Karmic Astrology: What It Is About, Signs and Astral Chart

    In Astrology, the center of everything is Man, and everything revolves around him. Today, there are several possible approaches in Astrology, such as Karmic Astrology (past lives), Natal Astrology, Health Astrology, Human Astrology, Esoteric Astrology, among others. For Karmic Astrology, past life experiences influence our mission in the present guide our behaviors and thought structures. But it also helps us understand how we can improve and shed light on the learning we must do to evolve as human beings and be happier. In this way, the karmic astrologer seeks answers to problems or emotional dilemmas of the present in past lives. By revealing the past, Karmic Astrology helps us overcome our limitations and become aware of our karma, of our mission.

    Karmic Astrology - "Know yourself."

    Karmic Astrology is based on the twelve karmas. These are designated by "Dragon Head" and "Dragon Tail" in Chinese Astrology and by "North Node" and South Node "in the West. The nodes (or nodules) are represented by the axis between two opposite Solar signs. This means that we live between the extremes, between different ways of being that, together, influence our astrological personality and all our day-to-day attitudes. To realize ourselves as Being, our mission is to balance these antagonistic forces. Each native of each sign must learn to travel the path of virtue, reasonable, and zero degrees between North and South to evolve and leave the circle of reincarnation (dharma). Karmic Astrology seeks to help the person understand their relationships, vocations, and family life to break the cycle of negative behaviors that they carry from life to life.
    • North Node of the Moon or Dragon Head is what we try to learn. It tells us where we are going. The North is the present, the moment when we have everything to change and grow. It symbolizes what we have to do to find balance, and it is what we came to learn.
    • South Node of the Moon or Dragon Tail tells us where we come from. It represents the past, our customs, good or bad, habitual actions, and well-rooted in our personality. We must look to the past without fear or attachment, only with the desire to evolve.

    The Legend Associated with Karmic Astrology

    Hercules, son of Zeus and a mortal, was considered the first man, as a god and a human woman. Like Hercules, Karmic Astrology considers that we bring together these two aspects within us: the animal and divine aspects. Zeus was married to Hera, who did not accept Zeus' bastard son. He placed a spell on the wine of Hercules, who, unaware of Hera's intention, drank it. Crazed, he killed his wife and children. When he came to, he suffered greatly from his action. Zeus, although he loved him, could not help but punish him. Hercules lost his divine condition and had to face the law of karma. Zeus handed him over to Hera, who was responsible for attributing the punishment to him. The king of Euristeo, mortal, protected by Hera, an evil and perverse character, assigned twelve tasks to Hercules. For Karmic Astrology, these twelve tasks represent the steps of the incarnation that, once stopped, grant the Being the right to live his divinity, as attributed to Hercules, the return to his family.

    What is Karma?

    Karma is a law that develops through an emotional attitude. It is the energy produced by our actions in one life, reflected in other lives. Karma is not a magical condition but awareness and responsibility towards how we decide to live. In other words, emotional maturation is necessary so that what we are (soul) and what we do (personality) are in harmony, allowing the spirit to evolve quietly. Karma is a commitment to destiny. In Karmic Astrology, there is no weight or guilt, but there is responsibility and the search for enlightenment. Like Hercules, man must try to return to his Father's house, where he will find true peace. Through awareness of what motivates our actions, we gain the power and freedom to change them, do good, help others grow, and ultimately find happiness.

    Karmic Astrology and the Birth Chart

    In Astrology, all the planets have a karmic interpretation. Its position on the chart allows us to identify the most favorable points and difficulties of our astrological personality. For Karmic Astrology, these difficulties are energies that we must try to improve in the present life. The interpretation of the birth chart allows us to identify the causes of our difficulties: are they from this life or a legacy of past lives? Once we understand the source of these difficulties and fears, we can overcome them.

    Zodiac Signs and Karmic Astrology

    To better understand karma, Karmic Astrology begins by observing the signs. On the wheel of the Zodiac, each sign has an opposite sign (for example, Pisces - Virgo; Aquarius - Leo; Taurus - Scorpio), revealing the dilemma between the present life and past lives. The present is the only time that exists. It is the moment when we can achieve everything and act on what happens in our life. But the past is also essential. When we know our heritage from the past, what we bring from previous life experiences to the present, we can discover the answers to certain enigmas of our personality. Why do we make certain decisions? Why are we afraid of certain situations? Where do our weaknesses come from? What about phobias and fears? Karmic Astrology seeks to clarify some of these issues, learning and drawing lessons from lived experiences. In Astrology, the signs represent how "how" we handle life. Using the past, we can favor the present. The signs of the Zodiac are twelve: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. Read about the karma of each sign in this article.

    The 12 Laws of Karma

    Karma is governed by twelve laws, making it possible to understand the spiritual meaning of existence. However, people are governed by free will; each one is free to follow them or not. For this reason, practicing good or evil is a personal decision, and that decision result in the consequences for which we are primarily responsible. Each karma has its challenges and potentials, and, together, they constitute the process that has allowed the growth and understanding of the personality. According to Karmic Astrology, this understanding is the key to happiness and fulfillment of the individual life project.

    Personality Karma

    • Nickname: Maria goes with the others
    • Axis: North Node in Aries - South Node in Libra
    • Symbolism and learning: It means everything the person must change and redo in this life, overcoming the legacy of insecurity and fear of not doing something. It is the moment for personal fulfillment, learning to have your own opinion, taking risks, facing society and your own family, and making decisions based on personal convictions and not because others so wish.

