How to Handle Each Sign When It Is Angry

    There are zodiac signs that when they explode over something, they just need to be alone, cool down, think about what happened, and digest it all. There are other signs that need you to stay close, hug them tightly, and tell them that it will never happen again. Each zodiac sign is a world full of complexities. We will teach you to get to know them a little more. ARIES: Give him time to pass first, give him space, don't overwhelm him or try to stop his impulses. If you try to reason with Aries in the midst of that most pissed-off moment, you will only make things worse. Let it cool down all that fire inside because, it must be said, when Aries gets really angry, it ends up burning everyone. When everything is calm, go and talk to them. TAURUS: Put your arguments aside, and that persuasion attempt on the other. If Taurus is angry, the least he needs is for you to be smart with them. Let him go, let him be. Even if you know you are right, it is essential, seriously, to let him meditate and only come to conclusions. Do not overwhelm him too much, and above all, shut up and do not continue with the same thing because the more you continue, the more you turn on Taurus. GEMINI: When Gemini explodes, the best thing one can do is shut up and let him speak and express himself as best he can. He will not do it well; indeed, his tongue will even begin to say things that do not even make much sense, but hey, the best thing to not ignite the spirits is to try to control yourself and shut up. Let him vent, ask for his forgiveness several times, and do something nice for them. Whatever is. Suddenly, you will realize that it will have passed him, and he will be entertained with something else. CANCER: When Cancer explodes, it is best to stay there and speak with a soft voice. As you start yelling or talking in the wrong way, Cancer will go crazy. Seriously. Apologize a thousand times, as many as it takes, and tell him how much you love him. It seems stupid, but with Cancer, the war is fought with love, and in the end, that gentle spirit that they have makes their anger last relatively short as long as there is some genuine apology. If there isn't, forget it. LEO: When Leo explodes, please don't make him see himself as a victim of everything or as a "poor thing" it really bursts him. Listen to him, let him speak. Leo is a fire sign, and usually, because of this, he always has a lot to say. Try to correct what you have done, apologize and be nice. It will pass for Leo soon; it will really be very, very fast, but try to make him understand that you are genuinely sorry. In your hands will be the fact that his anger is softened. VIRGO: Virgo rarely explodes, but when it does, it is because it has accumulated much shit, too much shit, and boom, the day comes and the moment when whatever you do will be the last straw. Despite the outbreak that this may entail, Virgo is very understanding. In the end, if your apologies are sincere, he will soon forgive you, yes, not without first telling you each of the things that you have done wrong, twenty times. LIBRA: Okay, when Libra gets pissed off and explodes, the best you can have is luckჴ€¦ To make Libra angry, you have had to do something terrible, that's for sure, very serious, so the best thing you can do is get out, leave, leave him alone, and try not to correct him, and shut up. Please, during those moments, stay a bit out of the way because it sure splashes you a lot. Relax and let it calm down; it will take time, a lot; good luck. SCORPIO: Scorpio must be feared and must be genuinely feared. Because when Scorpio gets angry, he can spout a million things through his mouth that you will surely not like at all. He will be able to throw you in your face a lot that he has saved for some time and take out issues of the past that you thought you had closed. Scorpio does not forget anything. But if you really regret it and your apologies are sincere, Scorpio will get over the piss off quickly. Of course, forgiving does not mean forgetting. Remember it all your life. SAGITTARIUS: If Sagittarius has been very angry, the best thing you can do is buy him something that he likes as a peace offering, and as long as you are truly sincere, everything will start to change, everything will start to improve. Sagittarius is a person who forgets everything very soon, especially when there are apologies involved. Still, they have to be sincere, VERY SINCERE. Sagittarius will know if you are lying; remember that they can see right through you. CAPRICORN: When Capricorn gets pissed off, you have to think about giving him his time, do not get too close or talk to him a lot, better shut up, and if you can, not even at that moment ask for forgiveness, it really will be the most sensible thing you can do. It will eventually cool down when it passes, and you can sit down and talk reasonably with them. He will not forget anything of what happened, but he will be able to forgive you from the heart truly. AQUARIUS: Honestly, it's very, very rare for Aquarius to get pissed off for long. With Aquarius, you have to be honest, admit that you have been wrong, and the matter will be more than settled, really. It is rare that he continues to annoy unless you have been involved a lot; even so, give time. Aquarius does not want bad vibes in his life, so the sooner you recognize that you have been confused, the better, the better for everyone. PISCES: Pisces probably only needs a hug when he's mad at you. Other signs need much air: you leave them alone and let them breathe when they get angry. Pisces no, Pisces wants to pamper; he wants you to apologize, hug him and tell him that nothing is wrong, that you are sorry, that it will not happen again. You can't imagine what he can go through when he's pissed off, really. The best feeling for Pisces is to make amends and stay in peace.