How to Interpret the Astral Chart

    Complete guide to learning how to interpret your birth chart: planets, signs, houses. These are some astrological elements that allow you to understand your personality better. Find out how in this article.

    Our astrological personality undergoes a series of influences. Sun sign, Moon sign, Ascendant, Descending, Planets, and Houses are some of the elements of the birth chart that allow us to know a little more about ourselves. If you are curious to know the meaning of each of them, you must know how to interpret the birth chart. Your astrological chart is a graphic representation of the stars seen from Earth at the exact moment of your birth. It is like a photograph that astrologers take of the sky, capturing the celestial elements in a unique moment. Through its study, you can understand your behaviors and discover patterns in your personality. The birth chart shows your innate emotional, physical, and energetic tendencies and how you face and solve everyday challenges. The birth chart is divided into 12 Houses, each of which deals with specific issues in your life. The location of the planets in the Houses, in the signs, and the relationship they have with each other (the so-called Aspects ), represent our intrinsic energies. It is important to note that, for Astrology, everything is mutable. The cosmic energy is in constant motion. Therefore, there are no sentences or fatalities. There are only cycles that begin and end. There are no value judgments, only points that You can improve as we better know our way of being and being. In this sense, the birth chart works as a self-knowledge tool. Through it, we can obtain information about our personality, our qualities, and talents, and the challenges we must overcome.

    How to Make Your Astral Chart

    You can go to an astrologer or an Internet service to make your birth chart. Making a chart yourself can be complex, especially if you are starting in this field. The birth chart is divided into four zones, delimited by vertical and horizontal axes. There are 12 signs on the card wheel, each of which occupies an area of 30º.

    How to Interpret the Astral Chart

    Essential Elements of the Astral Chart

    First, you need to know the date, time, place, and country of birth. Your map is generated from this data. The essential elements of the chart are the planets, the sun sign, and the Houses. The planetary aspects (also known as cusps or house angles) represent the angles that the planets form with each other at all times. The four aspects are the Ascendant, the Descendant, the Midheaven, and the Background of Heaven. These are the most significant and karmic points of the birth chart:
    • Ascendant (ASC) is part of the horizon line (celestial equator) and is on the left side of the chart. It represents the way we show ourselves to the world. It begins in House 1 (personality).
    • Descending (DSC) is also part of the horizon line (celestial equator) and is located on the right side of the chart. It begins in the 7th house (which governs relationships).
    • Midheaven (Medium Coeli, Zenith, or MC) is the highest point in the sky and reflects the celestial bodies present in the northern hemisphere of the chart. It begins in the 10th house (which manages the career-related area of life). The MC represents our goals and our social role.
    • Background of the Sky (Imum Coeli, Nadir, or IC) corresponds to the point opposite the MC, located in the astrological chart's southern hemisphere. It begins in House 4 (which manages the affairs of the home). It represents our past, our origins, our family, our roots. It is the basis of our personality.

    How to read the birth chart

    To know more about yourself, you can start by understanding what each element (planets, signs, and Houses) contributes to your personality. After this individual analysis, it is necessary to see the whole and how they are interconnected and related. Advance in stages, from bottom to top, discovering a little more about yourself at each step. It is a process that may require some time and dedication.

    The sun and the moon

    Look in which sign the sun and the Moon fall. So, in which house the two stars are positioned. In Astrology, the Sun and the Moon are considered planets. The sun sign is the sign that is aligned with the sun at the time of our birth. The sun represents the essential identity of the person. It reveals how we present ourselves to the world and our most vital personality traits. It is the conscious side, our true essence, our ego. The moon, on the other hand, is more intimate. It refers to feelings, our emotional life, and how we react to events socially and privately. It shows how we handle our feelings and emotions. It is our unconscious side.

    The Ascendant and Planets in the Houses

    Each zodiac sign has a ruling planet. Check which sign the Ascendant is in. See which house it is in. Analyzing the planets and signs found in each house will allow you to understand their effect on each area of your life.

    The Astrological Houses

    Analyze the planets that occupy each of the Houses. Read the meaning of the planet and cross it with the meaning of the house. Use your intuition to do this reading, trying to see what helps you define your way of acting and thinking in the symbology of the elements. For Astrology, the planets are archetypes that shape and drive our actions and fulfill a particular role in our lives. Mercury is the ability to relate to and understand other people. On the other hand, Venus shows our tastes and how we treat what we appreciate. It regulates the world of love and desires, lust, artistic expression, and the pleasures of life. It is the planet of thoughts, communication, and emotional intelligence. It represents one of the most basic drives of humanity - the need to relate. The Houses represent different spheres of our life, namely - Personality ( House 1 ); Values ( House 2 ); Learning and Communication ( House 3 ); Home and Family ( House 4 ); Creativity ( House 5 ); Health and Work ( House 6 ); Romance, Marriage and Social Activities ( House 7 ); Transformation ( House 8 ); Education and Ideals ( House 9 ); Carrera ( House 10 ); Groups and Intimate Aspirations ( House 11 ); Sacrifice and Spiritual Wisdom ( House 12 ).

    The Signs in the Houses

    To interpret the birth chart, you also have to look at the signs of the Houses. In general, each house has two signs. What influence do the signs have in each area of your life? A sign opens the house. That is, we experience the initial energy of that house or area of life, and it closes. That is, we have the predisposition to close it. Also, analyze the sign of the Midheaven.

    Interpret the Astral Chart in a Synthetic way

    Now that you have all the information you need to interpret your birth chart, make a summary. Throughout this process of self-discovery, you will find that you have gathered a lot of information that may seem scattered. At this point, you have to make a summary. Although the individual analysis of each element present in the birth chart is essential, an objective and focused reading can only be done by synthesizing all the information. In this way, you will be able to understand the different energetic influences present in your life and obtain information about your personality, qualities, and talents, as well as the challenges that you must overcome.