Sign Personality: Understand How It Has Been Defined

    Indeed, you have read many texts that describe the qualities of the signs of the Zodiac. However, do you know how the personality characteristics of the signs were defined? Why is Aries, the sign of the Fire element, associated with qualities such as the creation of the pioneering spirit, among others? We will talk about this topic in this set of articles.

    How Were the Astrological Characteristics of the Signs Defined?

    At the beginning of Astrology, many millennia ago, the observation of natural events and the cycles of nature marked and served as an explanation of many important events in daily life. On the other hand, it was also in them that we looked for the reason for various situations in an attempt to understand the meaning of life and the place that each of us occupies in the world. The astrological system's basis consists of defining the particularities of each of the cosmic elements and the person, the center of the study of astrology. In this way, astrologers observed natural phenomena and, from there, created concepts and models that are still used today in Astrology. Each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac reflects the natural "rules" considering various aspects: the Primordial Qualities, the basis of everything, the Elements, the Modes, the Polarities, and the Planets. Although sure signs share specific attributes with each other, this does not mean that they manifest their energies in the same way. Each sign makes different use of the same element, giving it "a personal stamp." In the same way, two brothers, born in the same family and raised with the same value system, develop their own personalities. Thus, each sign has unique characteristics that distinguish it from the others. However, personality development is not static and is influenced by various quadrants throughout life. It is shaped as it matures and integrates new experiences and learning. In this way, for Astrology, the description of the signs represents a starting point for the individual analysis of each one of us. This analysis is only possible through the birth chart. This astrological instrument allows us to study the positioning of the stars at the exact moment of our birth. It is our astral identity card. The way in which the planets, signs, Aspects, and Ascendants are placed in the Houses (main elements considered in the analysis of the birth chart, although each astrologer can integrate others) at the moment of our birth allows us to draw a unique image of the heaven and, from there, study how these elements influence and manifest themselves in our astral personality.

    So how was the personality of the signs defined?

    The astrological characteristics of the signs of the Zodiac were defined based on the study of the attributes of various elements present in nature. These elements are considered to create and sustain life and everything that exists in heaven and on Earth:
    1. Primordial Qualities
    • Hot and cold
    • Dry and Wet
    1. Elements
    • Fire
    • Land
    • Water
    • Air
    1. Qualities
    • Cardinal
    • Permanent
    • Mutable
    1. Planets
    The energies and attributes of these different elements are related and interact with each other dynamically and continuously. As in nature, the personality of each one of us is the set of pieces that, acting as a whole, give a unique identity (in Astrology, this identity gives rise to the astrological personality). From the different conjugations between the various cosmic elements and the resulting types of relationships, the 12 astrological profiles that characterize each sun sign were born.

    Origin of the Personality of the Signs

    Discover how each Element of Astrology contributes to the definition of the personality of the signs.