AstroMundus - Spirituality. Personal growth. Self-knowledge

    Information and teachings to make your daily life more conscious, serene, and happy.

    AstroMundus is a project whose objective is to disseminate spiritual and astrological teachings, which allow us to increase our capacity for personal growth, promote happiness and develop positive relationships. The information is based on the literature of authors and scholars on topics such as astrology, mindfulness, positive psychology, ancestral knowledge, and esoteric currents. Throughout the centuries, we have searched the sky, the natural world, and cultural expression for answers to the fundamental questions of our existence. Where do we come from, and where are we going? Why are we here? What is our purpose in life? Why do we suffer? Although there are no definitive or straightforward explanations, most schools of thought believe that the answer lies within each one of us. It is this power of self-knowledge that we talk about at AstroMundus. In AstroMundus, find information and lessons to make your day-to-day more aware, serene, and happy.


    For Astrology, the position of the planets and the stars in the sky at the moment of birth influences the personality of each one of us. A self-knowledge is a powerful tool for personal growth and a guide to life. However, only we are capable of idealizing and creating our future. Our capacity for action takes us further and allows us to transform dreams into reality and seek what gives meaning to our lives. There are no conditions for happiness dictated by the stars, but strength and light help us enhance our strengths and innate talents.

    Horoscope and Astrological Orientation

    Almost everyone knows what your star sign is (also known as the Sun sign). In AstroMundus, you will learn about the main personality characteristics of each zodiac sign, how they relate to each other, and how to use this knowledge to create more harmonious relationships, increase your general well-being, and guide your life.

    Tarot and Oracles

    The tarot is seen today as a tool for self-discovery and personal knowledge. We discover different aspects of our personality through its symbols, which allow us to reflect and act on them. Faced with uncertainty, an important decision, or the need to understand the deep meaning of events, tarot reading helps us weigh the different options and decide the best path. We believe that its role is not to predict the future but to facilitate and promote contact with our inner voice.


    For numerologists, a person's name contains his character and the date of birth, his destiny. Together, these two elements provide clues about the difficulties we can face, the personal qualities that will allow us to overcome them, and the defects (which we also have) that can condition our happiness. We understand numerology as a tool for self-knowledge. It helps us serenely walk our way, enjoy the good things, and develop our innate gifts while encouraging us to work on the less favorable facets of our personality.


    Orientation. Spiritual protection. Meditation. Hope. Renaissance. Prayers provide all of this to those who have faith in their healing power. They call out the good and ward off the evil. They help us find inner peace, or they are simply a time when we gather ourselves in intimacy in connection with the Divine and cleanse our spirit of the influences of the outside world.

    Popular Rituals and Traditions

    Magical rituals are part of the cultural heritage of various civilizations. They are popular traditions that allow us to materialize desires and wishes. They are also used for spiritual cleansing and purification, caring for relationships, generating good luck, and improving and protecting health. At AstroMundus, we spread rituals and folk magic from different traditions and cultures, intending to invoke the power of the mind and faith to transform dreams into reality.

    Stones and Crystals

    Stones and crystals are an instrument of energy, healing, and balance. Each element has its energetic interaction, hidden power, and a specific function. In AstroMundus, you will learn more about their therapeutic use and how you can use them to balance your energy flow. Because when this happens, we feel more confident, optimistic, healthy, and happy.


    PERSONALITY. SPIRITUALITY. SELF KNOWLEDGE. Regardless of our creed or religion, we all seek harmony, prosperity, and meaning in life. Self-knowledge is a precious way to learn to live in harmony with ourselves and follow our values. When we know how to interpret our feelings, we gain inner strength to handle all kinds of emotions, resist adversity and make the best decisions for us. It is a space free of prejudices, taboos, or dogmatism. We do not intend to convert anyone or explore the weaknesses and fears of those who follow us but rather celebrate life. Our mission is to spread the spiritual and astrological teachings and interactively increase self-knowledge, develop positive relationships and celebrate life.