The Position of the Moon at the Time of Your Birth

The position of the Moon at the time of your birth affects your birth chart. Know the influence of the lunar phases on your astral personality.

The lunar phases have an enduring influence on each one of us and on the planet and are not limited to the moment of our birth. In the case of the New Moon, for example, we have one every 28 days in the heavens, which will affect society in general and each individual astrological chart. How? With a tendency to create new things.

The Position of the Moon at the Time of Your Birth

new Moon

  • Grades: 0 to 45
People born during the New Moon phase and up to 3 and a half days after are intuitive and reactive. They project their feelings outward, sometimes without fully knowing what motivates them. Your relationship with your family can be intense, and it is difficult to break free from their influence. You are constantly immersed in new experiences when you feel the need to put the past behind you. They are idealistic and subjective, and they want to make their mark on the world. On a day-to-day basis, this is the phase in which the Sun and the Moon are practically aligned. The gravitational attraction between the two is so high that the perfect lunar energy is generated to let go of the things we don't want in our life, as well as what hinders progress.

Semi Crescent Moon

  • Grades: 45 to 90
A person born during the phase of the Half Crescent Moon and the three and a half days before the Crescent Moon strives to leave behind the past or situations of dependency. You have confidence in yourself and a remarkable ability to overcome obstacles when you are determined to achieve a goal. You can change something traditional or ancient in your life or in the world. In this moon phase, perseverance is essential, adding more definition to what you want, which requires a firm attitude to follow. It is advisable to delve into the information you need to enrich the project you intend to carry out in this phase. It is also necessary to adapt the project to reality and your resources.

Crescent moon

  • Grades: 90 to 135
A person born during the Crescent Moon phase and for the following three and a half days is aware of the need to elaborate their inner structure to achieve their goals. They generally grow up in crisis situations, as they have a tremendous capacity to cope with obstacles and overcome challenges. The gravitation of the Moon opposes that of the Sun, although they do not cancel each other out. In everyday life, this phase helps growth, but it can also lead to confrontation with problems and unresolved issues. It is time to resolve issues and make decisions, as well as to lay the foundations for projects and continue to preserve what you have started, even if it requires a little more effort. Everything that is generated at this time has a tendency to grow and prosper.

Gibbous Moon

  • Grades: 135 to 180
The ideas started on the New Moon are about to materialize. They have great power and potential. A person born during the phase of the Gibos Moon and in the three and a half days before the Full Moon is more aware of the need to bring projects to fruition. In everyday life, you must be aware of impatience and anxiety. It's the wrong time to give upჴ€”the last moment to start projects. Being a receptive and passive phase of the Moon can aid in achievements. However, it is the phase to analyze, refine and refine. However, it would be best to reflect in order to do thoughtful introspection. You tend to be more generous, so you may run into someone who offers to help or vice versa. The teamwork and synergy define the character of this moon phase support: while you get help, you can also help.

Full Moon

  • Grades: 180 to 225
The person born on a Full Moon, and for the next three and a half days, is objective and thinks before acting. They can learn from the experience and see how their actions affect their relationships. For her, relationships are of great importance. It would be best if you were in contact or close to other people. In everyday life, the full Moon is the high point, as it is when fully illuminated by the Sun. Its energy helps productivity and perception. You can finally realize the goals you want to achieve and have more drive to achieve them since this phase brings harmony and balance to the achievements. It also accentuates all energies and brings out our most original nature. It is the ideal phase to fight for what you want to achieve, declare love to the person who makes your heart sigh, and show the world your inner strength.

Spreading Moon

  • Grades: from 225 to 270
The person born on the Spreading Moon and the three and a half days before the Last Quarter must let things take their course. It is crucial to distance yourself from situations and reflect on what has been achieved. This phase marks a period of integration, of understanding the needs of others, of exchanges: communication, openness, sharing, listening, and learning. It is a moon phase that leads to passivity and receptivity in everyday life, but it also shows results. It is related to communicationexchange, and transformation. The feelings must be shared since the maturation of the projects that we want to finish begins. This is the phase where goals need to be aligned with wellness and strong enough to continue on their own.

Last Quarter Moon

  • Grades: 270 to 315
The person born on the Waning Moon and the following three and a half days needs to confirm their beliefs. They uphold their principles at all costs but may be inflexible or unable to accept criticism. In this phase and everyday life, it is possible to feel restless due to nervous energy. We can lose motivation and run out of energy. Starting a new business at this stage is not recommended. Adjust what you need, change what you think you need to change, and get ready for the new cycle that is coming. To do this, you cannot leave loose ends: resolve all pending issues.

Balsamic Moon

  • Grades: 315 to 360
The person born on the Balsamic Moon and in the three and a half days before the New Moon has to pay more attention to rest and contemplation. The detachment is a tendency of this phase, which also leads to a more excellent perception/disposition towards spiritual life. Sometimes you may feel a sense of lightness, which will prompt you to take a step into a new phase. It is characterized by a predisposition to cleansing and purification, leading to hindsight. It tends to comfort and relief. It has a greater connection to the past/future, bringing hope. Mark the incubation of ideas for the next cycle. During this phase, the Moon approaches the Sun, giving us an idea of its energies. At the same time that we leave behind what does not work, and we readjust, absorbing the experiences of the cycle that ends, we should already be looking ahead, realizing what was good, and setting the objectives for a new period.