would give your life know it, nothing more. Many of your friends do not know it, even people in your Aries family, very few people are the ones who know that human side, that touch of sensitivity that is born when a word, a gesture, or a betrayal, leaves a mark on you. Deepest of your heart. You care very little about the opinion of those who want to hurt you and cannot because they say you do not have a heart. You do not care if they think you are someone without feelings. You know that your heart does not want to suffer, and that is why you will always do whatever it takes to protect it.