How to Survive Retrograde Mercury

    Mercury is retrograde in Pisces begins on March 5 and will continue in retrograde until March 28. This is something we should be more than used to by now because it happens three times a year. But the good thing about this is that it lasts about a month and although it is not a good thing, it is something that everyone must go through. It is a rather tricky period that brings emotions, communication, and decision-making problems. Still, it is closely related to growth, learning, and recovery. At this age, you have to try to put aside bad routines or habits, or at least try and adopt healthier life habits and philosophies. So that it is not complicated, here are some tips for surviving Mercury retrograde according to your sign:


    To get out of this safe and sound, Aries, you have to take your time and learn to relax. Don't take things so seriously, and don't jump into the pool early. Think things over before you act and take care of your tongue a bit. Please try not to blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. You don't want what you say now to always be present in the future, do you, Aries? Well, to avoid this, it is better to control that viperine tongue a little more. It is essential that you keep your feet on the ground as much as possible, Aries. In addition, it is also essential that you take a break from those people who lately exhaust you more than necessary. Of those people who end your little patience, of those who get on your nerves with anything they say. It is better that you stay away from them to avoid any misunderstanding, at least during this period.


    Taurus, it is very likely that you suffer a lack of communication with the people around you, with your friends, and with your family in this period. Or you feel more alone than before, that you feel that lately nobody understands you or that nobody realizes how unique your feelings are. And in moments like this, it will be when you discover who is honest and who is not, so, Taurus, you know, take the opportunity to do a good cleaning in your social life.

    Out with all those people who don't contribute anything.

    But also remember that you must be as straightforward as possible with those who stay in your life. Try not to keep things too long. It will not be an easy time, Taurus, but your people are there because they love you and because they want to help you with everything you need. So please treat them as they deserve and be as transparent as possible whenever you can.


    You may feel a bit frustrated during this period, Gemini, as you notice that no one is trying to understand you. You feel misunderstood, and you will even come to feel what loneliness is, but fear not, Gemini, this is a good thing for you. Take advantage of this moment to accept yourself for all that you are and to love every pore of your skin.

    You are going to be one of the signs that this retrograde Mercury affects the most, but you will come out of it healthy, safe, and with much energy.

    There are going to be times when you think you can't move on, but in those times, try not to be negative. It's going to be difficult, Gemini, but you can always handle all of this. Mercury is simply giving you that little push you need. To gather strength and fight against all adversities because you can. It is going to be an excellent time to improve in your work or in your studies but above all, to grow and mature personally. It may interest you: The most dangerous traits of the zodiac signs.


    cancer If you were planning to make an important decision, Cancer, it is better that you leave it for next month. Suppose you plan to take a trip or invest your money in something, better not do anything. Avoid making decisions during this time, Cancer, because your mind can play tricks on you from one moment to the next.

    In order to get out of this period safely, it is best to spend your time resting, doing yoga, meditating, and connecting your body and mind.

    It will be a time when your emotions will be on the surface. Sensitivity will be the protagonist of your life, so it is better to try to be calm before making decisions that take us where we do not want to go. There may be times when you confuse what you think with what you feel or that you even believe that your dreams are with reality, but it is not like that, Cancer. Try to keep your mind as active as possible, however difficult it may be.


    A moment of introspection is coming, Leo. A period in which it is vital that you have control of your feelings and your thoughts. Please take the opportunity to clean up your life, what it really brings you and what it doesn't. Of those people you can really trust and those, you can't. It is tough to maintain order in your life these days. For that very reason, it is vital that you remember what your goals are and know that discipline will be the only thing that will lead you to them.

    To survive Mercury retrograde, Leo tries to avoid falling into negative thoughts.

    It will not be an easy thing because it is a period in which emotions are going to be on the surface, but remember that you can do everything. It is possible that you feel a little down and without energy, but EVERYTHING happens, it will be a few days ... Do not get too obsessed with it, just let yourself be carried away by what you feel and try to put your life in order.


    This period, Virgo, is an excellent time to try to heal those wounds from the past. It is crucial that you leave the future alone because making decisions these days is not highly recommended. So now, only deal with the past.

    Try to solve those problems and turn the page once and for all.

    Virgo, but it is also vital that you do not neglect the people you care about. We know that it is a time when you want to be alone, and you do not want anyone to bother you, but do not forget those people who are by your side every day. Also, Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to reconnect with those people you miss. Value true friendship, Virgo. It is the perfect time to heal old wounds and reconnect with those who gave you so much in the past, Virgo. Take care of your people because, at the end of the day, they are those people who are by your side in the bad moments and in the good moments. They are the ones who help you keep going and the ones who always trust you.


