Understand the Characteristics of the Zodiac Signs

    Each of the Zodiac Signs has a personality, that is, traits that define it and give it unique characteristics. We don't always identify with our sun sign. Find out why.

    It is possible that you have read the characteristics of the signs of the Zodiac and do not identify with all those attributed to yours. This is natural. The astral personality of each one of us is the result of multiple cosmic influences and not only of the sun sign, the one we know and identify best. The ancients created the Zodiac as an instrument to measure time. Later, he intervened in the classification of personalities or attempts to predict the future. The signs have been linked to deities and myths that connect human behavior and motivations. Despite the age of this system, many archetypes are still current, as they were inspired by the essence of nature and human aspirations.

    Characteristics of the Zodiac Signs and the Astral Chart

    Your sun sign corresponds to your essence. It represents who you are, how you feel, and how you experience your emotions and express yourself more profoundly and more intimately. In the birth chart, the twelve Houses show, in a simplified way, the position of the planets and how the energy of each one of them governs the different areas of your life. We know our sun sign and other influences of our astrological personality from this information. However, the characteristics of the signs have been defined through a set of notions, and each person is unique, even if they were born under the same sign. Perhaps, for this reason, you can sometimes identify with characteristics of signs other than your sun sign. The Rising Sign shows us how we are, the position of the Moon governs our emotions, and the way we deal with our emotional life. Mercury implies communication, etc.

    General Astrological Personality Traits of the Signs

    To know the characteristics of the zodiac signs and your astrological personality, you must make an astrological chart and, based on its interpretation, explore all the facets of your personality and how each of the stars is considered in Astrology influences them. The sign is known to most of us and that we read in our horoscope every day or every week, coincides with the position that the Sun occupied in our birth chart at the time of our birth: it is called the solar sign. This sign represents our inner "I," our "Ego." In general, it transmits our essence, who we are.
    • Aries - Enthusiasm, joy, action, positive extroversion concerning life.
    • Taurus - Routine, emotional and material security, practicality, great beauty for love, sensual lover, and lover of luxury.
    • Gemini - Quickness of thought, freedom of expression, duality, positivity.
    • Cancer - Mood swings, sympathy, intense emotions, imagination, intuition.
    • Leo - Bright personality, confidence, sensitivity, desire to create, creativity.
    • Virgo - Hardworking, critical, concerned, great intellectual potential.
    • Libra - Impartiality, diplomacy, great sense of justice, indecision.
    • Scorpio - Great physical and emotional energy, ardent and passionate love, positivity.
    • Sagittarius - Versatility, physical strength, energy, body, and mind work as one.
    • Capricorn is traditional, has great humor, is practical, outgoing, direct, and has common sense.
    • Aquarius - Individualistic, friendly, fascinating personality, mysterious air, need for privacy.
    • Pisces - Maximum potential for expression, gentle, inspiration, sensitivity, emotion, criticism.

    How the Birth Chart is Defined and how it is Related to the Characteristics of the Zodiac Signs

    The birth chart is defined according to the date, time, and geographic coordinates of the place of birth. In addition to the position of the sun sign, the birth chart indicates the position of:
    • The planets ;
    • The Houses ;
    • The Midheaven (which tells you what you identify with most in life and the characteristics of your personality that you strive to show);
    • The Background of Heaven, represented as IC (from the Latin Imum Coeli ), and which symbolizes your roots and is strongly related to the 4th House and the issues governed by it;
    • The Ascendant sign ;
    • The Descending sign (corresponding to the 7th House, the realm of relationships) and many other astrological characteristics help draw the astrological profile and characteristics of the signs of the Zodiac.
    The Ascendant corresponds to the "person," the personality base shows how you adapt to your environment and the way others perceive you and that it does not always correspond to our "I," to the person we are inside. . The Ascendant is the starting point of the interpretation of a birth chart. The planets conjunct the Ascendant can show you how you behave or feel. If Mercury is present and in conjunction with the Ascendant, your mood may be more logical. If it's Venus, you can feel more romantic. If Saturn is in your Ascendant, you may be in a severe or depressed mood. Jupiter encourages optimism, etc. The position of the Moon in your chart is also relevant to your astral personality, as it represents your emotions, your intuition, and your social image. In a reading of your birth chart, the position of the Moon represents the action and symbolizes what has happened and what is to come. If the Moon is not in a relevant position on your chart or is even absent, it means that you are at a dead end. The position of Mercury helps us understand how we communicate how we express our ideas. The astral personality is the sum of all these planetary influences, considering the planets' position and all the signs that characterize each area of our personality and life. The most popular variant of Astrology is based on the sun sign, which uses a single element, that is, the sign occupied by the Sun at the time of the person's birth. It is the one that appears in newspapers and magazines.

    Influence of the Planets on the Personality of the Signs

    • Sun - Define your sun sign, your way of being in life, and how you recharge your energy.
    • Ascendant - Tells you how you stand out in the world through your style.
    • Luna - Give clues about your emotional and compelling history.
    • Mercury - Reveals how you use your intelligence and learning ability.
    • Venus - Study relationships, what attracts you to other people, and what makes them attracted to you.
    • Mars - Dedicated to the force of conquest, challenges, and personal struggles.
    • Jupiter represents the ideals that drive you to achieve your goals.
    • Lunar Nodes <- Clarify what you bring to this life and your vital purpose.
    • Planetary Aspects - They reveal how the stars present in your birth chart show your personality and suggest possible obstacles in your life.

    Changes in the Astral Chart

    As we age and our birth chart "matures" with us throughout life, the Ascendant and Midheaven can change from one sign to another. Therefore, those who believe and are guided by his letter feel the need to do so regularly. It is the only way to know the position of the cosmic energies at that moment. As long as the time of birth is correct (a four-minute error represents a 12-month difference in the progression of a chart), the periods during which the Ascendant and Midheaven change sign mark the critical years of your life.