How Each Zodiac Sign Move on From a Relationship?

    Everyone has patience, more or less, but they do. The problem is when it runs out when you suddenly realize that no matter how much you do, things will never be the way you want them to be. And you also discover that it is time to move on as it may, breaking ties, with the past, with what hurts you and does not let you evolve. When the signs know that they have to move on, they take their first steps and, even if it hurts or burns, they will not stop until they get it. Not anymore.

    ARIES: From March 21 to April 20

    Despite the fact that you are an extremely fighter person with everything Aries, you also realize that you often have to move on alone. And this happens to you when you really feel neglected when you see that there is no longer love from the other person when you feel unprotected, especially without any protection. It is precise if you are in a relationship because you feel like it a lot share it all. You do not need anything; you are a super independent person, but if you already feel abandoned, it is better to continue walking alone. You have it more than evident.

    TAURUS: From April 21 to May 21

    When you are tired of chasing another person, you know that the time has come to move on alone. You are a person who does not throw in the towel for anything in the Taurus world. You fight until you are out of breath, trying to make things go well, especially when you are in love. You are able even to recognize mistakes and try to change them. But everything has a limit, and when the other person does not see further, suddenly, a light blinds you and tells you that you are doing it wrong, that it is time to let go. The day comes when you get tired of chasing Taurus and get exhausted, and that day is when you really put an end to it.

    GEMINI: From May 22 to June 21

    You know it's time to move on when your trust has been broken, Gemini. And when this happens, there is no choice but to leave everything behind and open a new chapter in your life. You know that many times you have been given second and third chances. It is true that you are not to throw in the towel at the slightest change. But you are also super aware that in the end, that has never worked for you because if your trust is broken, it is because there has been a betrayal to a greater or lesser extent. If there has been betrayal, you will never be able to forgive. And it is not that you do not try but that the "stick" and the disappointment are so great that you prefer to be happy by going your way alone.

    CANCER: From July 22 to July 22

    You need the people you love around Cancer, but the most important thing is that you need to feel appreciated and loved. And you know that it is time to go alone when suddenly, all those signs of affection and love begin to disappear when everything disappears when everything evaporates. And, of course, it hurts. Very much. They almost look like daggers that pierce your body. It is a terrible feeling that you do not want anyone, but it is the moment when you know that you must continue alone with Cancer. Because without that, you are incapable of being happy, and what you want most in this life is to smile and be able to give light to others. So, it is time to let go of the present to find a better future.

    LEO: From July 23 to August 22

    You hate Leo, and you hate them to death. And you may come to tolerate exaggerations, disproportion, even weighting (you often know very well that you are the first / or that exaggerates everything a lot and that you even do a little theater), but please don't lie. Being who you are, you also forgive and are accessible when you see that the other person is sorry. The problem comes when the lies are constant all the time when you catch him all the time counting one after another, when you start to stop trusting everything. And that's when you know that, whatever happens, it's time to continue alone Leo, it's time to leave everything behind and open a new chapter, although more than a new chapter, better a new book.

    VIRGO: From August 23 to September 22

    You are a Virgo earth sign, and you can put up with just about anything they throw at you. But you have your limits, and even if you love madly, you also know how to put an end to some things. You know the time has come to put an end to everything when that person has crushed you so severely that you don't even like who you are. As a general rule, you are sure of yourself, but when someone is trying to take you down all the time, you lose it quickly. And what's more, you are capable of believing all his lies, all his fallacies, all his lies, even when they are directed towards you, towards your way of being, towards your person. When you stop feeling good about yourself, you really have to give up, write a new story, and move on alone.

    LIBRA: From September 23 to October 22

    You are a cheerful and happy Libra person. You know that it is time to move on when that person steals all that joy from you with each comment they make when you understand that you are not on the same wavelength because you are someone positive. That person is harmful to the bone. When you want to steal your smile because it bothers him that you see the world from those glasses with pink lenses, the good is what Libra should catch, not the bad. And if you have all that positive vibe to give but nevertheless, it seems to bother others, it is time to leave, leave behind, and look for a place where people love you for it, for being who you are, forgiving what you give.

    SCORPIO: From October 23 to November 22

    You know it's time to let go when you are undervalued and when all the light that you have inside Scorpio is taken away from you. They may cross you off for many things, but you have the tenacity, and you always fight and fight for what you know you deserve. And when you come across that person in life who seems to be bothered by everything you do (out of sheer envy), it's time to go. Being you, it will take a long time to realize it. Or rather, it will take a long time to throw in the towel, Scorpio, because knowing it, you almost know it from the beginning. But in the end, you will, because your self-love goes above all things even if it is late OF ALL. And your light is your food; if you don't have it, you die.

    SAGITTARIUS: From November 23 to December 21

    Sagi, despite the fact that you claim to be independent and want freedom above all things, you know very well that when you hook up with someone, you get hooked a lot, and really. And you know that you can put up with carts and wagons as long as things go well. But there comes a time when you have to move on. And that moment comes when you don't relive consistent signals from the other person. When he makes you dizzy, when he tells you one thing today and another tomorrow, when you catch him in resignation, and he doesn't even know what to say. You are a fire sign, Sagi, and you do not need people who can drive you crazier / or even your head. So, when you find someone who does not even know what they want, you are more than clear that it is time to move on alone.

    CAPRICORN: From December 22 to January 20

    Capri, you know that you have to move on alone when you start to get tired of excuses, and from there, you start to distrust. Yes, you are a person who "hunts" the intentions of others very well, and when something is out of the picture, you get overwhelmed, and you start to think strange things. You can have many failures, that is clear, but betrayal will not be one of them. And when you see that they make excuses for you all the time, you get to think, to scratch yourself, to distrust everything, you, the rest, the world. And you know that Capri cannot be lived like this; you know that it is impossible for you to be happy thinking that the person next to you can be disloyal at some point. It is challenging to be a Capricorn, and you are the one who knows it first, but 99% of the time, there is always a compelling reason; there is always a reason why you think like this.

    AQUARIUS: From January 21 to February 19

    And suddenly, that day arrives, that day in which you are more apparent than ever that you must move forward Aquarius. And alone. You put up with many things, but the problem is that you never express them. Neither your friends nor your family surely knows what you go through when you find yourself in a situation like this. But we all have a limit, and yours comes when that person begins to clip your wings. You need your space, you need your friends, you need your people, and you need to breathe. And whoever wants to be with you must understand it yes or yes. And when that person begins to suffocate you just because they have insecurities that you have never nurtured or fears that you have always tried to avoid, you begin to understand that it is time to start over. Those insecurities are often followed by name-calling, harassment, and other things that you hate even to remember. And it is that lack of respect that, in the end, makes it all end.

    PISCES: From February 20 to March 20

    You fight Pisces, you fight hard, and you hold on to trying to make everything go right by putting an overwhelming effort on your part. But often, all those messages that you throw are not even picked up by the other person. When they don't understand you when they don't understand you, and above all, when you know that they won't make any effort to do so, that's what really hurts you, that they don't even try to work for you as you do. And that's when you understand that you have to move on. You can give a thousand opportunities for that person to change; it is true. You were never about to throw in the towel quickly. But when you see that this person seems that they do not want to live and that they want to drag your life with theirs, that is when you decide to start from scratch and alone. You have to keep going, Pisces. And you are very clear that you want to live the life you choose, not the one "imposed" on you.