Descending Sign - Influence and Meaning

In Astrology, the Descending sign reveals information about how we relate to others, portraying relationships in general. Discover yours.

In Astrology, the Descending sign reveals information about how we relate to others, portraying relationships in general. The Descendant corresponds to the sign in the degree of the ecliptic (projection of the Earth's orbit towards the celestial sphere) at the exact moment of your birth. The Descending sign reveals how we relate, portraying relationships in general. Through the Descending sign, we can analyze the type of people that appear in our lives, with whom we tend to create authentic connections or the qualities that we would like to see in our romantic partner. The energies we project are the beginning of the path to self-knowledge and self-realization. Therefore, knowing our Descendants and investigating the personality traits that we repress teaches us to raise our true potential and to know the points of our personality to improve.

Ascending and Descending

Among the elements of the Horoscope, the meaning of the Descending sign is considered a complement of the Ascendant sign. In the birth chart, the Ascendant sign is located in the first house, and the Descending sign is located in the cusp of the seventh - the house of relationships, so it is closely related to it. Together they form a complete picture of our personality. Unlike the Ascendant sign, which gives us information about our social personality, the Descendant reveals how we relate to others, especially in love. The sign of the Zodiac in which the Descendant appears in the birth chart reveals information about the potential and capabilities of each person's personality and their way of relating to others. The Ascendant is calculated from three pieces of information: date, time, and place of birth.

Meaning and Energy of the Descendant in the Astral Chart

In Astrology, the Descending sign points out the paths for our evolution. How? Giving clues about the qualities that we must acquire and develop from personal experiences and learning through interaction with the world and with others. The Descendant suggests to us what we have to do and the experiences we have to live for our personality to develop in its entirety. Thus, in Astrology, the Ascending / Descending axis is considered a basic orientation for our path in this life. The Descendant tells us what to do and discard in our daily lives to feel safe, balanced, and in harmony with our true selves.

How do I know my Descendant Sign?

The first step in calculating your Descending sign is knowing your Ascendant sign. As the Ascendant defines the first house of the birth chart, the Descendant is in the opposite position of the Zodiac wheel, at the cusp of the 7th house. Therefore, the Descending sign will always be directly opposed to the Ascendant sign. Thus, knowing the Ascendant, it is easy to know which is the Descendant:

Characteristics of the Sign-to-Sign Descendant

Descending Sign in Aries

The natives with a Descendant in Aries live in constant search of an active partner in every way. Although Aries is a Descendant is attractive, they sometimes express cold and insensitive attitudes that damage your relationships. Also, these natives have a great fear of compromise. Learn more about Aries

Descending Sign in Taurus

The Descendant in Taurus has a personal goal to find someone firm, faithful and loving who can represent the pillar of support in the relationship. However, jealousy, pride, and stubbornness are your main obstacles to a harmonious relationship. For these natives, kindly contacting other people is very important, but it is difficult to express it openly. They love comfort, but they rarely allow themselves to experience it. Learn more about Taurus

Descending Sign in Gemini

Gemini in Descendant hates controlling relationships. On the opposite side, there is a certain possessiveness with the partner, or even with several partners simultaneously! It takes a creative, free-spirited, seductive, and spirited partner to change the game. Another paradox is that, although falsehood brings problems, it is pretty standard for a Gemini Descendant to resort to lying. Learn more about Gemini

Descending Sign in Cancer

The natives with the Descendant sign in Cancer yearn to find a reliable, sensitive, and homelike partner. However, on the hidden side of the personality of these people is the lack of understanding towards instability. This native has a constant need for guidance and advice from someone he considers superior. The greatest fear of a Cancer Descendant is showing their authority and strength. Learn more about Cancer

Descending Sign in Leo

Natives with Descendant in Leo enjoy the company of original and dynamic people. Conventionals are not highly regarded. However, their natural flair for standing out occasionally makes people who are too prone to receive attention irritating to these natives. Learn more about Leo

Descending Sign in Virgo

For natives with the Descendant sign in Virgo, the perfect partner is orderly, attentive to details, cautious, and persistent. These natives appreciate humility and compassion, but there is a tendency for them to make self-destructive criticisms. A Virgo Descendant's ability to be prone to detail is something to be admired, yet for this reason, these natives have great difficulty concentrating on the simplest of everyday tasks. Learn more about Virgo

Descending Sign in Pound

The Libra Descendants' greatest asset is diplomacy. For these natives, it is better to have a partner who shows his skills towards the other instead of other qualities. However, these people tend to tire of relationships quickly, and they greatly appreciate their space and freedom. Learn more about Libra

Descending Sign in Scorpio

In Scorpio Descendant natives, emotions are sometimes contradictory - sometimes too intense, sometimes easily overwhelming. These natives learn quickly through partners and associates, but personal work must be constant and can sometimes be exhausting. Learn more about Scorpio

Descending Sign in Sagittarius

Having the Descendant in Sagittarius indicates the need for a relationship in which personal space and freedom are respected. Still, there is a kind of childish component to the expression of personalities, but a balance can be restored when differences are taken seriously. For these natives, personal truths matter more than anything else, and they are unwilling to give in when arguments arise a classic Sagittarius. Learn more about Sagittarius

Descending Sign in Capricorn

Natives with the Capricorn Descendant have a great appreciation for a sense of responsibility, sacrifice, and the power of relationships. However, the lust for authority can become an obstacle for these natives, as we all need freedom and room to grow. This Descendant is one of the most difficult to deal with. Learn more about Capricorn

Descending Sign in Aquarius

The natives, whose Descendant is Aquarius, seek someone adventurous, curious, and intelligent for their life. For these people, a relationship must bring them bold encouragement. However, the lack of flexibility and the commitment to rejection is his most significant obstacle in the loving environment. Learn more about Aquarius

Descending Sign in Pisces

The natives of the Descendant in Pisces have a strong tendency to idealize their partners. However, their lack of pragmatism in everyday life often damages their relationships. On the other hand, fear of failure appears irrationally in people's lives with Descendant in Pisces, which often prevents them from moving forward. Learn more about Pisces

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