Ascendant in Aquarius in the Astral Chart

    Ruled by the planet Saturn, those born with the Ascendant in the sign of Aquarius gain more taste for freedom and generally give others the same freedom they desire. In general, they are charming and friendly people.

    How is the Personality of the Ascendant in Aquarius?

    Like the Sun in Aquarius, the need for independence is excellent, and the personality of this native can seem distant; in fact, it is difficult to feel close to the enigmatic person of Ascendant in Aquarius. However, the difference between independence and isolation must be understood. The psychological whole must be formed from the awareness that your best qualities are displayed through kindness and appreciation for people. When these are reciprocal, they should not eliminate them or put up barriers but accept them. Thirsty for self-knowledge, these individuals are very stubborn and can instinctively resist the realization that they must change, even when they accept it intellectually. Even so, Aquarius Ascendant people are often very generous. Still, a great need for command can be complex for those living with these natives, and a lack of flexibility can damage the harmony of their relationships.

    How is the Ascendant in Aquarius in the Other Signs?

    When Aquarius ascends in other signs, it gives natives a strong sense of community and curiosity, as well as a more eccentric temperament. However, your influence as an Ascendant sign will always depend on the native in question.

    Aries with Ascendant in Aquarius

    The natives of Aries with Ascendant in Aquarius are endowed with a solid intellectual passion and a tremendous mental dynamism. The openness of Aries, along with the informalism of Aquarius, leads you to speak your mind and defend your views with determination. This is the result of the combination of two very active and high-energy signs. Innovative, super creative, and decisive, this Aries is very sociable and accessible. His extraordinary curiosity encourages him to create fraternal connections in which there is a constant exchange of information. Professionally, this native performs perfectly in areas where he can stand out for his creativity and originality. Ambitious, they are not carried away by emotions, acting coldly and determined to achieve their goals. Aries, influenced by Aquarius, becomes very demanding with his loving partners in the affective sphere. In relationships, this native retains a lot of his freedom and finds it difficult to accept any commitment. On the negative, Aries with Ascendant in Aquarius talks too much, irritating and annoying anyone. He does not give his arm to cheer in his tired and frequent speeches, keeping his opinion until the end.

    Taurus with Ascendant in Aquarius

    Taurus with Ascendant in Aquarius is a very contradictory being. Sometimes he seeks security and freedom ... Taurus is generally slow and not receptive to change. However, when combined with Aquarius, a creative and original sign of mind instigates Taurus to take more risks, breaking paradigms and proposing alternative ways to guarantee their desired security. In the professional field, this native can be involved in several projects at the same time. Still, his indecision makes him quickly lose interest and not finish them. In love, Taurus adds Aquarius freedom to their emotional impulses, being able to become less possessive and creating a love modality that is more jealous and less demanding. However, it becomes difficult to relate due to his changing will and unstable mood. Seduced by risk and a thirst for adventure, he often gets involved in confusing relationships. On the negative, sometimes Taurus does not understand Aquarius' proposal for change and liberation. Resist, creating great internal conflict, as well as inevitable stress.

    Gemini with Ascendant in Aquarius

    The natives of Gemini with Ascendant in Aquarius are, in general, endowed with a charming personality, which, from an early age, can demonstrate the qualities of both signs. Gemini, with their curious mind, always looking for new information, is ideally suited to the goals of Aquarius, whose mind excels in creativity, originality, and a clear preference for cutting-edge topics. In this personality, leisure is essential and should be considered a habit. On a professional level, Gemini with Ascendant in Aquarius has a unique talent for creating and developing great projects. He is independent, dynamic, and always looking for new ideals and goals. The gift of speech and your intellectual abilities help you achieve the desired success. This native likes to live great passions, although they are somewhat ephemeral. In the loving sphere, there is an absolute need for a rich and dynamic affective life, in which love is totally reciprocal. There is no tolerance for partial or warm loves. On the downside, Aquarius Rising Gemini natives have some relationship difficulties, which tend to be fleeting and uncompromising. Whether due to Gemini inconstancy or Aquarius coldness, this combination has great difficulty in establishing effective exchanges.

