The Rooster Sign in Chinese Astrology: Dates and Personality

    The Rooster is one of the animals of the 12-year cycle of the Zodiac of Chinese Astrology. Know the dates, personality characteristics, and how they are related to other Chinese Signs.

    This is the 10th sign of the Zodiac in Chinese Astrology. Roosters like to show off, and the natives of the Rooster sign are no different. They are independent people, good communicators, and can be fun. However, they are very concerned about themselves, and most of their stories are about themselves. The Chinese Zodiac is made up of 12 animals that are organized in the following order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. The Chinese calendar follows the cycles of the Moon and, on the first day of the Chinese New Year, one of the 12 animals takes its place for that year.

    Characteristics of the Rooster Sign

    • Symbol - ?›?
    • Element - Metal
    • Ruling Planet - Venus
    • Hours - 17h-19h (time associated with nightfall, when the Sun begins to set on the horizon)
    • Month - September
    • Season - Autumn
    • Color - White is associated with fall and maturity and linked to purity, freshness, and cleanliness. In China, this color is used in dueling, but it also means luck, especially white birds; they are a symbol of good luck.
    • Orientation - Southwest
    • Yin / Yang Polarity - Yin is an element that tends to express introverted, internalized, deep, intimate, and calm behaviors.
    • Attributes - Protective, honest, exuberant, fun, sensitive, friendly, sociable, elegant, well-groomed, talkative, compassionate, wise, exhibitionist, courageous, direct, inattentive, lively, charming, independent, responsible, persevering, sensitive, creative, with a tendency to spend
    • Lucky Days - 4th and 26th of any Chinese lunar month
    • Lucky Months - 2nd, 5th, and 11th Chinese lunar months
    • Lucky Numbers - 5, 7, and 8 and the numbers that contain them (such as 57, 77, 87)
    • Wrong Luck Numbers - 1, 3 and 9
    • Greater Affinity - Ox, Tiger, Dragon, Snake, Pig
    • Lower Affinity - Rat, Rabbit, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog
    • Corresponding Western Sign - Virgo

    The Rooster Sign in Mythology

    There are several legends and stories about the animals chosen to make up the Chinese astrological system. One of these legends refers to the intention of the Jade Emperor to know the animals that inhabited the Earth. He decided that some of them should be brought before him. To facilitate the selection, the Emperor defined two criteria: they would have to be valuable animals for Man or be one of the first to arrive at the Celestial Palace on the day of the election of the animals. At the beginning of time, the Rooster was an aggressive and violent animal. When the Emperor was choosing animal signs, the Rooster was not considered a candidate. Annoyed, he asked Caballo how he had been chosen. The Horse replied that the Man had suggested that he pay for his services by plowing the Land and fighting the war. The Rooster confessed that he, too, would like to be a sign. The Horse replied that it was simple: it was enough to prove its usefulness to humans. "Everyone else does - the Ox plows the Earth, the Pig supplies the meat, the Dragon controls the rain. You have a wonderful voice; why don't you use it?" The Rooster thought about his friend's words and made a decision. He started using his voice to wake people up in the morning to avoid being late for work. Touched, the people asked the Jade Emperor to consider the Rooster in the competition. Although flying animals were forbidden to participate in the selection, the Emperor made an exception. During the great race, the Dog and the Rooster advanced side by side until, as they approached the finish line, the Rooster flew to arrive before the Dog and win the place of the tenth sign.

    Rooster Sign Dates

    The Chinese Zodiac is associated with the way that traditional Chinese culture measures time, that is, in 60-year cycles. This calendar results from the multiplication of the twelve animals and the five elements. This cycle is critical and makes each of the 60 years a special and unique period. Each animal rotates for a given year in a continuous 12-year cycle that begins with the Rat and ends with the Pig. On the first day of the Chinese New Year, one of the 12 animals takes its place for that year. In addition to defining the people born during that year, the animal also influences the attributes of the year, which affects us all. The years governed by the sign of the Rooster are the following:
    • January 26, 1933, to February 13, 1934 - Water Rooster
    • February 13, 1945, to February 1, 1946 - Wood Rooster
    • January 31, 1957, to February 17, 1958 - Fire Rooster
    • February 17, 1969, to February 5, 1970 - Earth Rooster
    • February 5, 1981, to January 24, 1982 - Metal Rooster
    • January 23, 1993, to February 9, 1994 - Gallo de Agua
    • February 9, 2005, to January 28, 2006 - Rooster of Wood
    • January 28, 2017, to February 15, 2018 - Fire Rooster
    • February 13, 2029, to February 2, 2030 - Earth Rooster