    Karma of Honesty

    • Nickname: Underworld, Witch (o)
    • Axis: North Node in Taurus - South Node in Scorpio
    • Symbolism and learning: it means that the native of this sign must live correctly, practice honesty in all areas of life, and build it on solid foundations. Facing reality and controlling desire, a person can meet and deal with people from the underworld (symbolized by indecent proposals, illicit gains, bizarre sexuality, fantasy, and escape from himself) but can never be part of this legion.

    Discipline Karma

    • Nickname: Freedom
    • Axis: North Node in Gemini - South Node in Sagittarius
    • Symbolism and learning: Today, this native will have to ponder what the word "freedom" really means. It is not about sensuality, irresponsibility, or the absence of rules, but responsibility and surrender. Without discipline, there is no freedom.

    Karma of Humility

    • Nickname: Old Man, Power
    • Axis: North Node in Cancer - South Node in Capricorn
    • Symbolism and learning: It refers to the need of the native to reflect deeply on his pride, selfishness, and capacity for understanding. Learn to accept mistakes and weaknesses, seeing them not as a disease but as an integral part of human nature. For the native of this karma, it is essential to understand that the power he desires brings responsibilities and the need for total commitment. Power does not exist to satisfy the ego but to be used wisely, for the good of all.

    Friendship Karma

    • Nickname: Soledad
    • Axis: North Node in Leo - South Node in Aquarius
    • Symbolism and learning: This native brings a legacy from the past of fear of all ties, which he considers a prison, a form of dependency. However, he is a true and present friend. Being free does not mean that you cannot surrender to love. It is essential that, through friendships, you learn to be intimate with others because only then will you eliminate loneliness and be truly happy.

    Health Karma

    • Nickname: Pain
    • Axis: North Node in Virgo - South Node in Pisces
    • Symbolism and learning: This karma represents a native who suffered and was a victim of fate in the past. At present, the native has a great power of healing and health establishment, learning the actual value of life, peace, and joy. It would be best if you overcame suffering, teaching others that pain has a beginning, a middle time, and an end. Pain is not eternal, and it can disappear. The native should not fear life since he is no longer weak or defenseless but a powerful healer.

    Karma of Love

    • Nickname: Brucutu (Bruto)
    • Axis: North Node in Libra - South Node in Aries
    • Symbolism and learning: Love is the work that this native must develop in this life because within him is everything he needs to learn. Loving requires patience, and this native was impatient in the past. It would be best to learn to accept others as they are, with virtues and defects. Love without expecting anything in return. Learning to love is what the native came to achieve and learn in this reincarnation.

    Phoenix Karma

    • Nickname: Loss
    • Axis: North Node in Scorpio - South Node in Taurus
    • Symbolism and learning: As in the myth, this karma speaks of being reborn from the ashes, rebuilding the evil done, and not fearing loss. This karma is demanding. It implies that the native has to face the materialism of all to impose the value of the mind. If he loses something or someone, this native must accept that fact as a reality because nothing and no one belongs to anyone. The loss represents all the fears you bring back from the past, in which you lived lives of great power and greed. In the present, you will have to go through all kinds of losses, to learn to let go and know how to recognize the real value that everything in your life has.

    Target Karma

    • Nickname: Don Juan, Bon vivant
    • Axis: North Node in Sagittarius - South Node in Gemini
    • Symbolism and learning: This karma highlights the need for this native to define goals, create goals and acquire the necessary discipline to fulfill these purposes. Finishing everything you start and believing you are capable, leaving personal insecurity and the need to be noticed and praised in the past, will make talents come true. This is your excellent challenge today; to be able to put all your skills into practice. In the end, this native has the gift of organization, strategic vision, and significant mental speed.

    Karma of Maturity

    • Nickname: El Niდ±o
    • Axis: North Node in Capricorn - South Node in Cancer
    • Symbolism and learning: This native lives with the feeling that everyone can be more significant than him. Clinging to a whirlwind of emotions, he cannot adapt to the false world, hidden and in a struggle for the power of adults. This karma brings this native the development mission, especially from his emotional side. By staying consistent with your feelings, you can become a competent and fulfilled adult without, however, losing the purity, authenticity, and naivety of your soul. You will also teach others this different way of doing things throughout your life.

    Karma of Equality

    • Nickname: Prejudice, Nobility
    • Axis: North Node in Aquarius - South Node in Leo
    • Symbolism and learning: this karma brings the native to learn the value of humility, accept difference, and perform justice for the global good. Nobility represents the feeling that you are different and above good and evil concerning other people. We are all equal before divinity, and we all have the same rights and duties. With past lives full of wealth and power, this native needs to learn to overcome prejudice, practice social justice, and share his assets with the underprivileged.

    Karma of Faith

    • Nickname: Critical
    • Axis: North Node in Pisces - South Node in Virgo
    • Symbolism and learning: This native lived his past lives immersed in reason, in logic. In the present, you need to learn to have faith, to believe in what you cannot see and what you cannot touch. The critic represents the rigidity acquired in past lives, when he criticized and judged everything and everyone, including himself. This native cannot bear the unexpected, the disorder, the surprise. You have to learn the true meaning of life and accept each new day as a new experience, where not everything can be calculated and predefined.

    How to Locate Your Karma?

    According to the Lunar Node table, karma is located by your date of birth. Each karmic period lasts 18 months. Therefore, You should locate its date in the intervals of each period. It is worth emphasizing that karma is not a punishment or fatality but rather an awareness and responsibility towards life. For Karmic Astrology, karma consists of behavior patterns that can be changed, provided there is a will. Therefore, it is not a condemnation but an opportunity to evolve as a person.