How Does Astrology Help Improve Your Self-Esteem?

    The more we know about Astrology, the more exciting and revealing it becomes. Discover how to use Astrology reflexes to improve your self-esteem.

    Astrology and self-esteem seem to be two topics with little connection between them. However, Astrology has a very peculiar characteristic: the more profound our knowledge about its knowledge, the more exciting and revealing it becomes. Discover how to use the teachings of Astrology to improve your self-esteem. The concepts of Astrology were founded in ancient times, based on the observation of natural events, and, even today, we follow their initial observations. Although not everyone believes in astrological concepts, we can always learn more about ourselves when we read or become interested in the subject of Astrology.

    Astral Personality and Self-esteem

    We are much more than our sun sign. Our birth chart reflects the influence of all the signs and celestial bodies that exert their action on Earth. Our personality traits - behaviors, feelings, thoughts - result from several factors, including astrological factors. In addition to all the external elements affecting who we are and how we behave, our thinking and what we want for ourselves define how we see ourselves and others. Knowing our place in the Cosmos makes our mission in life clearer and more manageable. And this is where Astrology can contribute to work on self-esteem. The starting point is to know who we are, to know our personality traits (good and bad), and, from there, to reflect on those who work for or against us. This self-reflection, not always easy, is what allows us to accept ourselves as we are and grow.

    Self-knowledge and Self-esteem

    When we talk about self-esteem, we refer, in general, to the ability to accept ourselves as we are, with our gifts and the less favorable traits of our personality. We all have strengths and weaknesses, and no one can say that he did not struggle with doubts and indecision at some point in his life. However, regardless of our sign, we can always change, grow and improve that this is the path that leads us to a happier and fuller existence. And that path only depends on our actions and our will. But since we do not live in isolation, self-esteem also involves a conscious practice of empathizing with others and their mistakes. When we go through difficult times or do not achieve our goals, we also understand no perfection. Not in us, not in others. Self-esteem implies that we love ourselves just as we are, although sometimes we don't like how we act or what we say. Everything is part of the process of personal growth and development. Self-esteem results from our understanding that we cannot always be on top. That life is made up of ups and downs and that all the experiences we have are helpful and contribute to getting to know each other better.

    Astrology and Self-Esteem - the Ups and Downs of the Signs

    In Astrology, each of the 12 signs has a temperament. This results from a set of characteristics where strength and aspects of the personality reside that can help us improve. There are no easy recipes or fatalisms here. The only information that can help us reflect.


    • Temperament - Impulsive, Impetuous ( Choleric )
    • Emotions - Naive, Confident, Enraged
    • Thoughts - I am what matters. I'm always right.
    • Personality - Idealistic, consequential, direct, cunning, independent, individualistic, optimistic, determined, generous, enthusiastic, dynamic. His focus is action and achievement, so details rarely stop him.
    In Astrology, Aries represents the initiating force of the Zodiac, and your self-esteem comes from your motivation for wanting to do so. The energy of this native is at its best when he puts all his force of action at the service of the oppressed or unprotected. This sign's romantic and robust personality can be used for actions that require courage, leadership, and resistance to overcome obstacles. Your self-confidence can inspire confidence in others.


    • Temperament - Preserved, Stubborn ( Melancholic )
    • Emotions - Possession, Jealousy
    • Thoughts - I keep it wisely. I always need more (people and possessions).
    • Personality - Determined, inflexible, risk-averse, routine, confident, responsible, possessive, practical, dedicated to duty, loyal, tenacious, diligent, patient, conformist, forgiving, resentful, indulgent, sensual. You tend to treat facts better than ideas.
    The Taurus native needs to learn to take risks and try new things to develop their full potential. Invest in your enormous strength of character, generosity, integrity, and loyalty. With a good sense of giving and selling, this native is a hard worker who knows how to plan and organize. Taurus always finishes what he starts, regardless of obstacles.


    • Temperament - Versatile, Scattered ( Blood )
    • Emotions - Rational, Distracted
    • Thoughts - I learn and share my knowledge. I have an opinion on everything. I can't focus and move on.
    • Personality - Effusive, communicative, friendly, talkative, funny, childish, dual, versatile, cunning, cheerful, personable, whimsical, curious. Gemini knows a little about everything but lacks the concentration necessary to dedicate themselves to something for a long time.
    The Gemini native can find great personal satisfaction when using his intelligence and restless mind to reach out to people and collaborate in noble causes. Sharing your ideas and social skills is a way to expand the connection between everyone. Geminis need to learn to manage their feelings and not rationalize their emotions.


    • Temperament - Serene, Protective ( Phlegmatic )
    • Emotions - Loving, Needy
    • Thought - I take care of others. My security needs are endless.
    • Personality - Maternal, emotional, defensive, kind, sensitive, sweet, friendly, vulnerable, protective, sensitive, cunning, insecure, nostalgic, sentimental, tenacious. Emotion and feelings are at the base of your personality.
    The Cancerian mind works best when intuition has carte blanche, despite the need to assess whether its decisions are being influenced by other people's emotional needs or feelings. Deeply responsible and protective, he is easily attuned to the feelings of others, making him an excellent caregiver. It would be best if you learned to take care of yourself rather than depending on the emotional support of others.


    • Temperament - Creative, Magnanimous ( Choleric )
    • Emotions - Joy of living, Pride
    • Thoughts - I raise. I want to be the center of attention.
    • Personality - Tough, proud, enthusiastic, self-confident, generous, arrogant, playful, conceited, theatrical, benevolent, dignified, pompous, boastful, condescending. Leo was born to be the center of attention.
    The Leo native is a born leader and shines in the sun with his charm and love of life. The kindness and kindness of Leo can brighten people's lives. When you are confident, beautiful things can happen. This sign is vital, inspiring, and creative with the right energy.


