Ascendant in Cancer in the Astral Chart

    The vision we have of the world and the way we face situations is, in a way, determined by the Ascendant sign. In the case of Ascendant in Cancer, there is a well-defined stereotype within the Zodiac: in a first approach, the way of being of this native is calm and quite emotional; however, despite all discretion, his personality hides great power of adaptation.

    What is the Personality of the Ascendant in Cancer like?

    Natives with a Cancer Ascendant have a strong maternal instinct. Endowed with an attitude of natural caring, they generally have a great sense of dedication and dedication to others. Sometimes this instinct is so strong that the world outside of your immediate and comfortable circle can be seen as a threat. Even so, this is almost always a protective attitude and not possessiveness towards others. If people with Ascendant in Cancer do not live or create a family environment, their powerful motivations to care and care for others will be directed towards an ideal that is generally personalized towards a true vocation. Natives with Ascendant in Cancer want to choose their cause themselves. In the love sphere, natives with Cancer in the Ascendant show great ambition in relation to their partners. They may even seek social ascension for them. However, they fail to recognize that coldness and distance can ruin even the most prolonged and closest relationship.

    How is the Ascendant in Cancer in the other Signs?

    When Cancer is the Ascendant, the person can be influenced by a powerful force. Therefore, any sign-in conjunction with this Ascendant will have a significant influence on your personality.

    Aries with Ascendant in Cancer

    Aries with Ascendant in Cancer forms a combination that can be lost in the alternation between action (Aries) and reaction (Cancer). The Aries Cancer Rising individual is generally articulate and likes to attend social events. Also, show some pleasure and pride in joining close relatives in social/professional life. He is focused and spares no effort to achieve his own successful project in his career. Whatever the issue, if you know how to get on the right side of the war, this native's victory is guaranteed. In the affective sphere, the defense of one's own dignity always stands out, which can lead to social coexistence problems. As a whole, Aries with Ascendant in Cancer is protective, generous, and empathetic. On the negative side, by being very close to the family, you can become a victim of the influences and blackmail of the family group. Often, he abandons his dreams to fulfill the wishes of his loved ones. He cannot reconcile his career with his family in other situations, remaining only at one of the poles. As he has an unstable personality, this native's life is made up of ups and downs, with successes due to his imagination and failures due to his inconstancy.

    Taurus with Ascendant in Cancer

    Taurus with Ascendant in Cancer is given a lot to friendships. For these natives, friends are considered a second family, which protects and advises as such. Cancer Rising Taurus is equally fond of solidarity - his ability to deal with others gives him a particular way of dealing with others. In his career, his success is mainly due to his friendly way of relating to others, talent, creativity, and luck. When you work hard on your projects, you easily win big. These natives have broad and robust feelings but are full of freedom in love. For them, a genuine feeling includes independence and confidence. However, they tend to make wrong decisions. Due to their delay in making decisions, they can remain inert for a long time, sometimes embittering years of happiness from unfounded fears. On the negative side, emotion and sensitivity are its most significant difficulties, which can even cause psychosomatic problems.

    Gemini with Ascendant in Cancer

    Gifted with fertile imaginations and solid creative abilities, Cancer Rising Geminis have a great talent for communication. However, this combination creates an atypical Gemini: he talks less about himself, is more introspective, listens better, and in some cases is a good advisor. At work, the vital thing for this native is to be in a suitable activity where he can use his most creative talents. And as for him, work is also therapy. It is essential to be in a pleasant environment and with good relationships. However, his lack of self-confidence sometimes does not allow him to carry out the projects he yearns for. More sensitive and emotional than the other natives of your sign, in love, you need to feel emotionally secure to move on because you get attached easily. Cancer Rising Geminis tend to get involved in complicated relationships, in which they are sometimes victims, sometimes saviors. On the negative side, this native has a certain tendency to take refuge, not from being frustrated or disappointed, but from reflecting on himself and his actions. In some instances, the fear of exposing yourself, especially with regard to feelings and emotions, causes an inhibition that only increases your tendency to isolation.

