The Serpent Sign in the Horoscope and Chinese Astrology: Dates and Personality

    The Serpent is one of the animals of the 12-year cycle of the Zodiac of Chinese Astrology. Know the dates, personality characteristics, and how they are related to other Chinese Signs.

    The Snake sign is in sixth place in the Chinese horoscope. He is a romantic and likes the attention and affection that a relationship brings. Still, he does not like to feel trapped or controlled at every turn. When you believe in an idea or project, you apply all your creative energy to its realization. The Chinese Zodiac is made up of 12 animals that are organized in the following order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. The Chinese calendar follows the cycles of the Moon and, on the first day of the Chinese New Year, one of the 12 animals takes its place for that year.

    Characteristics of the Serpent Sign

    • Symbol - ?›‡
    • Element - Fire
    • Ruling Planet - Mars
    • Hours - 09h-11h (late morning, when the Sun is already high in the sky)
    • Month - May
    • Season - Summer
    • Color - Red is associated with luck, happiness, strength, business success, and family prosperity. It is a popular color in Chinese New Year when vows are written on red paper and posted on doors or gates.
    • Orientation - Southeast
    • Yin / Yang Polarity - Yin, an element that tends to express introverted, internalized, deep, intimate, and calm behaviors
    • Attributes - Dedicated, active, seductive, enigmatic, mystical, thoughtful, persistent, energetic, mysterious, sophisticated, practical, wise, organized, calm, reserved, romantic, seductive, protective, attentive, fun, independent, responsible, logical, patient, persistent, individualistic.
    • Lucky Days - 1st and 23rd Chinese lunar months
    • Lucky Months - 1st, 8th, and 11th lunar months
    • Lucky Numbers - 2, 8, 9 and numbers that contain them (like 28 and 89)
    • Wrong Luck Numbers - 1, 6 and 7
    • Greater Affinity - Ox, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Rooster
    • Lower Affinity - Rat, Tiger, Goat, Monkey, Dog, Pig
    • Corresponding Western Sign - Taurus

    The Serpent Sign in Mythology

    There are several legends and stories about the animals chosen to make up the Chinese astrological system. One of these legends refers to the intention of the Jade Emperor to know the animals that inhabited the Earth. He decided that some of them should be brought before him. To facilitate the selection, the Emperor defined two criteria: they would have to be valuable animals for Man or be one of the first to arrive at the Celestial Palace on the day of the election of the animals. Long ago, the Snake and the frog were great friends. The Snake had four legs at that time, and the frog had none. The Snake was lazy and trusted the frog to catch its insects. Therefore, humans saw utility in the frog but distrusted the Snake. Irritated and disgusted by his fame among the people, the Snake began to attack them and their animals. Worried, the Jade Emperor called her into his presence and warned her about her bad behavior. However, the Snake insisted on the attack. They removed all four legs and offered them to the frog as punishment. Ashamed of her behavior, the Snake changed her attitude and began to help the men in an attempt to redeem herself from her previous mistakes. Impressed, the Jade Emperor gave the Serpent a place among the animal signs, right after the Dragon. He helped Dragon to control the rains and donated his body so that, after death, it could be used for the production of medicines.

    Dates of the Sign of the Serpent

    The Chinese Zodiac is associated with the way that traditional Chinese culture measures time, that is, in 60-year cycles. This calendar results from the multiplication of the twelve animals and the five elements. This cycle is significant and makes each of the 60 years a special and unique period. Each animal rotates for a given year in a continuous 12-year cycle that begins with the Rat and ends with the Pig. On the first day of the Chinese New Year, one of the 12 animals takes its place for that year. In addition to defining the people born during that year, the animal also influences the attributes of the year, which affects us all. The years governed by the sign of the Serpent are the following:
    • January 23, 1917, to February 10, 1918 - Fire Serpent
    • February 10, 1929, to January 29, 1930 - Earth Serpent
    • January 27, 1941, to February 14, 1942 - Metal Snake
    • February 14, 1953, to February 2, 1954 - Water Snake
    • February 2, 1965, to January 20, 1966 - Wood Snake
    • February 18, 1977, to February 6, 1978 - Fire Serpent
    • February 6, 1989, to January 26, 1990 - Earth Serpent
    • January 24, 2001, to February 11, 2002 - Metal Snake
    • February 10, 2013, to January 30, 2014 - Water Snake
    • January 29, 2025, to February 16, 2026 - Wood Snake

