How Your Ex Will Try to Ruin Your Life According to Your Sign


    How could your ex ruin your life? Saying that he still wants you and sends you messages when what you want is to move forward and continue with your rhythm and roll. That he sends you a message of resentment or forgiveness again when you have already advanced more than halfway to forget, Aries kills you, it kills you because it makes you very angry that he does not move forward, that your ex goes on and on when you want what you want is to cut at once. That your ex still wants to burn with your heat when the relationship is already colder than a piece of ice seems like a waste of time, but in addition to that, he takes the privilege of arriving like a tsunami wanting your attention; it finishes you off Aries and ruins what could have been a perfect single day.


    The perfect way to ruin what could turn out to be a good day for you, Taurus, is for your ex to create himself with the privilege of looking down on you, and you know it. That he does not want anything with you, but that he does not take his eyes off you is something that ends your patience because you are a substantial person with your decisions, and if in your time you said NO and that everything is over, it is because you want so be it. You do not want the story to last longer than a well-chewed gum. That your ex continues to show others how you owe him something and that he believes he is lucky enough to have your fidelity still makes you nauseous, Taurus because it ruins your holy patience a lot. Really, these types of people will tell you and make you think about very dark things, and you know it, Taurus.


    The perfect masterpiece for you to lose your roles and get carried away by anger because of your ex is for your ex to stick his nose in your personal relationships and try to make you jealous by flirting with friends of yours. You can't handle that, the good vibe of having someone toxic trying to eat the heads of your Gemini people consumes you a lot, and you know it. That your ex tries to make you jealous in that stupid way Gemini ruins your day, your moment, your week, and your desire to continue traveling the world with the same good vibes that you always carry. And if we already talk about the fact that you can take the privilege of making you jealous by uploading photos with yours on social networks, we better not even talk about it because that makes you burn inside in a hazardous way.


    cancer How can your ex ruin your Cancer life? In what way can it make you lose your bearings and think of a thousand ways to get revenge for everything? Very simple, and look that you Cancer are significant to move forward and continue with your life in the healthiest way possible instead of taking revenge, you are not one of those people, you are more of letting karma act, and well, help does help a little to karma but you are not a vindictive person to the maximum, now, that your ex establishes a super friendship with your friends to tell them lies. Slander is the "checkmate" of everything and is what makes your perfect day a shit day. That your ex sticks like a limpet to your people, Cancer kills and consumes you, that he turns you against him and makes up stories that do not exist, finishes you off in a hazardous way.


    Your mind may think that if he comes back, it is because he loves you, your mind can play nasty tricks on you, Leo, because when your ex says he wants to have something with you again when he already has someone else waiting for him when he gets home, it is something really toxic. This is how Leo can ruin your day, loving you again, but not truly and exclusively loving you. Having your ex come looking for you to have a good time and then leave with his new partner is the perfect ingredient to ruin your day, Leo, seriously, besides being something really disgusting and toxic, because one thing is that you are a very good person. Still, another is that you put your ex before your own happiness. But of course, if you keep sparks and you still like it, you can sometimes fall, to have a good time and that's when you ruin your day.


    A mistake maybe that your ex continues to want to have contact with people who are friends of yours because, over time, he also became friends of hers; it is logical. Still, a full-blown day ruin is that your ex continues and continues to send text messages super cool to your people and not for an excuse. Still, as usual, you and Virgo know it. Seriously, having the figure of your ex in your circle of friends when what you want is for him to disappear in order to move forward healthily is something that finishes you off because when you cut, cut. Period, you don't stay at a dead-end wanting something again. No, Virgo, you do not like that at all. Taking the privilege of being one of the gang to have you close and see well what you do and whom you go out with touches your nose a lot and consumes the little patience you have.


    How can your ex-Libra ruin your life? Want to be part of your friendships to control yourself in a very stealthy way, and no, you don't know it because you are such a good person that you will think that it is there so that no one else hurts you. In reality, that is an excellent impediment. It will not allow you to know new people and put that Libra relationship aside once and for all. This is how Libra can ruin your day, wanting to be a helping hand when in reality, the healthiest thing is that it remains as a memory of you, period. No more, you don't need an ex in your life who claims to be a friend but who in reality is an ex under a mask to see whom you go out with, whom you want something with, the places you go to. Anyway, Libra, what friendship/ex is not a good match for you.


    scorpio The fact that your ex gets involved in your new love life is something that Scorpio immensely appeals to you, but that is created with the privilege of going around telling you with whom you should go and with whom is something that really ruins your day, the week and month in total. Seriously, that your ex does not overcome it and that he returns every two by three with the desire to fight and disputes, Scorpio finishes you off because if you cut it, it is to have your life again and do with it what you want, period. Having your ex stay in your environment to ruin any flirtation you have with someone you feel like Scorpio makes you meditate a lot and let yourself be carried away by the dark side; it ruins the good vibes and consumes you.


    That your ex lengthens that relationship that is already more broken than a shattered vase Sagittarius consumes you, but that it goes on and on even looking for you when you are partying with yours touches your nose a lot. Let him send you messages every two by three to know who you are with, that he does not get over it and wants to hurt you by annoying your monotony, that he does not respect you, and that he is there whenever you go out to the street, seriously, obsessive behaviors put you off horrible mood, because one thing is that he does not overcome it and that he stays in the background. Still, it is quite another that he does not overcome it and that above all, he seeks disputes with you to see you. Your ex does not move forward and does not want your progress, and it ruins your good vibes completely, Sagittarius.


    How can your ex Capricorn ruin your day? It's effortless, adopting the dreaded obscure, obsessive goat behavior, and you know it. The fact that he does not take his eyes off you puts you in a terrible mood, worse than to top it all, he always appears in the place where you are very quiet, at the same time and in the most suitable place, he finishes you off, that's what he wants. Say that he is going from obsessive. Your ex does not overcome it does not hurt you; what's more, you even come to understand and respect him, but that he does not overcome it and acts as a private investigator to see who you are with. Others ruin everything Capricorn because you can not live with those kinds of behaviors. Your ex may want to have a conversation with you, but don't play the FBI if he doesn't want you to run away, and you know it.


    The easiest way to ruin your return to singleness by your ex Aquarius? Although it seems incredible Aquarius, the way in which your ex can ruin you is by being your best helping hand, without cheating, without shit about toxic behaviors, wanting you to be well, and wishing you the best, this is how you can ruin your new life because that is what is going to make you doubt and you know it. That your ex sends you heartfelt texts telling you how much he misses you and that he lets you fall that he wants to see you again, it can be the piece of the puzzle that makes all the others out of square Aquarius, because even if you appear to be the most carefree person of the world that affects you, that moves you. That makes your heart soften, and you feel sorry for it.


    That you ask for space and that they give you everything, but space can make you lose your Pisces nerves, but that you ask your ex for space and that he returns it to you in the form of atomic bombs full of messages of regrets and whole nights with the phone playing at total volume, it is the end of the end, because THAT is what makes you lose what little patience you have. It is what really ruins your return to being single fish, and you know it. That your ex begs you late, that he goes overboard, and that he thinks that you will give in to his pleas gives you a bad vibe, but that he assures it, that he tells his people that he believes with that privilege and thinks that You will eat from his hand again, Pisces bursts you, because there is nothing you hate more than the smart ones on duty who think they are the owners of the world. It totally ruins you.