Why Aries Is Too Soft Heart

    You seem like the type of person who does not commit and does not want anything severe, Aries. Your first label is that of someone rebellious who could remove others from his life without any problem. But Aries, the truth is that both you and we know that this is not true. Your heart is so much bigger and kinder, so much kinder and warmer than many people could ever imagine. Seriously, Aries, they don't know how much they suffer when you let go, when they fail you, when they disappoint you.
    You know that you can give everything in your power to see the people you care about happy, you put as much desire or more into the problems of others than to your own, and that is to be admired. Your heart is soft, so what? What is the problem, Aries?

    You have a tremendous sense of justice, Aries. Although you have a complicated character to carry, you are very capable of everything to have the security of yours in your hand.

    That you are fire, have a temperament, and are of arms to take does not mean that you do not have a good and noble heart. That you are an ambitious person and capable of overwhelming anyone to win does not mean anything, because when you reach the top, you share, when you triumph, you want others to be participants, even if the merit is yours, your heart tells you to help others and give them a piece of your success. Why is your heart too soft? Because you are a very good Aries person, with many character and flaws, but with an excellent heart.