Ruling Planets of the Zodiac Signs

    Ten ruling planets govern one or more signs of the Zodiac. Know the influence of each of them on the astral personality of each of the Sun signs.

    Suppose you want to understand the character of your astrological personality better. Each sign has a ruling planet - some of which also have co-ruling planets - that exerts a higher energy charge. In that case, it is essential to know the type of energy that the ruling planets print on each Sign of the Zodiac. Over time, with the discovery of new celestial bodies, Modern Astrology has added new planets to the astrological system. Thus, ten ruling planets govern one or more Signs. It is also important to mention that the Sun and the Moon are considered planets or luminaries in Astrology.

    The Ruling Planets of the Astrological Signs and Houses

    The zodiac wheel is made up of twelve signs. In Modern Astrology, each of them, like the Astrological Houses, has a ruling planet and, in some cases, a corresponding planet, so that:
    • Aries - Mars
    • Taurus - Venus
    • Gemini - Mercury
    • Cancer - Moon
    • Leo - Sun
    • Virgo - Mercury
    • Libra - Venus
    • Scorpio - Mars (ruler), Pluto (co-ruler)
    • Sagittarius - Jupiter
    • Capricorn - Saturn
    • Aquarius - Saturn (ruler), Uranus (co-ruler)
    • Pisces - Neptune (ruler), Jupiter (co-ruler)
    That motivation and effort. In Astrology, the planets, a word derived from the Greek planets, which means "traveler," represent motivation. The signs of the Zodiac show how the person directs or uses that motivation. In contrast, the Astrological Houses show in which sphere of life they will manifest. Between the planets, some Aspects indicate the relationships between the different areas of life (that is, between the Houses), the energies between the planets, and the energies between the signs.

    Ruling Planets Sign by Sign

    Each of the planets has specific characteristics that vary according to the Zodiac sign they were in at the time of the person's birth or the sign they will be within the near future. These characteristics and the indications associated with them are also modified according to the Astrological Houses in which the planet is or was located at the time of the person's birth. This type of analysis - of the sun sign, the ruling planets, and the Houses- allows more personalized and detailed astrological forecasts to be made on each star map.


    The planet Mars rules the sign of Aries and House 1. This House is strongly linked to the "I" and represents how a person shows his personality to the rest of the world. Aries has an entrepreneurial personality, and he likes to be in control. You can become stubborn or stubborn. Mars, your ruling planet, gives this sign its active, energetic, and healthy characterTenacitydirectness, and a bad temper are other characteristics that Mars attributes to Aries.


    The planet Venus rules the sign Taurus and the 2nd House. This is linked to possessions, including money, material goods, property, and even the prospect of accumulating or earning more wealth and material goods. Taurus has a persistent and practical personality. He can be stubborn and an evil enemy. Venus conveys harmonyfriendship, and love to Taurus. Highly sensitive, this native values attraction and sexual pleasures. Under its influence, Taurus loves everything beautifulelegant, and sophisticated. He also does everything possible to preserve balance and peace around him.


    The planet Mercury rules the sign Gemini and the 3rd House. This House covers issues related to communication and the person's relationship with the environment that surrounds him. Geminis have a versatile and communicative personality. You can become lazy and inconsistent in your ideas and actions. Mercury, the planet associated with the messengers of the ancient classical gods, makes Gemini one of the most communicative signs of the Zodiac. Agile and cunning mind, the natives of this sign wisely use their intelligence and humor to achieve their goals and seduce.


    The Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer. Although the 4th House is associated with the Cancer sign, it is traditionally ruled by Mars. The Moon represents the habits and actions learned and performed unconsciously, in addition to the unconscious emotional behaviors. Cancer is imaginative and cunning. He likes to be at home and can be shy. The Moon represents the reaction to life: the states of the spirit and emotions. Intuitionaffectiondedication to family and friends are some of the characteristics that this planet imprints on Cancer. But the Moon can also accentuate the opposing side and impulsiveness of those born under its energetic influence.


