The Modes in the Personality of the Signs

    Know the Modes (also called Modalities or Quadruplicities), their attributes, and the qualities they transmit to each sign.

    The definition of the personality of the signs of the Zodiac was carried out by traditional Astrology based on certain assumptions. In addition to the primitive and elemental qualities, another group of characteristics is considered, also categorized from observing nature. They are the Modes (also called Modalities or Quadruplicities). In this article, you will learn about their attributes and the qualities that they transmit to each of the signs of the Zodiac.

    Modes and Personality of Signs

    Each of the four Elements (Fire, Earth, Air, and Water) comprises a Cardinal sign, a Fixed sign, and a Mutable sign. There are two positive Cardinal signs, Fixed and Mutable, and two negatives of each type. This organization guides the flow of elemental Energy and the Energy of the planets positioned in a given sign. Thus, it is possible to check whether it will move directly or spontaneously, encounter obstacles, and be able to adapt or resist changes. The Modes are:
    • Cardinal (or Cardinal) - Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn
    • Fixed - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius
    • Mutable - Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

    How are Modes Manifested in the Energy and Personality of the Signs?

    Although each sign has its characteristics, there are common characteristics between the signs that belong to the same group of primitive qualities, elements, and modesჴ€”these influence how a person interacts with the environment. Therefore, signs that share the same elements tend to view life similarly.

    Cardinal Mode

    Cardinal Signs - correspond to the signs that start the seasons: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. It is from the cardinal signs that the quadrants of the signs begin.
    • Cardinal Energy - energy that flows online challenges.
    • Cardinal Personality - need to initiate changes to make everything work. They are the Zodiac's most active, proactive, and enterprising signs. Natural leaders lead other signs to act.

    Fixed Mode

    Fixed Signs - correspond to the signs that fall in the middle of the seasons - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius.
    • Fixed Energy - stagnation and resistance to change.
    • Fixed Personality - These signs are resistant to change, preferring a rigid routine and a regulated and stable lifestyle. The fixed personality wants everything to stay the same, nothing to change, ever. Although it is a Fire sign, the fixed signs are conservative as with Leo. They do not like to start anything. They need consistency and a feeling of control.

    Mutable mode

    Mutable signs - correspond to the signs that coincide with the end of the seasons: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces.
    • Mutable Energy - Energy that "goes with the flow."
    • Mutable Personality - These signs value versatility, mutability and adapt quickly and easily to the environment's needs. Their personalities are versatile and flexible. They love news and changes. They have difficulty maintaining a routine, and boredom sets in quickly when things get too quiet.

    The Modes and Drivers of Human Activity

    The modes now join the Primitive Qualities and the Elements (Fire, Earth, Air, and Water), contributing their characteristics to the definition of the astrological personality of the signs. To understand how the four Elements are combined with the Modes, it is essential to remember that:
    • Fire gives dynamism and will.
    • Earth brings the Energy of realization.
    • Air defines intelligence and the mode of communication.
    • Water is the sensible physical universe.

    Cardinal Mode - Signs Moved by Passion

    Aries - Libra Axis/Cancer - Capricorn Axis

    • Aries - has a passion for action and spontaneity of will. It embodies the vital impulse.
    • Libra - has a passion for justice and spontaneity of feelings. Embody the right environment.
    • Cancer - has the passion for memory and the spontaneity of the imagination. It embodies the force of inertia.
    • Capricorn - has a passion for depth and spontaneity of reflection. Embodied resistance.

    Fixed Mode - Signs Moved by Action

    Taurus Axis - Scorpio/Leo Axis - Aquarius

    • Taurus - has the action of building. It is the hand of the worker or the craftsman. It is at the service of life (pleasure).
    • Scorpio - acts to destroy, to rebuild in another way. It is the hand of the executioner or the doctor. It is at the service of death (pain).
    • Leo - a queen in action. The wand extends his hand; His strength lies in authority and decision.
    • Aquarius - has the action of governing through a democratic way. It is the union of hands. Its strength lies in knowledge and responsibility.

    Mutable Mode - Signs Moved by the Set

    Gemini Axis - Sagittarius/Virgo Axis - Pisces

    • Gemini - establishes your relationship between what is far and what is near - leaves there to return here. It is opportunistic.
    • Sagittarius - establishes your relationship between what is near and what is far - leave here to go there. It is idealistic.
    • Virgo - establish your relationship between the next and the next - stays here. It is realistic.
    • Pisces - establish your relationship within the distance, stay there. It is not realistic.
    The personality of the signs in this group is particularly unpredictable because none of them are fixed. Its mutability is full of movement and exchange. They are "double" personalities who continually play with each other, abstain in favor of the other and appropriate their characteristics. Thus, Gemini can become an idealistic and opportunistic Sagittarius; Virgo can become unrealistic and Pisces realistic.

    Origin of the Personality of the Signs

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