    • Temperament - Serve, Reserved ( Melancholic )
    • Emotions - Meticulous, Critical, Humble
    • Thoughts - I serve the highest good. I am an individual being. My goal is to be perfect.
    • Personality - Service, efficient, perfectionist, conscientious, pure, fertile, modest, submissive, efficient, upright, common sense, reserved, discreet, generous, critical. He is not very exuberant in his expression but precise in his actions.
    The native of Virgo takes his dedication to the service of the other to another level, accompanied by an always well-organized figure who radiates efficiency. Altruistic and with an enormous instinct for service, he is concerned with making sure that everything works correctly, without fail, and according to plan.


    • Temperament - Balanced, Wavering ( Bloody )
    • Emotions - Harmonious, Insecure
    • Thoughts - I balance and harmonize. We weigh things well before deciding.
    • Personality - Harmonious, fair, partner, cooperative, conciliatory, diplomatic, hesitant, peaceful, frivolous, aesthetic, determined, balanced, charming, friendly, wants to please everyone. His interests span a large number of topics.
    Libra gifts are exalted when the balance is superimposed on the surface layer. This native is the fulcrum for the people around him. Highly sociable and multi-stakeholder, her agile mind leans toward planning. When you use your excellent negotiation and mediation skills, you calm your spirit and find a solution that serves everyone's interests, capable of creating a harmonious atmosphere wherever you are.


    • Temperament - Transforming, Destructive ( Phlegmatic )
    • Emotions - Intense, Vengeful
    • Thoughts - I passively resist. I can't stand betrayal and abandonment. I cannot control my negative thoughts.
    • Personality - Transformative, intense, dominant, magnetic, sexual energy, destruction, mysterious, cunning, secretive, self-destructive, vindictive, authoritarian, resentful, intuitive, lust for power, sensual, resistant to change.
    The Scorpio native exudes the power of transformation. When you lower your defenses, your tenacity, determination, and willpower accomplish great things for you and the community. Your insight can penetrate the unconscious of others. The Scorpio is brutally self-critical, eliminating past hurts and nurturing negative thoughts.


    • Temperament - Scholarly, Optimistic ( Wrathful )
    • Emotions - Adventurous, Shallow
    • Thoughts - I believe in the best for everyone. I act first, then I think. I am always ready to pack.
    • Personality - Adventurous, spontaneous, romantic, enthusiastic, vivid, cheerful, exaggerated, freedom-loving, philosophical, exuberant, friendly, optimistic, creative, impolite, eternal, seeking the meaning of life.
    The native of Sagittarius gives body and soul to a project. He is a master at seizing opportunities and always fighting for the weakest and most disadvantaged. In Astrology, the self-esteem of this sign comes from its wise mind and the fact that it believes that knowledge is a form of personal evolution and the achievement of good and social balance.


    • Temperament - Maturity, Recognition ( Melancholic )
    • Emotions - Satisfied, Inappropriate
    • Thoughts - I do great things on behalf of others. I can't stop comparing myself to others.
    • Personality - Authoritarian, disciplined, cautious, responsible, conscientious, conventional, patient, insensitive, friendly, traditionalist, resistant to change, passive, pessimistic, dissatisfied, determined.
    Capricorn's unusual patience makes him adept at handling complex tasks. Wise and organized, he imposes his rules on himself and others. The challenge of this sign is to listen to your inner voice and control the need for external recognition. Their intuitive qualities are expressed to explore the spiritual world or help society when they develop.


    • Temperament - Visionary, Eccentric ( Bloodthirsty )
    • Emotions - Objective, Perfectionist
    • Thoughts - I want justice and equality. I am a nonconformist, and I like to do things differently.
    • Personality - Humanitarian, reformer, intuitive, eccentric, romantic, brotherly, objective, erratic, gregarious, scientific, progressive, unpredictable, chaotic, rebellious, stubborn, bright, cheerful, original, innovative, perfectionist, clairvoyant, rigorous, revolutionary, inventive.
    In Astrology, Aquarius is the visionary of the Zodiac, and his self-esteem is as precious as the evolution he generates in society. For this sign, everything works best when it is dedicated to the welfare of others. His high social consciousness makes him realize in what direction humanity will evolve. Therefore, he begins to make changes at this time.


    • Temperament - Idealistic, Scattered ( Phlegmatic )
    • Emotions - Compassion, Anguish
    • Thoughts - I don't know where I end and where the other begins. I tend to be a victim because I have difficulty saying "no."
    • Personality - Compassionate, impressionable, receptive, intuitive, hesitant, imaginative, malleable, mystical, gentle, transcendent, dreamy, modest, confused, dual, romantic, sentimental, empathetic, lazy, self-incriminating, self-injurious.
    The Pisces native has the most selfless and merciful personality in the Zodiac. He never deliberately hurts someone. The emotional life of Pisces is broader than a water source or a river; It encompasses the entire ocean and all its mysteries. Pisces seeks union with the Divine, returning to everything, to the origin. His faith in humanity is absolute. At best, it is the most intuitive and empathetic sign, endowed with great imagination and understanding. Astrology is an excellent tool to increase our self-knowledge and work on our self-esteem with it. Accepting that life is made up of good and bad times, surrounding ourselves with positive people, being optimistic and resilient, learning from mistakes, and moving forward are also strategies that can help us live in harmony with our feelings and others.

    Origin of the Personality of the Signs

    Discover how each Element of Astrology contributes to defining the signs' personalities.