Choleric Temperament in Astrology

The Choleric temperament combines the Hot and Dry qualities, being associated with the Fire element. It manifests itself by enthusiasm, energy, and quick actions; originates determined, courageous and ambitious personalities. They are always ready for action, they are enterprising and enthusiastic, they do not give in easily to obstacles.

Choleric temperament

If properly moderated, it gives a spirit of leadership and strong willpower. Although he does not lose his enthusiasm easily, the choleric tends to change direction several times and start various projects throughout his life. His focus of interest is action and achievement, so details rarely stop him. Sometimes he is rushed and fickle. Due to his lack of patience, this temperament is not very given to study and research.

Emotionally, he is not very demonstrative and his “dryness” can make him rigid and even insensitive. Impatience makes him ungrateful in his expressions, becoming rude and hostile. Reacts with great intensity to external threats or challenges, and can be confrontational or even violent. In extreme cases, the combination of insensitivity and ease in expressing your anger can make you cruel.

If the Choleric temperament has features Melancholic , personality tends to be more moderate in their actions. In this combination, the Dry quality predominates, indicating a tendency to retain anger, which generates distrust and bad mood. However, this combination of temperaments gives greater constancy, study capacity and curiosity, since the Cold of the Melancholic moderates the Heat of the Choleric.

The presence of the Phlegmatic restricts the constant activity and impulsive response of the Choleric, since it is a mixture of complementary primitive qualities (Hot and Dry, on the one hand, Cold and Humid, on the other). In addition, it causes a greater emotional contrast, generating all kinds of temperamental attitudes.

If the secondary temperament is Sanguineous , there is a greater lightness and sociability, which attenuates the angry expression. There is greater sensitivity and adaptability (Wet moderates the hardness of Dry), but since they both share the Hot quality, there is some agitation and inconstancy.

In physiognomic terms, a Choleric body tends to be lean, muscular, and hairy. The height is medium or low. The skin is rough and warm, shiny, yellowish or reddish. These characteristics can be modified by combining other temperaments.

In the medical / physiological field, the choleric temperament is associated with the humor called “yellow bile” (sometimes the term bilious is synonymous with Choleric). According to the ancient medical system, this state of mind, which focuses on the gallbladder, served as a clarifier of the remaining states of mind, instilled movement and action, and warmed the body.

Practical Application of Temperaments

Temperaments are the key to interpreting a horoscope.

Each planet or sign has affinities with one of the four temperaments, which serves as the basis for defining its characteristics.

The combination of the temperament of a planet and that of the sign where it is placed is the basis of astrological interpretation.

In Natal Astrology it is possible to determine the temperament (or combination of temperaments) of each individual. This global temperament describes the basic characteristics, which condition all behaviors, motivations and personal dynamics.

The manifestation of the particularities indicated on the map is always subject to the dominant temperament. For example, an astrological indicator of aggressiveness will have a different expression on an angry temperament map (which reinforces the aggressive tendency) or on a phlegmatic temperament map (which retracts it). The temperament is, therefore, a background on which the personality manifests.

The calculation for determining individual temperament has a degree of complexity, which takes into account the relative weight of the four primitive qualities of the horoscope.

In the weighting, the primitive qualities of the Ascendant and the Moon (as well as the planetary configurations associated with it) are considered, to which the temperament of the sun sign is added.

Source - Helena Avelar and Luís Ribeiro, in Treatise on the Spheres - A Practical Guide to the Astrological Tradition. Editorial Pergaminho. Cascais, Portugal, 2007, pp. 45-6.

Primordial Qualities - The Principle of Everything

In astrology, vital energy initially manifests through the Primordial Qualities (also, designated as Primary Qualities or Primitive Qualities). These are present in nature and in matter, subtly regulating cosmic energy.

All forms of life are expressed through the Primitive Qualities and they are also the pieces that constitute the elements, signs and planets, that is, they are the basic foundation of Astrology.

Each of these axes represents opposite attributes:

  • Hot and cold
  • Dry and Wet

Being that:

  • Hot - action, movement, impulsiveness
  • Cold - receptivity, passivity, melancholy, observation
  • Dry - permanence, stagnation, crystallization, concentration
  • Wet - flexibility, volatility malleability

Primitive Qualities and the Energy of the Planets

Planet / Quality / Element / Temperament

  • Sun - Hot and Dry = Fire (Choleric)
  • Moon - Cold and Humid = Water (Phlegmatic)
  • Mercury - this planet does not have a defined quality, as it tends to absorb the qualities of what it comes into contact with. However, when viewed in isolation, without any other influence, it is considered Cold and Dry. (Melancholic)
  • Venus - Cold and Humid = Water (Phlegmatic)
  • Mars - Hot and Dry = Fire (Choleric)
  • Jupiter - Hot and Humid = Air (Blood)
  • Saturn - Cold and Dry = Earth (Melancholic)