Mercury Retrograde How Does It Influence Your Life?

    Mercury retrograde is one of the most popular phenomena in Astrology. Know the dates and what you can and cannot do during this movement.
    Mercury retrograde is one of the most popular phenomena in Astrology. With Mercury retrograde, many people wonder what impact this could have on their lives and if its meaning will be that negative. Of all the planetary aspects, this seems to be one of the most striking for those who are attentive to Astrology. Know the dates and what you can and cannot do during this particular aspect of this planet. For Astrology, Mercury retrograde is one of the phenomena of most significant impact in all the signs of the Zodiac. With a bit of attention, you will also understand how your life changes and its effects on your daily life. In general, this aspect of the planet Mercury can bring frustration, communication failures, and the feeling that situations are not evolving in the way or speed that you would like.

    What Does Mercury Retrograde Mean?

    The planets don't move backward. However, they appear to make this movie for a few weeks when viewed from Earth. Mercury is a planet closer to the Sun than Earth, and its orbit is shorter. Each year, three to four times, Mercury zips past Earth, giving the impression that it is retrograde or "receding." It creates powerful, turbulent energy when it returns to its average speed. This confusion can affect how we feel on our planet and our daily lives. The energy of Mercury, due to this apparent retrograde movement, Mercury's energy represents oscillation, movement, change, and complementarity. In this way, during its retrograde phase, the energy of Mercury is yin, inviting introspection, the abandonment of old ideas and blockages that may prevent you from moving forward. When it assumes its natural movement, the yang energy prevails once it is time to act after the previous reflection phase. This thought/action dynamic increases our awareness of ourselves and gives us a new perception of the world around us and of our life path.

    How does the Mercury Energy Manifest in your life?

    Mercury is the planet of communication and the mind. Intuitive and logical, it represents the speed of comprehension, memory, and reasoning capacity. It is the planet of writing, of study, of the media, of communications, of commercial contracts, of negotiation. He is also associated with roads, transportation, commerce, technologies, and inland travel as a courier. When Mercury goes retrograde, all these areas of our lives seem to rest, on standby. Therefore, when this planet, which governs so many important activities for our personal and professional lives, "falls asleep," all its activities become stagnant. Therefore, there can be many delays and communication failures. It is the manifestation of such a yin concept in Chinese Astrology.

    How Mercury Retrograde Influences Your Daily Activity?

    This is a time to ponder. The advice of the Astrologers is straightforward: "Do not make any important decisions when Mercury is retrograde." Think calmly and strategically and plan the following steps, not to take action. Mercury retrograde is not a good time to launch new projects, run an advertising campaign, make commercial contracts, or make decisions that significantly impact your personal or business life. The environment, in general, is very fluid and changeable, and, therefore, significant changes or alterations are not recommended.

    In Practical Terms, What To Avoid Doing?

    Specialists say caution. Check the information in emails before sending them, keep copies of important documents, make sure you don't leave anything forgotten somewhere, make a backup copy of your computer, rephrase the questions so that there are no doubts or communication failures. With other people, confirm the directions they give you in writing. Avoid long trips and surgeries that are not necessary at the moment.

    In Love, What to Do to Avoid Mercury Retrograde Turbulence?

    The relationships and romance can become confused during Mercury retrograde periods. Communication failures can lead to misunderstandings that generate problems in relationships, be they love, friendship, or even between coworkers. Try to be clear in what you say and how you express your feelings and opinions. If you don't feel safe, don't say anything. Save it for later. Avoid jumping to conclusions and give an excellent foundation for the opinions and observations you direct to your partner. Mercury recedes in different signs during the year. The delays and frustrations can be more marked if you backtrack on your sign. In that case, be even more cautious and cautious. Make sure you do everything correctly, even if it takes more time.

    Mercury Retrograde and the Astrological Elements - Fire, Earth, Air, and Water

    Each year, Mercury favors one primordial element to the detriment of the other. What we can do varies depending on the predominant element:
    • If Mercury recedes in Fire signs - it suggests that we need to find new solutions to old problems. Vision and innovation are essential to advance favorably. Fire signs are highly creative, courageous, and pioneering. Think outside the box, analyze the situation beyond the obvious, expand the range of options.
    • If Mercury backs down in Earth signs - it suggests the need for us to be practical, rigorous, and objective, to stick to the plan. Earth signs need security and stability. Money and the material plane can be highlighted during this phase.
    • If Mercury backs down in Air signs - it suggests arguments and misunderstandings. Communication stands out. Be clear in what you say and what you write. Listen more than you speak. Avoid giving unsubstantiated opinions. Air signs are analytical and cutting edge - stay open to change.
    • If Mercury backs down in Water signs - it suggests that this is an excellent time to develop and use intuition. Listen to what your inner voice tells you, and if you have doubts, do not move forward.