    Snake Native Personality

    MYSTERIOUS AND SOPHISTICATED The Snake is the sixth sign of the Chinese Zodiac and is associated with strength, prosperity, relaxation, and intuition. The personality of this native is determined and active. He knows how to think well in situations and is attentive to new possibilities. See opportunities where others see problems and difficulties. His curious spirit leads him to question everything and develop multiple interests. However, he does not indulge in useless conversations that quickly disinterested him. You work hard on the tasks you believe in and rarely waste time and energy on minor problems. Energetic and determined, the native of the Snake sign highly values their freedom and autonomy. Faced with a dilemma, he is calm and reserved. He observes the situations and then calmly withdraws to do his analysis. This attitude allows you to have a clear vision and express your opinion when you have a well-formed idea. You know how to slow down and relax, and you like to set your own activity schedule. Despite all this reassurance, the Snake can retaliate harshly when someone takes advantage of his trust or hurts someone close and dear.

    Love and Relationships

    In love, the native of the Snake sign is a seducer, and when he falls in love, he spares no effort to conquer his beloved. They are a fun and romantic couple. He likes the attention and affection that a romantic relationship gives him. Still, he does not like to feel trapped or control his steps. To work, the relationship must be based on mutual trust. That is why, when involved, the native of the Snake sign is loving, dedicated, and caring and does everything possible to keep the relationship alive. At home, seek to build a warm and relaxed environment.
    • Signs most compatible with Snake - Ox, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Rooster
    • Signs less compatible with Snake - Rat, Tiger, Goat, Monkey, Dog, Pig.

    Snake Sign Compatibilities

    The Chinese astrology understood that certain combinations of animals in the Zodiac work better than others. Some signs are naturally antagonistic and, therefore, have a discordant relationship. The compatibility between the animals of the Chinese horoscope considers the characteristics of each of the animalsჴ€”those whose characteristics match each other well and tend to have good compatibility. The opposite is equally valid.

    The Serpent Sign and the Race

    The native of the Snake sign has the ability to understand situations and analyze them later, peacefully. You like being independent, working on your own, or in a position where you have the power to decide and the flexibility to define business rules and make your own work hours. On the other hand, this gives you the freedom you need to manage your life and do things your way, which is very important. Brave and determined, this native can detect potential problems and react almost instantly. After reaching your goals or completing a specific task, you need to collect yourself and organize your ideas. After relaxing, you prepare to accept new challenges. The best careers: scientist, analyst, public relations, politician, lawyer, attorney, businessman, manager, psychologist, archaeologist, researcher, painter, potter, jeweler, astrologer, magician, nutritionist, sociologist.

    The Serpent Sign and Health

    The native of the Snake sign prefers a quiet life and does not like confusing and noisy environments. When your life is not peaceful, you suffer from anxiety and stress. Therefore, they benefit from a job where they can follow a plan, rather than a career where the unexpected and pressure are part of their daily life. The Snake needs time to recover, rest and recharge. Older people of this sign need more care to ensure they live calmly and without stress.

    The Five Types of Snake

    In the Chinese Astrological system, each sign of the Zodiac is associated with one of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. The characteristics of a person's personality are influenced by various influences, including the sign and element of the year of birth. For example, a Wood Snake appears once in the 60-year cycle. Therefore, there are five types of Snakes, each with its own characteristics:

    Wood Snake

    Characterization - Sustainability, Creativity, Growth Imaginative and creative, the Wood Serpent has a writer's streak. Has a keen sense of beauty and refinement.

    Fire snake

    Characterization - Passion, Intelligence, Movement This Snake has a dynamic and energetic personality. He never seems to be tired. He has a clear and realistic view of reality and can perform very well in a public career.

    Earth snake

    Characterization - Balance, Reliability, Consolidation This Snake is friendly and harmonious. He has a great devotion to culture and tradition. It is the festive type, with charm, grace, and sophistication. He is very distracted and forgetful.

    Metal Snake

    Characterization - Utility, Strength, Reliability This type of Snake is a perfectionist. The rigor and quality of the work carried out are essential to make you feel accomplished. Honest and moralistic and can become a fanatic.

    Water Snake

    Characterization - Communication, Sensitivity, Intuition Honest and upright, the native of the Water Serpent sign has an above-average sense of honor and justice. Her ability to analyze various points of view and find the best solution for all makes her a wise advisor.

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