    Mercury is going to bring a bit of frustration into your life, in case it wasn't enough anymore. These days you will notice as if you don't feel like doing anything, not even doing what you like the most. You are going to hate your routine, and you are not going to put up with anything around you. But nothing happens, Libra, it will only be a few days, do not worry. After this, you will go back to being the lovely person that you always are.

    This period, Libra, is an excellent time to improve your life and start with good habits.

    Try to put your thoughts and life in general in order because that will make you successful in a few months. Although these are not easy days, Libra, remember to work hard at all times, even on those days when you lack desire and motivation. You have to find strength from anywhere, but don't give up for a single moment. As much as your thoughts tell you no, you keep moving forward because that will be what brings success to your life. You are powerful, Libra, do not let yourself be carried away for a single moment by negativity or harmful energies.


    Scorpio's period is the perfect time to relax and break free. They are going to be very emotional and sentimental days. Still, for you, that is good because all those emotions are going to come out in the form of creativity. These days, although you may not find yourself with much energy, you will feel that you need to express yourself, and you will do it through that creativity.

    The actual ravages of retrograde Mercury, Scorpio, will be in your love life.

    You are going to have some other problem, and everything will be closely linked to your feelings and your emotions. It is a very emotional time, Scorpio, but you should try to control yourself as much as possible. You feel that you are and you are not, as if you were living in your own world as if reality did not exist. Many of us would like that, but reality still exists, whether you like it or not, so the best thing these days is to face it and try to keep your body and mind as connected as possible. But, above all, Scorpio, be very careful and do not make love decisions because you may regret it in the not too distant future.


    It is very possible that there is some misunderstanding with your family or friends during these days, Sagittarius. Mercury retrograde is a period in which everyone is more susceptible than usual. You have to be careful with everything that is said. But thank goodness this is temporary. In the end, Sagittarius, those misunderstandings are going to help you connect more with these people.

    They will allow you to establish strong ties with these people, and they will lead you to trust them much more.

    Take everything easy, don't be in a hurry, don't get impatient. At this age, patience is the most important thing. Take your time to listen to others. During these days, something in you will tell you that you need to spend time with your people. In spite of everything, you want to surround yourself with those who give you the energy to live, and you want to spend time with those who make your days easier. After all, the problems are not so bad thanks to them.


    It seems like the world is going against you, Capricorn, and everything seems a lot more complicated lately. But it's not your fault, and it's Mercury retrograde's fault. It is doubtful that you will get everywhere on time during these days, Capricorn. But it is essential that you try not to lose your calm and that you let yourself be carried away at all times.

    Although you are already very patient, Mercury will teach you how to apply that patience to your life.

    And it will be thanks to that patience, which will make you realize what you really need in your life. It is a time of introspection, thinking, reflecting, weighing the good and the bad, what it brings you and what it does not. You will realize the people you really want in your life and the people you don't. They will not be a few easy days; in fact, there will be more than one day when you want to stay in bed and send everything around you far away. But don't let this happen, Capricorn; remember that you have to be clear, concise, and very patient.


    If you want to survive Mercury retrograde, Aquarius, the first thing you must do is not to make decisions that put your bank account at risk. In other words: don't invest. These days, try to leave your money quiet and not spend it on "nonsense." More than anything because later you will regret it and there will be no going back.

    It is the perfect time to organize your savings and start saving.

    If you were planning to buy something this month, it would be better to leave it for next month. During these days, in addition to being more emotional than usual, it is vital that you keep an eye on your accounts and your expenses. The best thing you can do these days is meditate and connecting your body and mind. It is an excellent time to relax and know what you want in your future and what you don't wantჴ€”an excellent time to clean up and discard what you no longer need in your life. But remember, Aquarius, always looking out for your sake and for the sake of your bank account.


    Perhaps you have not commented on the Pisces season in the best way, and that is your birthday. It's not going to be an easy few days for you, Pisces. In fact, you are going to be one of the signs that are most affected by this event. Still, lately, you have suffered many disappointments and disappointments that have not allowed you to enjoy your time as you deserved. It would be best if you took good care of yourself during these days, Pisces.

    You are going to feel things much more than usual, and that is something hazardous.

    You will be offended by anything, and you must be careful not to create a drama out of nowhere. It's going to be very difficult, but please try to control your feelings if you don't want this to end badly. Try to control everything you say, what you do, what you feel. Not for others, but for you, for your own good. Be careful of your decisions because you can regret them, and you have enough to regret your past failures to accumulate more shit in your life.