    Can Mercury Retrograde Also Be Positive?

    YES, Mercury retrograde can be very helpful in reassessing, revising, remaking, and redesigning our plans. It is a phase where everything slows down, and therefore we have the opportunity to stop and rethink our life and what we do routinely. Mercury retrograde allows us to reflect and redirect our energies more productively and effectively in all areas of our life. Mercury also helps us find solutions and close cycles. On the other hand, Mercury retrograde is an excellent phase to reconnect with loved ones lost in the past and reestablish emotional ties. Thanks to this reflection phase and maturity of ideas, less clear situations can be clarified. New plans and original ways of solving problems and overcoming difficulties may emerge. If you are a hasty person, this phase can help you better understand what you are feeling and let your intuition guide you. You can also take advantage of this aspect of Mercury to organize your spaces at home or work.

    Mercury Retrograde Periods from 2021 to 2030

    Mercury dominates every part of communication. Due to a question of celestial mechanics, this planet seems to be walking backward, and this period coincides with several communication problems. Usually, a problem occurs with the computer, and we forget to make a backup. At that time, we sent the wrong emails; it was at that time that there were more canceled flights.

    Mercury Retrograde in 2021

    • January 30 to February 20 - Aquarius (Air sign)
    • May 29 to June 22 - Gemini (Air sign)
    • September 27 to October 18 - Libra (Air sign)

    Mercury Retrograde in 2022

    • January 14 to February 3 - begins in Aquarius (Air sign) and ends in Capricorn (Earth sign)
    • May 10 to June 2 - starts in Gemini (Air sign) and ends in Taurus (Earth sign)
    • September 9 to October 2 - starts in Libra (Air sign) and ends in Virgo (Earth sign)
    • December 29 to January 18 - Capricorn (Earth sign)

    Mercury Retrograde in 2023

    • Until January 18, 2023 - Capricorn (Earth sign)
    • April 21 to May 14 - Taurus (Earth sign)
    • August 23 to September 15 - Virgo (Earth sign)
    • December 13, 2023, to January 1, 2024 - Sagittarius (Fire sign)

    Mercury Retrograde in 2024

    • January 1 - Sagittarius (Fire sign)
    • April 1 to 25 - Aries (Fire sign)
    • August 4-28 - Leo (Fire sign)
    • November 25 to December 15 - Sagittarius (Fire sign)

    Mercury Retrograde in 2025

    • March 14 to April 7 - starts in Aries (Fire sign) and ends in Pisces (Water sign)
    • July 17 to August 11 - Leo (Water sign)
    • November 9 to 29 - begins in Sagittarius (Fire sign) and ends in Scorpio (Water sign)

    Mercury Retrograde in 2026

    • February 25 to March 20 - Pisces (Water sign)
    • June 29 to July 23 - Cancer (Water sign)
    • October 24 to November 13 - Scorpio (Water sign)

    Mercury Retrograde in 2027

    • February 9 to March 3 - begins in Pisces (Water sign) and ends in Aquarius (Air sign)
    • June 10 to July 4 - begins in Cancer (Water sign) and ends in Gemini (Air sign)
    • October 7-28 - begins in Scorpio (Water sign) and ends in Libra (Air sign)

    Mercury Retrograde in 2028

    • January 24 to February 14 - Aquarius (Air sign)
    • May 21 to June 13 - Gemini (Air sign)
    • September 19 to October 11 - Libra (Air sign)

    Mercury Retrograde in 2029

    • January 7-27 - begins in Aquarius (Air sign) and ends in Capricorn (Earth sign)
    • May 1 to 25 - Taurus (Earth sign)
    • September 2 to 24 - begins in Libra (Air sign) and ends in Virgo (Earth sign)
    • December 21 to January 10, 2030 - Capricorn (Earth sign)

    Mercury Retrograde in 2030

    • Until January 10, 2030 - Capricorn (Earth sign)
    • April 12 to May 6 - begins in Taurus (Earth sign) and ends in Aries (Fire sign)
    • August 15 to September 8 - Virgo (Earth sign)
    • December 5 to 25 - begins in Capricorn (Earth sign) and ends in Sagittarius (Fire sign)

    Mars and Venus Retrograde

    Besides the planet Mercury, also Mars and Venus show this movement. On these dates, the precautions are identical. Stay here with a reference for the next few years:

    Mars Retrograde

    • October 30, 2022, to January 12, 2023 - Gemini (Air sign)
    • December 6, 2024, to February 23, 2025 - begins in Leo (Fire sign) and ends in Cancer (Water sign)

    Venus Retrograde

    • December 19, 2021, to January 29, 2022 - Capricorn (Earth sign)
    • July 22, 2023, to September 23, 2023 - Leo (Fire sign)
    • March 1, 2025, to April 12, 2025 - begins in Aries (Fire sign) and ends in Pisces (Water sign)