    Cancer with Ascendant in Aquarius

    Cancer with Ascendant in Aquarius is endowed with a sensitive and emotional personality while being more independent and less attached to the past. In this combination, Aquarius, with its natural selflessness and sense of freedom, helps Cancer to break ties with the past and free themselves to achieve a lifeless tied to chains. In the professional field, this native needs organization and discipline to be able to advance with his projects. It only works well when you have the freedom to create, innovate and show off your originality. These natives are said to be good professional perfectionists but somewhat eccentric and unstable in humor. Despite having an undeniable fascination for those around him, this native is challenging to understand. He is unstable, temperamental, and somewhat contradictory; he changes your mood in the blink of an eye, which can make everyday life in a relationship difficult as it is difficult to please him and keep him satisfied. On an emotional level, loving and starting a family is a way of feeling safe. Two tense and emotional signs, when added together, can lead to conflicting results. On the negative side, when Cancer resists Aquarius's liberating proposal, a robust emotional tension is created, and the individual can quickly decompensate. On the other hand, there is a constant need to alternate tasks and obligations with leisure and relaxation.

    Leo with Ascendant in Aquarius

    Aquarius Rising Leo natives are resourceful, creative, and open-minded and tend to be very interesting and attractive. Despite their independence and detachment, they want company, warmth, and admiration most. In the professional field, these natives like to face significant challenges. However, your great pride can create some obstacles to achieving your goals. In the affective sphere, they value freedom, preferably choosing people who do not imprison or suffocate them. They can make the union a continuous relationship and, at the same time, stimulate their partners to live better. On the downside, Aquarius Rising Leo natives can be highly authoritarian, tyrannical, and self-centered, ignoring all forms of coexistence. They react to love relationships, suddenly projecting their own difficulties onto their partners.

    Virgo with Ascendant in Aquarius

    Aquarius Rising Virgo natives are endowed with quick, eccentric, and creative minds. The Aquarius Ascendant can free Virgo from excesses of worry, conformity, and feeling of obligation. This combination creates a very different type of Virgo, much more open to spiritual matters, but carefully keeping the feet on the ground and the discriminating mind, which filters everything. Professionally, these natives are gifted with a large workforce, contributing really efficient and creative help. Your dedication and interest make you an excellent and valued professional. In the affective sphere, Virgo with Ascendant in Aquarius can surprise those around her since she is capable of acts of rebellion, such as leaving everything for love or going to the other side of the world after a passion. Mentally unnerving, these natives are strongly drawn to risk and madness. On the negative, extremely mental signs come to command the personality that is often involved in more matters than necessary. In addition, two very cerebral signs together present many gifts that are not transformed into natural talents by the excess of contradictory stimuli.

    Libra with Ascendant in Aquarius

    When Aquarius ascends to Libra, this native has the rare opportunity to show that there are no frontiers to love, no barriers, much less prejudice. This is the hallmark of this combination: freedom of choice for the partner. This native needs space to unleash and express his creativity and inventive genius in the professional field. When this happens, you are quickly successful in the area of activity. On a loving level, for the natives of Libra with Ascendant in Aquarius, in addition to being a partner, their love must be a friend, share the same philosophies of life, and accompany them on all their travels. Idealistic and original by nature, they can be interested in any human being that meets their expectations. In a relationship, they value their freedom and are highly reactive when trying to control them. When respected, they are rewarding and faithful lovers. On the downside, Aquarius Ascendant Libra sometimes confuses freedom of choice with eccentricity. Choosing couples who dream of meeting unique and very original people, neglecting the affective exchange, often results in relationships that cannot withstand time.

    Scorpio with Ascendant in Aquarius

    Aquarius ascends to Scorpio gives this native greater authority, ambition, and leadership skills. Moving up in life, being recognized and prestigious are priority objectives and, at the same time, opportunities offered by this combination. The bottom line is that all necessary efforts should be worked out early. Professionally, the creativity and ability of Aquarius to present variable solutions to existing problems make this native capable of occupying positions of responsibility for a long time. Determined, he doesn't easily give up on his futuristic ideas and projects. In the affective sphere, Aquarius with Ascendant in Scorpio has a specific idea of freedom and a relationship. As you value your independence above all else, you may slip into successive romantic breaks. However, if you find someone who accepts your need for freedom, you will be completely faithful. On the negative side, this native tends to exaggerate authoritarianism and, at times, aggressiveness, becoming emotionally unstable. A good match is essential to balance this slightly strained personality.

