Venus in Astrology: Meaning, Signs and Astral Chart

Venus regulates the world of love and desires, lust, artistic expression, and the pleasures of life. It represents one of the most basic drives of humanity: the need to relate.

In Greek mythology, Venus is Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love. Venus regulates the world of love and desires, lust, artistic expression, and the pleasures of life. It represents one of the most basic drives of humanity: the need to relate. This is Venus in Astrology.

“The glyph of Venus is represented by the circle of the spirit that heads the cross of matter, symbolizing union and love.”


Astral characterization

  • Rule / Dignity - Taurus , Libra
  • Day of the Week - Wednesday
  • Color - Blue, pink, white, purple, green, turquoise, pastel shades
  • Detriment / Conflict - Aries
  • Exaltation - Pisces
  • Fall - Virgo
  • Virtue - Love
  • Addiction - Lust
  • Number - VI
  • Obstacles from Past Lives - Inability to love, misuse of sexual attraction
  • Associations - Arts, color, love, social life, the feminine universe, jewelry, adultery, bedding, white wine
  • Keywords - Affinity, love, lust, aesthetics, attraction, female sexuality, beauty, vanity, intimacy, eroticism, sensual, desire, mystery, ambition, jealousy, discretion, relationships, collaboration, self-image, rivalry, satisfaction, greed

Quick Facts of Astronomy about Venus

The planet Venus is second only to the Sun. It is about the size of Earth and is therefore often considered its twin brother. Observed from our planet, Venus is the third brightest celestial body, second only to the Sun and the Moon.

Since its orbit is closer to the Sun than the Earth, it is only possible to observe it a few hours after dark or a few hours before sunrise, as is the case with Mercury. This made it popularly nicknamed “Morning Star” or “Sunset Star.”

The planet Venus takes 224.7 Earth days to go around the Sun. But, since the rotation on its axis is quite slow, it takes 243 Earth days to complete one turn on itself. In other words, it takes longer to complete one revolution on itself than one revolution around the Sun. Venus travels in the opposite direction (east to west) to most of the other planets in the solar system (a peculiarity it shares with the planet Uranus). In Western culture, Venus is associated with love.

Venus in Mythology

In Greek mythology, Venus is Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love, from whose name the word aphrodisiac derives. Venus represents the feminine, the world of women, lust, physical desire, and lustful seduction. In Roman mythology, Aphrodite is Venus.

Daughter of the gods, Venus protected and blessed lovers who lived tragic and impossible loves. Along with Apollo, he represented the ideal of beauty for the ancient Greeks.

Venus in Astrology


Like Mercury, the planet Venus is between the Sun and Earth. It is never more than 48º from the Sun; therefore, in the horoscope, it is positioned in the same sign as the Sun or one of the two previous or next signs.

Venus is synonymous with relationships, encounters, and acceptance. Therefore, in the birth chart, this planet indicates, on the one hand, the potential for affinity and intimacy with others and, on the other hand, the person’s ability to relate to himself.

Venus represents the potential for self-esteem and reminds us that those who do not esteem themselves cannot maintain healthy relationships with others. He who does not love himself cannot receive, give affection, or establish intimacy.

Venus in Astrology - Influence on the Astral Chart

The position of Venus in the birth chart indicates the things that a person appreciates, if they consider themselves worthy of being loved and if they deserve to be happy. Venus symbolizes the need for the person to find themselves through external relationships. This planet also reveals the type of personality with which you feel the most attraction and harmony.

Whether in men or women, the position of Venus in the chart represents sensuality, the ability to give and feel pleasure. It represents the erotic personality, the object of desire, and how it becomes the object of desire. It is the attraction, the physical aspect, the physical attraction, the need to satisfy the most intimate desires.

In a man’s chart, the position of Venus suggests what a woman is attracted to, the qualities she seeks, what turns her on, and what she wants in a relationship. Venus is his ideal image of a woman. Your object of desire. The conquest of your life.