    Cancer with Ascendant in Cancer

    When Cancer has Cancer as an Ascendant, the generally caring nature of the sun sign is reinforced by a double dose. For this reason, these natives become the most welcoming in the entire Zodiac: they protect, calm, and provide emotional comfort to all their chosen ones. Cancer with Ascendant in Cancer experiences emotions very intensely moves quickly, feels the pain of the other, and insightfully perceives any enemy. In professional terms, this native doesn't have a great fighting spirit. With a tendency to laziness, he always looks for the most straightforward solutions and quickly establishes himself. Cancer with Ascendant in Cancer lives in a world of dreams, which sometimes makes him easily fall into love illusions. In the sphere of love, you tend to idealize your partner and their relationships, distancing yourself from the reality that really exists. In addition, Cancer with Rising in Cancer quickly gives in to the impulses of his heart, which causes a certain fickleness. On the negative side, with Cancer Ascendant, all the insecurity, instability, and fears of this sign come to light with great force, which constitutes a significant challenge to overcome. In an unstable state of mind, whenever the situation makes you feel tense, you get carried away with the usual emotional out of control.

    Leo with Ascendant in Cancer

    Cancer Rising Leo natives are generally advocates, protectors, and most of all, good providers of home and family. Big buyers and lovers of luxury, these natives are also friends of gift-giving. For them, the loved one deserves absolutely everything. Loyal and honorable in all areas of his life, he always tries to give a special touch of feeling to everyone around him. They have a strong sense of their own worthwhile being imaginative and caring. Cancer Rising Leo places importance on material security and financial stability. Lovers of opulence, if money does not reach them, they quickly find ways to produce it. These natives like to explore new knowledge and embark on new projects in their careers. Leo, with Ascendant in Cancer, has the ability to fight in his professional life and entrepreneurial spirit. They are sometimes possessive, jealous, and overly attached to their loved ones in the love sphere, often mistaking love for possession. On the negative side, the Cancer Ascendant in Leo tends to show some insecurity about their own worth. They easily mix personal worth with material values.

    Virgo with Ascendant in Cancer

    Virgo natives with a Cancer Ascendant are endowed with strong writing and communication power. The fertile imagination of the sign of Cancer in the Ascendant, coupled with Virgo's gifts for detail, produces a personality that can develop a brilliant mind concerned with precision and detail. Leo, with Ascendant in Cancer, has a particular facility with interpersonal relationships since his interest in meeting people favors the creation of a climate colored by a certain pleasant intimacy. Leo with Cancer Ascendant aspires to find the ideal partner and build a perfect marriage. Shy and reserved but very sensual, he is surprisingly attractive when this native finds a partner capable of loving and understanding him. He is very focused on family, home, and affections in the practical field. On the negative side, these natives have some difficulty distinguishing positive and negative influences in their lives, as they are easily contaminated by groups and lose their individuality.

    Libra with Ascendant in Cancer

    Libra with Ascendant in Cancer generates the union of the Zodiac's most affective and expressive signs. On the one hand, Cancer: loving, protective and receptive. On the other hand, Libra: is thoughtful, companion, and gentle. These qualities give Libra natives an excellent chance for success in a relationship when combined. The emotional security of a cozy home is essential to your well-being, and you need it to feel satisfied. Libra with Ascendant in Cancer has a great aspiration to have a home, find a partner, and build a family, and is dedicated to doing this from a young age. He is prone to some disappointments at the love level due to his idealistic and dreamy character. Excellent host, this native knows how to receive like no one else. He treats everyone with affection and attention and is seen in the social and family environment as a conciliator, a kind of reference for balance and justice. On the negative side, Libra with Rising Cancer has a tendency to distort relationships, becoming the "mother" of their partners and generating enormous mutual frustrations. Due to his excessive vulnerability, this native, when he makes a mistake, tends to project guilt on others and mourns incessantly, as if he were the only one suffering on Earth.