    Sagittarius with Ascendant in Aquarius

    Aquarius Rising Sagittarius natives are generally original and forward-thinking, striving to put their principles into practice. In this combination, Sagittarius, following the egalitarian proposal of Aquarius, has an excellent opportunity to reform his mind, get rid of prejudices, and add deep respect for human life. Professionally, these natives use their talents to create solutions and the ability to innovate. In general, they prefer activities in which they can exercise their creative genius and in which strict schedules do not bind them. In the affective sphere, Sagittarius with Ascendant in Aquarius takes love and affection lightly and avoids emotional commitments and dramas. You are looking for someone who is, above all, an accomplice friend, without demanding too much of you. On the negative, these natives do their best to show off their eccentric conceptions. They like to appear different, take the floor, and make a feeling as authors of unique ideas. They often insist on influencing everyone around them.

    Capricorn with Ascendant in Aquarius

    These natives are creative, original, and endowed with a deep utilitarian sense who seek to contribute, in a concrete way, to the progress of humanity. When Aquarius ascends to Capricorn, the result is a realistic and analytical individual. However, he does not rule out the use of intuition. This is an excellent combination, as it adds Capricorn's inner solid determination to Aquarius' healthy freedom. His capacity for intuition and innovation makes us, in general, successful professionals. On a professional level, they are independent and self-sufficient, defending their ideas to the end, always backed by solid arguments and concepts. They denote a solid dedication to work, where they are considered honest and disciplined. In the affective sphere, these natives are difficult to access and speak very little about themselves, preferring to listen and observe. They tend to be attracted to people who are difficult, unapproachable, or in need of help. Even when they are emotionally engaged, they are still not fully surrendered; they always leave a large part undisclosed. On the negative side, Capricorn Rising Aquarius natives hide their shyness, dissatisfaction, and selfishness in determined and bitter loneliness. They do not share their little affection, do not allow themselves to receive help, and pose a superiority and self-sufficiency. Insecure and withdrawn, they have a solid tendency to depression. In certain situations, they get trapped in impossible relationships, where they think about saving but end up being victims of obstacles.

    Aquarius with Ascendant in Aquarius

    Anything that can give you the label of original, exotic, or even different is to your liking. The natives of Aquarius Duplo are endowed with a strong personality, with very high and supportive self-esteem. This native shows, in all his actions, a taste for living in groups and constant attention to his personal well-being. Professionally, this native likes to be noticed and make a difference, using his intelligence to mentally challenge those who want to, often baffled by his unpredictability. It would be best if you had someone bright, intensely loving, and willing to be a companion on the journey, warm and outgoing in the effective area. Not being very affectionate, he needs someone to compensate his rational nature with displays of affection. On the downside, all of Aquarius' selfishness, irritability, stubbornness, and aggressiveness add up to a personality that's hard to live with. This is a rebellious, defiant, and generally opposite native. He does not know how to live alone, lacking company and attention despite calling himself independent.

    Pisces with Ascendant in Aquarius

    The natives of Pisces with Ascendant in Aquarius are always looking for new ideas, projects, and changes. In this combination, the tremendous intuitive ability of Pisces, added to the enormous creativity and ingenuity of Aquarius, can lead this native to success. Endowed with a futuristic vision, Pisces with Ascendant in Aquarius is able to plan well for the real needs of the present, getting rid of everything that is out of date. Professionally, driven by a vision that goes beyond the limits of conservatism and accommodation, this native defends his personal interests while engaging with the community's wishes. In the affective sphere, you need to love and be loved, but it becomes difficult to commit because you value your freedom so much. Fascinated by everything related to paranormal universes, he believes in love at first sight. He escapes the rules they try to impose on him. On the negative, this combination results in a Pisces native unable to escape his dreams and utopias. Unable to make the slightest prediction, he alternates between achievements and failures; he travels in an unbridled imagination and with an absolute inability to listen to any advice. Imagine an ideal world, and you cannot place it on Earth.

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