Date of Signs by Day and Month of Birth

    The dates of the Zodiac signs result from an ancient definition of the division of the Cosmos into 12 segments according to the laws of nature. Please find out how the signs' dates were defined and learn more about each one of them.

    Astrology divides the circle of the heavens into twelve segments, each of which corresponds to one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, thus defining the date of the signs. For Astrology, the sun sign contributes to the characterization of the main traits of the astrological personality of each one of us. Therefore, your sign is determined by the Sun's position in the sky at the time of your birth. As you have probably noticed, people who share the same sign are very different from each other. This is not due solely to the birth chart of each person: each of us has his chart that, according to specialists, allows us to evaluate a series of cosmic influences, vital circumstances, behaviors, and blockages (self-imposed or external), which refer to exclusively to that person. On the other hand, each person configures his personality as he matures and integrates new experiences and learning. We are all unique. You defined the personality of the 12 signs of the Zodiac from a series of assumptions resulting from the esoteric observation and interpretation of the elements of the natural world: the Primordial Qualities, the Elements, the Modes, the Polarities, the Houses and the movements and characteristics attributed to the planets of our solar system.

    The Date of the Signs and the Astral Chart

    If you are interested in astrology topics, you will have already come across books, newspapers, or magazines with different indications for the date of the signs. If you were born on transition date, only your birth chart could reveal the actual astrological influences on your personality. Until then, the date of the signs is considered a reference. For other people, however, there is no question when they are born on days that fall within the dates of each of the segments of the Zodiac cycle.

    How do you know the date of the signs?

    In the following list, you will find a proposed date of the signs used in various sources on the subject and that we follow here at AstroMundus:

    Aries - March 21 to April 20

    Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, and this is the most crucial clue to understanding your personality. The typical Aries likes to be first in everything. Ruled by Mars, Aries is the sign of the ego that needs to assert itself and express itself. Patience is not one of your strengths, and the laziness of others can make them lose their heads.
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    Taurus - April 21 to May 21

    Taurus is an Earth sign and is firmly tied to the physical world. It is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love in Roman mythology. A typical Taurus embodies his attributes: sensual, materialistic, sensitive, and full of appetite. Taurus's demeanor is calm, kind, peaceful, and level-headed. Live and let live, and it could be your motto, representing your way of life well.
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    Gemini - May 22 to June 21

    The Gemini symbol suggests duality, an essential characteristic of this sign. Your planet is Mercury, lord of the domain of communication. The typical Gemini is happy doing more than one thing simultaneously. He is the communicator of the Zodiac, and he loves to talk, argue, gossip. Curious and resourceful, he is always on the go and can become the person of the seven trades.
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    Cancer - June 22 to July 22

    Cancerians are sensitive, although their tough outer shell does not always reveal it. The Moon, their ruling planet, regulates their habits and typical Cancer values, above all, the predictability of their routine. The natives of this sign are the ones who best take care of others. Their patience and tenacity are his most significant resources. He does not like confrontation, and in a situation of direct conflict, he tends to withdraw rather than fight.
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    Leo - July 23 to August 23

    Leo is the only sign ruled by the Sun, and just as this star is at the center of the solar system, the natives of Leo are the center of their universe. Like the warm rays of the Sun, Leo has a bright and boundless personality. Leo flourishes when recognized and languishes when he does not get the recognition or attention he considers fair. Value pride and personal dignity.
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    Virgo - from August 24 to September 23

    Virgo is the perfectionist of the Zodiac. Ruled by Mercury, this native can earn a reputation for being overly critical or overly demanding. Virgo is meant to serve. He has a strong work ethic, sometimes at the cost of his personal life. He is thorough and a workaholic. At home, they are neat and organized. Everything has to be in place.
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    Libra - from September 24 to October 23

    Balance and harmony. These are two characteristics that Libra natives recognize almost immediately. Ruled by Venus, Libra is communication, exchange, and association. The typical native of this sign hates being alone or doing things without company. Its powers of negotiation, arbitration, and mediation are unbeatable.
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    Scorpio - October 24 to November 22

    Scorpio is the sign of the sixth sense and has great difficulty in dealing with the indifference of others. It is ruled by Pluto, god of the underworld, and has Mars as its coregent planet. Scorpio lives life with great intensity. Her feelings are passionate and profound, despite her difficulty seeing mid-tones. Either they love it, or they hate it. Everything is black and white.
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    Sagittarius - November 23 to December 21

    Sagittarius is full of energy and enthusiasm. Ruled by Jupiter, it is the sign of the travelers of the Zodiac. Optimistic by nature, the Sagittarius wastes no time in vague considerations about what might have been. Always look ahead towards the horizon of the future. They seek meaning and wisdom with the same appetite with which they travel.
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    Capricorn - from December 22 to January 20

    Saturn, the planet of limits, rules Capricorn, and they like to know what to expect. A typical Capricorn is bold, consistent with the feet on the ground, and oriented objectives. The Capricorn child is like a bit of an adult. They believe in hard work, dedication, and planning. The sense of duty and responsibility are attributes that are recognized early in this sign.
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    Aquarius - January 21 to February 19

    Aquarius is an Air sign, the element of mind. It is the sign of intellect, ideology, political and social concerns, humanitarian and ecological causes. Its ruling planet is Uranus, with Saturn as its co-ruling. You tend to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed by emotional displays, and you may disengage from your feelings. Rational and objective, you need to be intellectually stimulated.
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    Pisces - February 20 to March 20

    Pisces is ruled by Neptune, king of the sea, and Jupiter's coregent planet. Like the sea, their personality knows no limits, and they are terrified of being deprived of their freedom. Extremely sensitive, they absorb the energy charges that surround them like a sponge. The typical Pisces has a great desire to please and adapts to what is expected of him. Finding the meaning of life is the greatest challenge for this native.
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    The Possibility of a Thirteenth Sign

    The base of astrological knowledge dates back many millennia. At that time, technological limitations prevented a correct observation of the Cosmos, giving rise to a 13 sign. The constellation Ophiuchus, or Serpentarius, for example, was excluded. It is located between Scorpio and Sagittarius and could have given rise to another sign. If so, all signs from October would have another date. On the other hand, Ancient Astrology did not consider that constellations have different configurations. It takes 45 days for the Sun to pass through the constellation Virgo, but only seven days to pass through the constellation Scorpio. If these factors are taken into account, the date of the signs would be:
    • Aries - From April 19 to May 13
    • Taurus - From May 14 to June 21
    • Gemini - From June 22 to July 20
    • Cancer - From July 21 to August 10
    • Leo - From August 11 to September 16
    • Virgo - From September 17 to October 30
    • Libra - From October 31 to November 23
    • Scorpio - November 24-29
    • Sagittarius - From December 17 to January 20
    • Capricorn - From January 21 to February 16
    • Aquarius - From February 17 to March 11
    • Pisces - From March 12 to April 18

    Origin of the Personality of the Signs

    Learn how each of the elements of Astrology contributes to defining the personality of the signs of the Zodiac.
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