But, in a woman’s birth chart, Venus symbolizes how she presents herself to the world, her body language, what she values in herself, and how she feels as a woman. It expresses the need to feel beautiful and desired.

Venus in Astrology - Emotional Satisfaction, Satisfaction with Life

Venus personifies beauty, pleasure, and simple and light life. In terms of personality, he announces a docile and loving nature, someone peaceful and friendly. Fun and desire, emotional satisfaction, self-acceptance. All of this coexists in the universe of Venus.

Venus in Astrology - Arrangement in the Astral Chart

In the natal chart, positioned in a compatible sign, Venus favors free and easy relationships. An incompatible sign can indicate an apparent coldness or superficial relationships that mask the difficulty of intimacy.

How is Venus Expressed through the Signs?

Venus in Aries

You want attention and praise—erotic, passionate, indulgent, romantic. Venus in Aries falls in love quickly. He is attracted to dominant partners.

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Venus in Taurus

You want sexual satisfaction. Affectionate, passive, faithful, possessive, jealous. Venus in Taurus feels emotionally fulfilled in marriage. He is attracted to sensual partners.

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Venus in Gemini

You want intellectual stimulation—kind, frivolous, emotionally distant. Venus in Gemini falls in love and quickly walks away. He is attracted to intelligent partners.

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Venus in Cancer

You want satisfaction and emotional stability. Sensual, dependent, melancholic, possessive. Venus in Cancer thinks a lot about her romantic options and does not fall in love easily. You are attracted to partners with material possessions.

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Venus in Leo

You want to worship—erotic, sensual, romantic, dramatic, demanding, vain. Venus in Leo falls in love instantly. You are attracted to strong personalities.

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Venus in Virgo

You want perfection—Reserved, sensual, controlled, critical. Venus in Virgo does not fall in love easily. Find the perfect partner.

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Venus in Libra

You want a kind, cordial, consensual, unrealistic, romantic partner. Venus in Libra falls in love quickly. You are attracted to seductive personalities.

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Venus in Scorpio

You want intensity and drama—passionate, dramatic, jealous, erotic, manipulative. Venus in Scorpio is permanently in love. He is attracted to fatal personalities.

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Venus in Sagittarius

You want companionship. Sociable, in love, generous, independent. Venus in Sagittarius falls in love as fast as she falls out of love. You are attracted to communicative and good-natured personalities.

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Venus in Capricorn

You want respect—Reserved, faithful, rational, systematic. Venus in Capricorn gives in more quickly to physical pleasures than to the surrender of the heart to passion. You are attracted to people who offer you social status.

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Venus in Aquarius

You want emotional freedom. Sociable, rational, magnetic, communicative. Venus in Aquarius fights passions at first sight. You are attracted to original people.

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Venus in Pisces

You want a spiritual union. Romantic, seductive, conciliatory, dreamy. Venus in Pisces quickly indulges in the idea of being in love and physical pleasures. He is attracted to an ideal, to the enchanted prince.

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Planets in Astrology

  • The Sun - Identity, Individuality, the Father
  • The Moon - Instincts, subconscious, mother
  • Mercury - Mindset, Communication
  • Venus - Love, Values, Women
  • Mars - Action, Man, Wish
  • Jupiter - Wisdom, Expansion
  • Saturn - Challenge, Moderation
  • Uranus - Originality, Revolution
  • Neptune - Spirituality, Illusion
  • Pluto - Transformation, Underworld
  • Chiron - Integration, Healing
  • North Node - Destination, Future Potential
  • South Node - Deep Experience, Lessons Learned

Each of the planets dominates a specific aspect of our life. Your Sun sign, the Zodiac sign where the Sun was at the time you were born, governs the most intimate area of ​​your Being. However, the remaining planets also help characterize your astrological personality.

For example, suppose Mercury, the planet that governs communication, was in Leo when you were born. In that case, your communication style is likely to be passionate and enthusiastic, characteristics traditionally attributed to this sign.