Elements in Astrology: Fire, Earth, Air and Water

    The energy of the planets in the natal chart is filtered by the Elements: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. Each one has its characteristics related to a specific function of the "I."

    The Celestial Sphere was created by a harmonious arrangement of the four elements: Fire, air, and Water. Fire gives visibility and Earth tangibility, and these two elements form an indissoluble unity through the mediation of Water and Air.

    What Are the Elements in Astrology?

    For Astrology, the four elements filter the energy of the planets in the birth chart: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air, and each of the solar signs is part of one of these groups. Each element has its characteristics and is related to a specific function of the "I":
    • Fire with or spirit and intuition
    • Earth with body and matter
    • Air with mind and intellect
    • Water with emotions
    Each of these elements has a gender or Negative Polarity (Feminine or Yin) or a Positive Polarity (Male or Yang). Remember that the concept of "negative" is not a value judgment in Astrology. The negative signs are introverted and responsive (or passive), while positive signs are outgoing and expressive (or active). These different energy poles complement each other, and one is not understood to be better than the other. They represent only different ways of seeing life and facing or reacting to situations. Together, the four Elements represent the forces of the natural world and, in a way, depend on each other's existence to find their balance and create a balanced overall energy flow.

    What Do the Elements Mean in Astrology?

    The Elements represent different attitudes towards life. Signs sharing the same element energize each other, while signs from different Elements may have a more incredible difficulty relating. Traditionally it is said that:
    • Fire is "hot and dry."
    • Earth is "cold and dry."
    • Water is "cold and wet."
    • Air is "hot and humid."
    For independent Fire signs, for example, Water people can seem too dependent and introspective. On the other hand, Water signs express their feelings non-verbally, which can be problematic for expressive and chatty Air signs.

    What Signs Group the Elements?

    The Elements act, each one of them, three times through a different Quality (also called Quadruplicity) to form the 12 divisions of the Zodiac.

    Elements in Astrology

    How is the Personality of the Fire Element Signs?

    Fire symbolizes the potential for enthusiasm, motivation, and creativity. Radiant in scope, this element has an energy that influences creativity and new ideas, stimulating adventure and fueling action. On the other hand, the effervescent energy of Fire favors spiritual elevation, extreme transparency, and purification of the soul. In human life, the Fire Element represents the superconscious mind. Fire is the element of action and the pleasure of living. This element opens the doors of creativity and the creation of new ideas. A sign ruled by Fire lives intensely and passionately. But precisely because they are so active and determined natives, the signs that carry this element tend to get irritated quickly. Like flames, which are often uncontrollable, Fire signs are often impulsive.

    How is the Personality of the Signs of the Earth Element?

    An Earth sign naturally connects everything stable, realistic, and firm. A person with a more significant influence of earthly signs tends to worry more about safety, practicality, and material. For this reason, he follows reason more easily than emotion, approaching life with a very objective and confident posture.

    How is the Personality of the Signs of the Water Element?

    Sensitive and intuitive, a Water sign tends to express and capture feelings and emotions more easily. Eternal dreamers and romantics, natives ruled by this element, like to surprise others and be good advisers. However, all this excitement in full swing makes the Water signs have difficulty separating personal and professional matters.

    How is the Personality of the Air Element Signs?

    Air is the crucial element of communication and creativity. As the name implies, an Air sign tends to be quite "airy," preferring to cultivate the mind, imagination, and communication. The natives governed by this element have a total communication capacity and have, among their qualities, creativity and the power of argumentation. Like air, personalities powered by this element can be quite volatile: they change their minds quickly and easily and favor change and freedom in their lives.

    The Elements in Astrology

    Remember that relationships are influenced by multiple variables, astrological being one of them. Will, commitment, and free choice determine how relationships may or may not progress favorably. Regardless of their sun signs, any relationship between two people can work as long as both parties are willing to make it work.