When Aries Goes Crazy

    When Aries gets crossed the wire and gets angry, it's like a little kid, like this, bluntly. Angry Aries is capable of exploding at any time and in any place, regardless of the people next to him or the situation he is in. You will explode and not think about how your words and actions affect the people around you. They will give absolutely the same consequences. That is how Aries is when he gets angry. He will say things as they are, and who cares if he drinks water, there is no more. He will never watch his words at times like this and may even verbally hurt anyone nearby when he is angry. Aries cares more about their pride than the people around them.

    If Aries is furious at you and is in that moment of madness, the best thing you can do is shut up and get as far away as possible.

    He was letting Aries be the one to realize that his insane state would get him nowhere. The best thing is not to add fuel to the fire, and we already know what happens in the end. Loneliness is the best for Aries because he manages to relax and find himself. That's when you realize that this state will not get you anywhere. At that moment, he calms down quickly and may even regret all that 'show' he put on. He will feel guilty for not controlling himself and ask your forgiveness for everything that happened.