    The Sun rules the sign Leo and the 5th House. This is considered the House of "fun." It is related to all kinds of leisure activities that allow the person to express their personality and be happy. The Sun represents the conscious ego, authority, and life energy. Leo personifies the Sun: he has a powerful, dominant, and bright personality. You can become thirsty for attention. It represents the way of being of the person and the way in which it manifests its individuality in the face of the challenges and objectives of life. It shows drivecreativitymotivationself-confidencecourage, and determination.


    Mercury exerts its influence on the Virgo sign and the 6th House among the ruling planets. This Astrological House is related to the role of the person in society and, in particular, with professional relationships. Another area covered by this House is personal health. Virgo has a modest and attentive personality. May become fussy or nosy. Mercury in Virgo accentuates your communicationcommitment, and negotiation skills. The energy of Mercury reinforces the mental agility and analytical capacity of this native.


    Libra's ruling planet is Venus, which also rules the 7th House. This House regulates meaningful relationships that require cooperation, such as romantic or business relationships. Libra is laid back and diplomatic. You may lack confidence and become indecisive. Venus brings beauty and harmony to the Libra personality. The will to express themselves can lead the person to value the material side of life, power, physical appearance, and the possession of material goods can be seen as a reflection of their success. scorpio


    In Modern Astrology, the Scorpio sign has the planet Pluto as its ruler and Mars as its co-ruler. These are also the ruling planets of the 8th House. This House governs the area of sharing, particularly material goods. It also includes sexual relationships, feelings, and life cycles, such as birth and death. Scorpio is passionate and determined. You can also have a jealous or melancholic personality. Pluto represents change, the unknown, and the unconscious. Scorpios have an individualistic personality who takes responsibility for their choices. In Traditional Astrology, Mars was the ruling planet of this sign representing its motivation for actioninitiative, and passion.


    The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter, which also dominates the 9th House. This includes the expansion of horizons, such as physical travel or communication between distant places, and mental and spiritual expansion. Sagittarius is optimistic and enthusiastic. It can be restless and flamboyant. Jupiter, the most giant planet in the solar system, symbolizes qualities such as expansionimprovementanimationoptimism, and a certain tolerance. This planet gives the Sagittarius personality its mature and generous character and the defense of morals and conservationism.


    Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, who also dominates the 10th House. This Astrological House is associated with status, career, and individual goals. The ego is at the center of everything and how goals and ambitions are or are not achieved. Capricorn is practicalserious, and hardworking. It can also be reserved and selfish. Saturn gives the Capricorn personality its responsible character and aptitude. However, it is also a planet b, with a certain lack of humor, happiness, and incapable of any genuine emotion. Caution, control, patience are some of the characteristics of the energy of this planet.


    In Modern Astrology, the Aquarius sign is under the energy of two planets: Uranus as the ruling planet and Saturn as the coregent planet. These are also the ruling planets of the 11th House. This is related to friendships, group activities, hobbies, and hobbies. Aquarius is an idealist who loves independence. You can become a rebel and have a quirky personality. Uranus represents change, freedom, and originality. The influence of this planet makes the native Aquarius a humanist who defends the common good, with a certain tendency to unexpected behaviors and mysticism. In Classical Astrology, Aquarius was under the influence of Saturn. This can accentuate the individualism of the personality of this sign, making it an eternally dissatisfied and critical person.


    In Modern Astrology, the planet Neptune rules Pisces, and Jupiter is present as a coregent planet. These are also the ruling planets of the 12th House. This is related to loneliness, the most intimate feelings, such as their concerns, doubts, and psychological suffering. Pisces is kind and emotional. He can be impractical and shy. Traditionally, Jupiter ruled Pisces. Neptune was only discovered later, thanks to the invention of the telescope and associated with this sign by Modern Astrology. Neptune is the mystical planet representing intuition, the inner worldimagination, and spirituality. This planet brings emotion to Pisces but also the tendency to chaos and self-destructive vices. Jupiter reinforces Pisces optimism and the will to improve, particularly emotionally and spiritually.