Why Aries Feels They Cannot Continue

    If you are in a phase in which you feel that nothing has gone as it should have, do not get frustrated, Aries, if things have not turned out as you had planned, do not blame yourself. Do not be overwhelmed, and do not remind yourself every two minutes three because you hurt yourself that Aries does not belong to you.

    Stop thinking about everything in the past, about everyone else, and think about yourself, Aries, about yourself, and all the road to success that lies ahead of you.

    CHIP CHANGE. Change of routine, life, friends, environment, car, hair, everything Aries. The key for your happiness to rise again like foam is that you focus on recovering that chip that you lost from using it so much and that you reactivate it, Aries.
    If you are going through a stage full of favors that are not grateful, struggles that are not valued, and self-love that does not reach your life and remains more in those of other people, there is an error. When something happens, and you know very well the reason. It is delicious that you want to go through everything, that you adopt a much more passive posture, and that you do not turn on as usual.
    It is excellent that you adopt tranquility, but Aries, tranquility is doing nothing when your world is going crazy around you.  We understand that everything reaches a point where it gets too tired. Being there always exhausts Aries, and you know it. Still, You can solve this by leaving that environment, recharging the batteries, leaving the pain aside, and having a clear conscience. Say NO without feeling bad, say YES to plans that seem crazy and forbidden to you, and make the adventurous Aries in you resurface.