The Primordial Qualities in Astrology

    Assuming that there is a cosmic force that gives life to the material world and that sustains all living beings, we are faced with the concept of "vital energy." In Astrology, this type of energy initially manifests through Primordial Qualities (also known as Primary Qualities or Primitive Qualities). These are present in Nature and matter, subtly regulating cosmic energy.

    The Vital Energy Concept

    The concept of vital energy (" Chi energy " in Chinese Astrology or " prana " in India) is deeply rooted in the laws of Nature and the principles of creation and life. Vital energy circulates in the human body through meridians (a network of energy channels), just as blood flows through veins. Vital energy is the basis for the balance of body, mind, and spirit. Therefore, everything we need for our vitality and longevity is transmitted to us by this cosmic force. In Astrology, all energies are necessary for a balanced flow of energy. The energy field of action is not hermetic, and the different types of energy interact with each other and complement each other. Similarly, the concept of negative polarity (or Yin in Chinese Astrology ) is not a value judgment, but an indication that the personality of these signs is introverted and receptive (in contrast to the signs of positive polarity: Yang, in Chinese Astrology, they are outgoing and expressive).

    Primordial Qualities - the Principle of the Expression of Everything

    In Astrology, the vital energy initially manifests through the Primordial Qualities. These are present in Nature and in the matter, subtly regulating cosmic energy. All forms of life are expressed through the Primitive Qualities, and they are also the pieces that constitute the elements, the signs, and the planets; that is, they are the basic foundation of Astrology. Each of these axes represents opposite attributes. They are:
    • Hot and cold
    • Dry and Wet
    Being that:
    • Hot - action, movement, impulsiveness
    • Cold - receptivity, passivity, melancholy, observation
    • Dry - permanence, stagnation, crystallization, concentration
    • Wet - flexibility, volatility, malleability

    Characteristics of Primitive Qualities

    Systematizing, these are the characteristics of the Primitive Qualities:

    1. Hot and Cold Axis

    1.1. Hot

    • Scope - what is moving, what is dynamic, what promotes change, action, impulsiveness, the desire to influence
    • Symbolism - represents the positive qualities (understood here as more outgoing, expansive, enthusiastic, expressive, and communicative behaviors), such as optimism, vigor, intelligence, authority, and creativity, but also aggressiveness, assertiveness, exaggeration.
    • Planets - Sun (vital energy, heat - maximum exponent of this Quality), Mars (action), and Jupiter (expansion)
    • Phases of the Moon - Crescent Moon and New Moon
    • Temperament - Choleric and Bloodthirsty
    • Polarity - Male
    • Elements - Fire and Air
    • Signs - Aries, Leo , Sagittarius / Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius
    • Seasons - spring and summer

    1.2 Cold

    • Scope - what is motionless, what is passive, what is stagnant or stopped, the drive for conservation, continuity, what seeks security
    • Symbolism - represents negative qualities (understood here as more introverted, internalized, deep, intimate, and calm behaviors), such as pessimism, prudence, patience, procrastination, resistance, modesty, sobriety.
    • Planets - Saturn (maximum exponent of this Quality), Moon, Mercury, and Venus
    • Phases of the Moon - Full Moon and Waning Moon
    • Temperament - Phlegmatic and Melancholic
    • Polarity - Female
    • Elements - Earth and Water
    • Signs - Taurus, Virgo , Capricorn / Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces
    • Seasons - autumn and winter

    2. Dry and Wet Axis

    2.1 Dry

    • Reach - what offers resistance, what is hard, what hurts, anguish, grief, suffering, what is apparent, what is hidden
    • Symbolism - imposition and resistance
    • Planets - Mars (tension, impulse - maximum exponent of this Quality), Mercury and Saturn (rigidity, pain, stubbornness), Sun (energy)
    • Phases of the Moon - Crescent Moon and Full Moon
    • Temperament - Choleric and Melancholic
    • Polarity - both Male and Female
    • Elements - Fire and Earth
    • Signs - Aries, Leo , Sagittarius / Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn
    • Seasons - summer and autumn

    2.2 Moist

    • Scope - what does not offer resistance, adaptation, passivity, plasticity, volatility
    • Symbolism - everything that is soft, squishy, the emotions, that which is pleasant, that which is invisible, that which is difficult to see and touch, but which can be felt
    • Planets - Moon (maximum exponent of this Quality), Venus, and Jupiter
    • Phases of the Moon - New Moon and Waning Moon
    • Temperament - Phlegmatic and Sanguineous
    • Polarity - both Male and Female
    • Elements - Air and Water
    • Signs - Gemini, Libra , Aquarius / Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces
    • Seasons - winter and spring

    Primordial Qualities and Basic Characteristics two Signs

    It is these Primordial Qualities of matter that shape the essential characteristics of signs. The "Hot and Cold" axis was assigned to the signs in alternate order, while the "Dry and Wet" axis followed another criterion. From the resulting classification, the four Elements (or Triplicities) emerged: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. What is the reason for this differentiation? For the answer, go to the article Elements in Defining the Personality of Signs.

    Origin of the Personality of the Signs

    Discover how each Element of Astrology contributes to the definition of the personality of the signs.