Why Aries Don't Want a Serious Relationship

    Aries, you do not want to start a serious relationship now because you are afraid that your life will become boring. It's not that you think commitment is tedious, but you think that you may well get bored if you don't find the right person. Aries, you get bored too quickly with things, and when this happens, for you, everything loses its charm. You don't want to fall into a routine full of monotony. You don't want to stop being yourself and lose your essence. Commitment scares you a little for this very reason because of the fear of boredom and that the relationship will stagnate.

    You are not afraid to start a serious relationship, and you are afraid that your relationship will stagnate and lose it for this reason.

    You are not afraid of commitment, and you prefer to take your time to get to know that person well and know their aspirations and interests. It would be best if you made sure of who that person is very well before taking another step forward. You know perfectly well that things may turn out worse if you rush. Palace things go slowly, Aries, you know that phenomenally. Therefore, you prefer that things go little by little at their own pace rather than formalizing a relationship quickly. Also, you don't settle for just anyone. It would be best if you had someone special who makes you feel that you are alive and who makes you see life differently. It is difficult for you to put labels on your relationship with the person you are in love with. Labels do not mean that you love more or that you are loveless. Before putting them on, you need time to know what you are. But once you've taken all the time it takes, everything will become clear. As long as there is love, what difference does it make what you are?