What You Want Vs What You Need That You Should Know Aries

    What you want:

    Aries, in a relationship, you want someone who constantly stimulates you, who makes you live life the way you like it, who always has passion, and there is always an adventure. You don't need a boring person, and you want someone who always has some fun plan to offer you, who knows how to have fun and make you laugh. But you also want someone who is a little carried away by you, who is not stubborn and flexible. Because it is true that you, Aries, love to be the one who is in control of the relationship. You want someone sure of himself, who is clear about his goals. He has things evident, but you also let himself be advised. Also, it is essential that it is flexible and knows how to agree with you. You don't want someone to constantly remind you of all that is worth it. You want someone who gives you security, and you feel that you can be yourself.

    What you need:

    What Should Capricorn Do When They Need to Rest But deep down, Aries, in a relationship, you need independence and security. It would be best if you had a sure person of himself and his relationship with youჴ€”someone who does not distrust your freedom. Someone who is not afraid to face reality when necessary. Someone who does not shut up when there are problems and is willing to solve them in the best possible way. You also need someone who takes care of you, values you, and loves you as you deserve. But above all, you need someone who knows how to hold your feet when you are about to commit an excessive madness and who knows how to control you when you are about to explode in the middle of an argument. In short, you need a person who knows how to put out your fire but who also knows how to turn it on when necessary.