Lunar Nodes: Astrology and Astral Chart

    Knowing which sign and house the Lunar Nodes were on the date of your birth is an important event in Astrology. There are two Nodes: the North Node and the South Node, or the Dragon's Head and the Dragon's Tail, respectively, in Chinese Astrology. The North Node represents the path of life and the South Node's childhood or past lives habits. Nodes represent lessons that we have to learn and relate to how we relate to others.

    North Node and South Node. What do they mean, and what distinguishes them?

    The Nodes Moles are not physical bodies but placed imaginary points in space that mark the places where the paths of the Moon and the Sun intersect. The North Node represents the place where the moon crosses the ecliptic (projection on the celestial sphere of the apparent path of the Sun observed from the Earth) in the direction of the northern hemisphere. At the same time, the South Node is the point where the moon crosses the ecliptic en route to the southern hemisphere (see image below). The North and South Nodes are always directly opposite in the sky. They complete a full circle through the twelve signs every 18 years. Eclipses occur when the new moon and the full moon occur in conjunction with the Lunar Nodes. At that time, the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon are perfectly aligned and reflect a perfect shadow.

    The Moon Dragon in Chinese Astrology

    In Chinese Astrology, the Nodes of the Moon are represented by a dragon. The North Node corresponds to the head ( Dragon Head ) and the South Node to its tail ( Dragon Tail ). Seen in this way, the symbolism attributed to each of the Nodes is understood: the North is the point where the food is ingested; the one in the South is the point where the waste is expelled. In this way, the Head of the Dragon is understood by Astrology as the key to happiness. Identify the areas of most tremendous potential for growth in the life of each one of us. Therefore, our attention and care must focus on the North Node and the corresponding house sign (see table below) to move towards success and fulfillment.

    What is the Meaning of the Lunar Nodes in Astrology and the Astral Chart?

    For Astrology, North Node
    In the birth chart, the North Node represents the future and the achievements that we try to achieve in life. But also, the experiences and knowledge that we must still acquire will allow our personal growth. In other words, it is our way of life.

    South Node

    The South Node, a point directly opposite the North Node in the birth chart, represents the knowledge and experiences we bring from our past and innate talents, often expressed in childhood. The sun sign and the house where the South Node falls in the birth chart indicate how we tend to face life. As in the South Node, everything seems natural, easy, and comfortable, and we run the risk of being trapped in the past. We can become bored, limited, stagnant, and without energy.

    What is the Influence of the Lunar Nodes in Karmic Astrology?

    The Astrology Karmic or past lives are seeking answers to questions in this life past life experiences. Its goal is to help people understand their relationships, vocations, family life and help close cycles of negative behavior that prevent them from reaching their full potential. The symbology of the Lunar Nodes is particularly important in Karmic Astrology. Drawing on the past to understand the present, the South Node represents the legacy of the past. The North Node represents the potential and the path of evolution that the soul chose for life in the present. For Karmic Astrology, the great challenge is to help the person take everything they have learned in the past (South Node) and integrate that personal knowledge in the present (North Node). If You cannot find this balance, the soul is trapped in its anxieties and cannot evolve or find its way to self-realization. When the soul moves towards the North Node, the South Node eliminates everything that the soul has overcome. Harmony is restored, and a new point of balance is reached.

    Lunar and Luminous Nodes (Sun and Moon). What relationship?

    Nodes complete a retrograde cycle every 18-20 years. This milestone represents critical moments of change and can be marked by significant events in the lives of each one of us. As the moon travels around the Earth, it goes through all 12 signs in about 28 days. Stay in each sign for about two and a half days. To understand the Lunar Nodes, it is necessary to consider their position both at the level of the sign and of the house. For example, when in Leo, the moon favors or reinforces specific purposes and the personality characteristics associated with this sign. When you move to Virgo, the same thing happens, and so on, as you go through all the signs. In the birth chart, the position of the Lunar Nodes on the Sun or the moon suggests different levels of evolution of the soul and more or less laborious paths. When he:
    • North Node is in the same sign as the Sun, highlighting the positive qualities of the sign;
    • North Node is in the same sign as the moon. The positive qualities of the sign and its negative energies can delay the soul's evolution process;
    • South Node is in the same sign as the Sun, the positive qualities of the sign and its negative energies can delay the process of soul evolution;
    • South Node is in the same sign as the moon suggests difficulties to abandon the negative patterns of the past, which requires more effort from the soul to progress.

    How is the Moon Expressed through the Signs of the Zodiac?

    Moon in Aries

    New beginnings, ego, purification of the body, beginning of new financial activities, leadership, courage, construction, surgery, bravery, independence, vitality, enthusiasm, personality, and personality matters can represent a moment of impulsive behaviors.

    Moon in Taurus

    Money, growth, self-esteem, prosperity, business, possession, personal values, investment and investors, beauty, geology, gems and minerals, arts, therapeutic massage, love, long-term benefits.

    Moon in Gemini

    Communication, teaching and learning, short trips, siblings, writing, buying and selling, automobiles and transportation, photography, duality, adaptability, family communication can represent moments of restlessness and change.

    Moon in Leo

    Authority, success, creativity, fame and recognition, love and romance, children, hobbies, vacations and leisure, gambling and speculation on the stock market, creative arts, entertainment, sex and passion, happiness can represent a period of need to receive praise and flattery.

    Moon in Virgo

    Work, health and healing, service, discernment, writing, pets, natural medicine, herbs, cleanliness, organization, critical and abstract thinking, intelligence, details, nutrition, crafts, ethics, volunteering, community work.

    Moon in Libra

    Legal matters, contracts, marriage, creative endeavor, negotiation, partnership, diplomacy, balance and harmony, music, interior design, counseling, love, social interaction, time to focus on relationships.

    Moon in Scorpio

    Power, sexuality, death, psychic conquests, the occult, transformation, fertility, regeneration, taxes and insurance, investments, secrets, law, espionage, sensitive and intense emotions, psychic power, inheritance.

    Moon in Sagittarius

    Long journeys, higher knowledge, learning, confidence, generous heart, optimism, spiritual growth, new opportunities, luck, expansion, foreign countries, people, judges, philosophy, publications and publishers, animals, ethics, wisdom, shared values, culture.

    Moon in Capricorn

    Career, public image, honor, reputation, politics, the government in general, large companies, business, depression, logical and rational thinking, father, karma, wisdom from experience, structure, discipline, organization, ambition, achievements, acquisitions, realization.

    Moon in Aquarius

    Group work, change, adventure, liberation, hopes, wishes, friends, electronics, new age, humanitarian ideals, social concerns, space, aliens, flights, aeronautics, altruism, development, discovery, brotherhood.

    Moon in Pisces

    Creativity, intuition, emotional healing, psychic abilities and consciousness, spirituality, aquatic life and fishing, drugs, chemicals, subconscious, dreams, hypnosis, cinema, dance, acting, painting, medicine, exotic places, past lives, prophecies, fantasy, karma, expansion of consciousness, revelations, inner development, religion, devotion to the Divine.