    Rooster Native Personality

    PROTECTIVE AND HONEST The Rooster is the 10th sign of the Chinese Zodiac and is associated with Yin qualities, such as peace and reflection. This native likes to be the center of attention, and the friendly way he receives conquers people. He has a solid and independent spirit and hardly accepts advice. He is frank and direct when asked for his opinion and when expressing his ideas. The native of the Rooster sign, he has an enormous capacity for adaptation. He reacts quickly to changes that occur in his environment. He knows how to be friendly and charming and, therefore, he is able to convince people of his causes, with some ease. This native pays close attention to his appearance and likes what he chooses to wear. Either way, he doesn't leave the house. Everything has to be impeccable and in the right place. People of this sign hate confrontations and conflicts of any kind. He trusts his judgment and prefers to go his own way, assuming all the consequences of his choices. He is a direct person who speaks bluntly and expresses his opinion; it hurts whoever hurts. Some people do not well accept this attitude, but that does not make the Rooster measure his words either. As long as you are convinced of your opinion, there is no way to change it. You tend to hide your true feelings and mood with a communicative appearance and lively conversation.

    Love and Relationships

    Roosters are very demanding in a relationship, but they give little in return, which can complicate everyday life. In love, the native of the Rooster sign is a conqueror and a charming company. His independent nature makes it difficult for him to commit when forced to give up his freedom. For the Rooster, love is serious business. You expect it to be for life when you finally choose a partner. She manages to be a charming company. Thanks to her intense social life, there will be plenty of opportunities to put her seduction skills to work. He is an intense and passionate lover and has infinite sexual energy but little imagination. He appreciates the moment of conquest and loves to be in love. He does not like to be trapped. You always need your space and freedom to feel really happy and fulfilled in love.
    • Signs most compatible with the Rooster - Ox, Tiger, Dragon, Snake, Pig
    • Signs less compatible with the Rooster - Rat, Rabbit, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog

    Rooster Sign Compatibilities

    The Chinese astrology understood that certain combinations of animals in the Zodiac work better than others. Some signs are naturally antagonistic and, therefore, have a discordant relationship. The compatibility between the animals of the Chinese horoscope considers the characteristics of each of the animalsჴ€”those whose characteristics match each other well and tend to have good compatibility. The opposite is equally valid.

    The Sign of the Rooster and the Race

    The native Gallo thinks clearly and logically but does not like to face quick decisions or take on tasks he does not feel adequately prepared for. It would be best if you had time to think and structure your ideas. When the organization of your work depends on or is the responsibility of other people, it can be highly critical. It would help if you were independent and had an opinion about your work and how it can or should be done. The native of the Rooster sign has a certain tendency to spend their money carelessly. If this is the case for you, try to manage your finances with the same rigor as at work. Top Careers: Engineer, Esthetician, Surgeon, Business Director, Barber, Public Relations, Newscaster, Commercial, Restaurant Owner, Farmer, Athlete, Teacher, Journalist, Travel Writer, Dentist, Surgeon, Soldier, Firefighter, Guard, Security, police.

    The Sign of the Rooster and Health

    In general, the natives of this sign are healthy. As you are very direct and independent, this can cause some inconvenience in your social relationships or at work. It is vital that you get plenty of rest, watch your diet, and follow a regular exercise plan. His good humor and sociability help him have a happy life.

    The Five Types of Rooster

    In the Chinese Astrological system, each sign of the Zodiac is associated with one of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. The characteristics of a person's personality are influenced by various influences, including the sign and element of the year of birth. For example, a Wood Rooster appears once in the 60-year cycle. Thus, there are five types of Roosters, each with its own characteristics:

    Wood Rooster

    Characterization - Sustainability, Creativity, Growth The outgoing Rooster Wood can be very creative. You are also given to living life to excess and can overdo your efforts.

    Fire Rooster

    Characterization - Passion, Intelligence, Movement This native is dramatic and exuberant and has everything to succeed without slowing down his aggressive streak. He has an unusual ability to predict the future. He makes his plans accordingly, which can make him a bit reckless as he blindly trusts his intuition.

    Earth Rooster

    Characterization - Balance, Reliability, Consolidation The native of the Earth Rooster sign is a bit brusque and saves in words. Very determined, you may not be appreciated for your opinions, which, for some, maybe too frank. You take your responsibilities seriously and can be very ambitious in your personal and professional goals.

    Metal Rooster

    Characterization - Utility, Strength, Reliability This Rooster sets very high standards of behavior and performance for himself and others. He has no patience for nonsense, nor does he like to waste time on uninteresting questions. When people don't live up to their limits, they become disillusioned.

    Water Rooster

    Characterization - Communication, Sensitivity, Intuition This is one of the few types of Rooster that can work in a group. It is the calmest and most silent type of Rooster.

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