How Each Zodiac Sign Manipulates You


    Aries puts pressure on you without your realizing it. He does it in such a way that no one knows he is manipulating you, but he does. Aries is a cunning and intelligent person, and if he wants to get away with it, he will; there is no doubt about that. He will tell you his option, and he will do it in such a way that his option will only be the one that is really fun. That Aries lip can help with everything. Example You want white chocolate because you love white chocolate. Well, if there is an Aries around, you will end up buying dark chocolate with total conviction. Aries does magic through his words and gets away with education and art very worthy of someone great. Aries does what it wants, and it does not hide directly; if it wants to manipulate you, it manipulates you, they have no problem in remaining a transparent person even in manipulation. It is what it is.


    Taurus manipulates you with his eyes, with his gestures, with his silence, and with his most absolute discretion. Taurus does not need voices, screams, Machiavellian plans, and dramatic stories to get you to fall at his feet. For Taurus, it is only enough for him to know how to be, with his cunning; they are his stealth and his good hand when it comes to knowing how to contain himself and to act from the shadows. Yes, yes, Taurus is very shady when it comes to getting what he wants. Taurus manipulates you with his critical gaze. He makes you feel bad about what you have said or done; he confuses you because his gaze has many effects on you. Although he is an adorable kitten at heart, Taurus has a thing called SHIELD that he does not hesitate to bring out when he feels he must. The best of all? That everything you do or say will be good, and everything you do or say will be wrong. Even if you give him the best explanation ever, it has no place in his mind because Taurus only leaves storage space available for his truths. Point.


    Gemini is very capable of everything just for you to believe their truth. Not the universal truth, but its truth; let it be clear. The cunning, lip, control, and handling that Geminis presents when their purpose is to get you to trust each of their words fully, is fantastic. Really, even if it's not true if Gemini says it, it ends up being so because Gemini is a god when it comes to convincing others. It knows what you want to hear, and for that very reason, it tells you what you want to hear. It makes you happy with that, and then, when you least expect it, it makes its master move and turns the tables in such a way that it is Gemini who ends up being right. It is you who ends up without arguments and with nothing to back you up. It is like this, Gemini is a wizard of words. He can manipulate, confuse, attack, and destabilize whomever he wants with them. Effortless, without wasting a single drop of sweat.


    When Cancer wants something, yes or yes, they get it. Cancer manipulates you mentally, even at bedtime, of course. Cancer has no problem getting wet and telling you everything he thinks without any filter, he does it abruptly, and if he measures not a single word so that you stay blank and have no reaction time so that you don't, you can reconsider in time and feel that you need Cancer to finish solving the problem. And no, it is not a hostile question; it is not a trait for which to feel contempt. Anyway, it is one more reason to admire the crab, and really, no one can surpass Cancer in that sense. Cancer is like that, a temperamental person for good and wrong, but someone who does not change his way of being for the world. He manipulates you to take you where he wants to take you, no more, no less.


    Leo manipulating in absolute secrecy and with total discretion? It seems a lie, right? Well, it is not. Leo is a very passionate, temperamental, fiery, and determined person. Still, when it comes to making a good master move, Leo knows where to go, what to do, how to continue, and the perfect way of manipulation so that no one suspects and so that in the end, everything gets away with it. Definitely? That Leo will always be above even if you are a genius; even if your sarcastic comments are the best, Leo is very above without making any overexertion. Being a lion means that you will always succeed in everything you do. Leo manipulates you with his head, with everything very well tied, with much hard work behind him, and with all his weapons well loaded. If Leo has put you on his target, he will go to the target. It will hit you squarely in the middle; in the center, it will leave a mark on you for life.


    Virgo is very about leaving mini clues along the way and not saying what he really wants. The mystery is his best asset, and the mystery helps him stay in the background and see the show from a privileged position. Virgo will not tell you what you want, it will drop it, and if you do not grab it now, Virgo will not give you many more opportunities. He wants you to be alert, to catch his wishes instantly and make them come true. But talking, communicating, and expressing your fears and all your desires, NO, that with Virgo does not go. That way, he can manipulate you, sneaking into your mind in a very stealthy way and making you lose your head for not knowing what Virgo wants. Thus, Virgo knows that he has you in a good place, in a place from which he can see you act so that he does not get caught by any surprise factor.


