Why Aries Should Stay Single Rather Than Having a Bad Company

    The reason you're better off alone than in bad company, Aries, is basically because you love being alone. You can't find what's wrong with liking solitude so much. And it is that many times it even gets to annoy you when people want to make plans with you and all you want is to find some time to spend it alone with yourself.

    You are such an impulsive person, that one day you wake up, you want to do something and it is difficult for someone to follow that rhythm of life. But you don't ask anyone to follow you, whoever does it has to do it because they really want to and not because they are forced to.

    And for that, for the moment you prefer to be alone and thus save yourself unnecessary dramas. Yes, there are also times when you would like to be with someone and fall in love, but those moments usually last a couple of minutes, until you realize that right now you are very comfortable living without those "worries". Now you prefer to live life, enjoy solitude and love yourself rather than start a relationship with someone. You know that you, Aries, are not one of those who falls half in love. If you fall in love, it is to have something true and not like those relationships I love you now, not tomorrow and the day after, maybe yes. And for that, well look, better be alone until you find a person who is willing to truly fall in love. Gemini Friends
    It is also true that there are times when you like to be in company, fall asleep in someone's arms, but you think that if you admit that it would weaken you. Now you just want to spend time with yourself, pamper yourself whenever you need it and whatever comes up. You do not need a serious relationship and less with someone who is not willing to give you the type of love that you like. You are not in a hurry to find that person and that is why you are better off alone than in bad company.