    Scorpio with Ascendant in Cancer

    When it comes to the Ascendant in Cancer with the sign in Scorpio, two intensely sensitive and intuitive water signs come together, whose strength consists of passion, sensitivity, and great creativity. The native with this combination needs to consider every opportunity to know himself better and investigate his true vocations. In his professional life, he is a person who thinks a lot. He has a great imagination, which leads him to develop, at times, feelings of pessimism, which prevent him from moving forward with specific projects. The practical life of Scorpio with Ascendant in Cancer runs parallel to their artistic interests, shares priorities, and helps to harness their talents. Perceptual faculties, when well developed, become ever-renewed sources of information and at an ever-increasing rate. In the field of love, these natives have no limits in their dedication to the loved one, although they are not forgiving or permissive. On the negative side, Scorpio with Ascendant in Cancer tends to confuse burning passion with love. In addition, these natives have difficulties with daily life. They do not know how to invest in the duration and continuity of their relationships.

    Sagittarius with Ascendant in Cancer

    The natives of Sagittarius with Ascendant in Cancer are endowed with a greater capacity for intuition and sensitivity, oriented, most of the time, towards practical and productive work. For these natives, the security of their family structure and emotional stability are based on faith in themselves and their ability to work. Both personally and professionally, Sagittarius Rising in Cancer likes to solve the problems and impasses of everyday life. In both situations, these natives are extremely helpful and express great pride when they are busy and feel that they are beneficial. In love, building a family is a priority for this native. However, his intense desire to be loved sometimes leads him to surrender to situations that he later regrets. On the negative side, they sometimes go about their tasks in such a way that they become overloaded, neglecting their health. Emotionally childish and somewhat gullible, Cancer Rising Sagittarius natives can criticize the moral failings of others while being self-indulgent.

    Capricorn with Ascendant in Cancer

    Capricorn with Ascendant in Cancer generates a union of complementarity. This combination adds to the hard-working and disciplined nature of Capricorn, Cancer's emotional and sensitive capacity. Thus, a Capricorn seems more affectionate, less cold, protective, and convinced of the importance of the other in his life. Endowed with a deep sense of duty, these natives truly honor their commitments. Ineffective relationships, they are serious conservatives. They have a preference for more mature people capable of providing some support and material / emotional security. As a general rule, Cancer Rising Capricorn natives seek to establish relationships that resist adversity and remain pleasant over time. These natives are, in general, honest, responsible, and caring partners. Capricorn with a Cancer Ascendant yearns for an independent and responsible life in the professional field, which often leads him to engage in several careers simultaneously. On the downside, Cancer Rising Capricorn natives are endowed with emotionally rigid, critical, and insensitive personalities, often ignoring the other's emotional and affective attractions. Conservatives, these natives can maintain a relationship only by complying with the family tradition, surviving years of living without affection. cancer

    Aquarius with Ascendant in Cancer

    Cancer Rising Aquarius natives are generally quite protective and interested in their roots. However, for this combination to work perfectly, an adaptive effort is required on the part of both signs: Aquarius must become more sensitive and receptive, and Cancer must turn a little more towards the future and free itself from the ties of the past. Despite having a logical and rational mind, Aquarius tends to surrender to Cancer's intuition, constantly seeking explanations for the questions surrounding his mind. In the professional field, this native can be successful in any line of business that involves high profits. However, the success and profitability of the business will be much more significant when working in partnership. In the effective area, Aquarius with Ascendant in Cancer likes to preserve his freedom and does not handle the control of people well. You are entirely invested in the relationship when you are in love, always open to new experiences. On the negative side, the precipitation and naivety typical of this native can lead him to be seduced by false paths.

    Pisces with Ascendant in Cancer

    The natives of Pisces with a Cancer Ascendant have a doubly sensitive, intuitive, romantic, and dreamy nature. Equally kind and generous, these individuals constantly seek to expand their knowledge and cultural enrichment. Pisces with a Cancer Ascendant is more energetic and ambitious than other Pisces in their professional life. This native will be able to fight and preserve a career, reaching the success he desires, especially in a later stage of his life, when he has already gathered all his assets and has demonstrated his skills. In the affective sphere, love is the grand plan of your life. Very protective and caring, this native is highly attached to his family, and when he meets someone who falls in love with him, he quickly believes that it is for life. Pisces with Ascendant in Cancer is very influential and fickle on the opposing side. He doesn't know what he wants or where to look, and he refuses to put in the slightest effort. In addition, this native seems to live in a fairy tale world created by him, sometimes falling into disappointment.

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