    Libra can manipulate you; of course, everyone does, but in the case of Libra, we could speak of a masterpiece. With his little angel face and cunning to do and undo as he pleases without anyone noticing half of the half, Libra achieves many things. Why? Because Libra gets everyone to agree too, thanks to his lip, with words. Libra talks to you and convinces you; even if he is incorrect, he does. He takes you to his field, invites you to think, and ends up achieving what he set out to do from minute one: having you at his complete disposal. Libra will pretend if necessary, and no, nothing at all will be noticed on his face because when a covert attack mission is set, Libra does it luxuriously. If Libra set out to have you in their networks, they will get it. Every time you put your mind to it, you will succeed.


    Scorpio tells you what you want to hear so that at the end of everything, you open your mouth count more than necessary, and it is Scorpio who ends up finding out something new. That is, the scorpion has the magic recipe to end up entering everything, everything, everything. With art, cunning, and a lip very worthy of someone of their fame, someone of their condition, seriously, scorpions act in such a way that they always end up achieving what they set out to do. They do not care how their manipulative side is seen; Scorpios are only interested in having all the answers to their questions and all their wishes come true. Definitely? Scorpio takes the prize for the most intelligent sign when it comes to manipulating politely and with cunning. The award, the medal, the honorary award, he takes everything, everything, everything.


    It is very, very strange to see Sagittarius manipulating someone. Why? Because Sagittarius is discretion in person when it comes to pulling the strings so that everything goes to your liking and whim. Of course, Sagittarius manipulates, here everyone sins of this. Still, the archer has a natural charm that makes him go unnoticed. It is what it is. Sagittarius is very much at avoiding compromising questions, diverting the main topic of the conversation when it does not suit him, and being free of any guilt, thanks to his expert ability to remove any negative focus that he has on top. Definitely? That as much as you want the truth about Sagittarius to come out, if Sagittarius doesn't want to, it won't. The best of all? That in the end, you will even forget the reason for your anger with Sagittarius.


    Capricorn takes the prize to the sign that best knows how to do and undo things in its own way. Nothing can convince Capricorn of something that they do not want, think or feel. Point. Do you know how to manipulate? Of course, the goat is not stupid and knows very well what it is doing. You know what you are saying and the impact your words have. If he acts, it is to hit the nail on the head, and if he shuts up, he also knows how to wait and not despair. Capricorn manipulates when he feels that he is being manipulated, neither more nor less. Still, he also does so when something that he considers to be his gets out of hand. The goat's instinct to protect is powerful. Still, it can also be hazardous because if it notices that someone wants to seize something that is theirs, then electrical storms are coming. After all, the goat is not fooling around. It never does, not even if they pay for it.


    To be honest? Aquarius is not very fond of manipulation signs. Because? Because Aquarius makes and undoes when he wants, with who else he wants, and in the way, he likes best. No more, no less. But hey, Aquarius will not be the saint to get rid of the subject of manipulation because if he has to resort to it, he does it, but only when he wants something at all costs. Aquarius has to be something of great interest for the most perfect manipulation in history to take place. Aquarius is indeed a genius when this topic seduces him. And in what way does Aquarius manage to manipulate you? Very easy. Promise yourself that he will change when he did something you did not like and do that againჴ€”promising you that he will not do it again and not keep that promise. His rebellion does not disappear even in the most critical moments. It is what it is.


    Shock therapy is the favorite of Pisces when he feels that it has to take place in a situation or on someone. That is when Pisces feels that what he wants is going away; when he notices that it is fleeing from his hands, he brings out his most unexpected and unknown weapon until now: INDIFFERENCE. Yes, Pisces is very much about pretending not to care, not talking, not even looking at your face to get your attention. He does not want to ask you, and he wants to steal it from you; Pisces wants you to be there without having to ask and does so by giving you where it hurts the most, letting you go, disappearing, leaving a massive void in its place, so that you feel hurt and return to Pisces. It is a dangerous and powerful weapon; that power of conviction is a black weapon. Pisces mentally manipulates you and makes you can't live without its essence.