Signs that Less Repent

    There are signs more likely to regret what they say and do, yet others do not even think about it. They drop the bomb, and that's it. Sometimes it isn't easy, especially for the recipient, but they are like that. And it is almost impossible to make them change. Here is the ranking of the signs with minor regrets:

    Incredible but true. Although it seems that you do not regret the wrong decisions, you do, and much more than anyone. You don't like failing, but failing yourself, you like Capricorn even less. You are a very critical person with the actions of the rest of the people around you, but you are much more critical of yourself, and it is challenging for you to forgive yourself when you have done something that you have regretted later. It is evident that you learn from your own mistakes like nobody else and that thanks to them, you become stronger and stronger Capricorn. Still, you eat your head a lot when you fail, and you do not sleep or take care of yourself as you should when you have an internal conflict or when you have taken one decision by force. Capricorn can come with you by disagreeing with your mind; your strongest enemy is your mind, and you know it. It serves so that the world knows that you are not as cold rock as they say, that later, in your head and your privacy,y you do think about things a lot, you worry, you suffer it in silence, and you think about how it would have been if You could change everything.
    • VIRGO

    Whoever knows you knows that you think about everything, everything, everything. Your decisions, those of the neighbor, those of the people who live three streets down from your own home. Your mind has to retain everything, all Virgo and the regrets you had in the past and those you have in the present, occupy the first position. You worry a lot when you have made a wrong decision, and you punish yourself by going repeatedly. Although your face does not show anything of what you do in your mind, although your expression is severe and firm, deep down, you are a person who gives many turns to everything and what to hate to fail because everything has to be perfectly measured for it to go smoothly. Pearls. When it comes to you, Virgo, there is no middle ground, or you are very proud of what you have done, or you regret more than anyone (even if you do not say it or ask for forgiveness) the excessive work you put your mind when You think about your decisions, it makes your character cloudy and Virgo things affect you more.
    • PISCES

    You eat your head a lot when you do something that deep down you don't know if you wanted to do or when you have said something that could have affected someone in your Pisces environment, and you know it. You punish yourself a lot mentally by silencing your worries and thinking alone about all the decisions you made wrong, about how everything could have been if you had acted differently. You turn your head more than a dog when it comes to "spinning around the same" Pisces, and that's exhausting. You don't want to fail anyone, but you don't want to fail yourself either, and that's why sometimes you make decisions in full madness mode and then regret it. But we know you, Pisces, and although you punish yourself a lot for having decided that for you is stupid, you would do it again. You are like that, Pisces. Why? Because if you do it and fail, you may regret having done it, but at least you have already done it. If you do not do it, you would still regret it for not having done it and being left with doubt.
    • CANCER

    Some people know how to play with your Cancer mind, and some people know how to soften your heart so that when you eat your head for something that was not so bad. Cancer, you are very emotional, making other people's problems your own. If you had to do with a wrong decision together with someone else, it is known that you will be the one who ends up bearing all the blame. Because you are like that, you have always been and will continue to be. Because you are a very good person and empathize with people so much, you have charged yourself with guilt that sometimes did not belong to you. Even if you have a lot of character, doing something that deep down you didn't want to do hurts you and ultimately affects you somehow. The good thing about you is that you know how to ask Cancer for forgiveness, and just no one does that. Sometimes, you don't even understand yourself, and you do things that you would not do at another time, but you prefer to do them than remain in doubt. Even if you know that you can regret it, you do it, then you regret it as you had already intuited before, and that's it.
    • TAURUS

    What you say and what you did or were in the past does not surprise us. You are a thoughtful person with everything you do and what you don't do. You regret the decisions that you decide to regret and NOT what the rest of the Taurus world tells you, and you know it. But deep down, everything affects you, and it hurts more than you seem, yes, because it is not that you are the most expressive person in the Taurus world, but deep down, you eat your head a lot when you have done something that you do not feel much about pride. And not only because of the pride issue, but it also hurts you to fail and regret it because you are a person who thinks about everything a lot before acting. You know how to ask for forgiveness, but you only do it when you are 100% sure that it must be so; if not, you continue with your scratch on your head, and that's it. Now, you regret it, and you turn your head a lot for a while, but NOT for life, because when something is already closed and extinguished for you, BOMM, it disappears, you continually advance Taurus and in this matter too.
    • POUND

    With you, Libra, it depends. It depends on the situation you are in and how you are emotional. It depends a lot on the company you have and the role you have taken in a poorly done performance to make you regret it entirely or not. In other words? You are a very fair person, and even if you doubt even the preferred flavor of your ice cream, you know when you have screwed up with your hand and when you have done it to heed external advice. Still, you do not do it so much when you know that it has not been for your fault, even if you constantly find yourself in the middle of almost every dispute. You are like this, the scale that balances everything, one of the people with the most sense of justice, and you know what? More people like you are needed because even if you are a disaster in many things, you know how to differentiate the good from the bad, the truth from injustices. You can regret the most when you fail because of bad advice from a friend and because you have ignored your "pros and cons," which hurts much more, paying attention to others and not yourself.
    • LEO

    You are in the middle of this ranking for a simple Leo reason: because you know how to repent, but you only do it in what you know you have done wrong, without taking on the blame of anyone else, without being in the middle of a dispute and without saving your ass Nobody, you only save yours, you are brilliant Leo. You eat your head a lot when you know that you have done something wrong, when you have not done something that deep down you wanted to do or when, because of you, someone is having a hard time (indeed you told them that you did not want to be their crush and that's why I was having a hard time). It hurts to get to that point, but you know how to differentiate. Doing crazy things is not a reason for you to regret it because you like adrenaline, experiment, and NEVER stay with the desire. Still, those crazy things have harmful consequences if it is a reason for you to eat your head and regret your actions a little. You can't think, "why didn't I do it? And don't regret it, because you like to act and then think, Leo, deep down. You know what? You have an excellent heart.

    Are you surprised that you are not ranked number one Scorpio? Deep down, you know that this is NOT your place because, in reality, you are a very emotional person on the inside, Scorpio. The circumstances that happen due to a bad performance on your part Scorpio affect you a lot, you know it. You are a very impulsive person who prefers to carry it and act as many times as necessary and more, to be left with nothing or with the desire to have done something, but when you do something that is not right or something with which you do not find yourself very comfortable if you regret Scorpio, but YOUR WAY. You carry your procession inside you, Scorpio. You will not say it from the rooftops and that you will not ask for forgiveness or be very sorry, but the procession goes inside. You do not like others to see you in such a vulnerable way. Now, don't panic, okay? You are Scorpio, and everything will not be as beautiful as it looks in your case. Do you regret it? Yes, but only solely and exclusively about what is wrong with your eyes. What others say is up to you.
    • GEMINI

    To satisfy your curiosity and not be left with the desire to do something that deep down you want to do yes or yes, you are very capable of charging it as many times as necessary and more Gemini because to satisfy your curiosity, and you do everything. You love exploring and having fun as many times as necessary and more, and if you risk about seven times in a week, then you end up shitting it about ten times more because your life cycle is like that, you are wrong because you gamble, you risk, and you play, and that is what you like. But then come the regrets and the consequences, and that's the part that you don't like so much Gemini, but it is what it is. You would have to stop thinking a lot about it to regret it, and you are so lazy. Clear and simple. If you screw it up because of a mistake or something severe has happened to us, you take it as an anecdote to remember, but there are no regrets if it was not bad for you. When you do regret it is when there are third parties who may be having a wrong time or when the situation is already dire, only in those cases.
    • ARIES

    Aries, you do not regret your mistakes because thanks to them you learn many lessons, from your failures and not from the failures of others, it is obvious, and the best of all is that you do not need to destroy anyone or to blame third parties for not carrying their actions, because if you screw it up, you assume it without any problem, but regret trying, doing, saying or risking? In life, Aries can't be asked to regret trying everything, right, Aries? It's easy, you are a very impulsive person, and your nature prevents you from stopping to think and doubt. Your heart tells you to act, do it, and your mind tells you to do it and jump right in. What if you fail? Well, no problem, you assume the consciences and do what you have to do to solve it, but REPENT is not something that is inscribed in your Aries vocabulary, and you know it. The only way you can truly feel regret is for part of your family to be involved in a problem caused by you, nothing more.

    Stay with the desire to do something; why will they say? In life. Not leaving home because of a grave mistake with someone in particular? NEVER. Regret for your failures or for something you could have done wrong? Never, Aquarius, never in your life will you regret LIVING and failing as many times as necessary and more. That would be the same as giving up your independence and freedom of expression and living life as you would of the will. Look Aquarius, and the first place is not yours for a simple reason: deep down, YES, you can eat your head a little when you have had a problem with someone, and you do not know very well why, or when someone you love very much is Bad with you. Anyway, we want to tell you that you have a big butter heart, but it is under many armors and to get there you have to be someone, if not nothing. But that does not mean that you regret your Aquarius mistakes because you see them as stupid. For you, a mistake is one more lesson in learning.

    The first place is yours from start to finish Sagittarius, because you deserve it more than anyone. Regret has no place in any of your Sagittarius actions, and you can ask for forgiveness and feel it many times, especially when you hurt someone without wanting to. But you do not regret any step you take in false and any decision that ends up being wrong, because that is life, that is how you learn, because why regret if you can, look for another option, another solution and something new to start? You think very well, Sagittarius, you are free in every way, and it shows even in the way you walk and express yourself with people. The improvised and crazy plans, for you, are the best, the decisions that are made at less opportune moments but that turn out to be the most dynamic, the best without a doubt, you are a person who inspires adrenaline, ambition, impulsiveness, and vitality for each one of the pores of your Sagittarius skin. You will never regret anything you do because you will never stop being free. You prefer to live shitting it to living conditioned by what others say.