What Are the Ranking of the Signs That Take the Longest to Forget

    Ranking of the signs that take the longest to forget.
    1. TAURUS

    Do not forget. Never. Taurus, you can remember dates, details, moments, people, disappointments, elements, stories, and signs that no one would remember. You can give a thousand turns to others on this subject, and you know it. You have an elephant memory, very stubborn, like you, but very effective because even the smallest detail is stored in it. Those that go unnoticed in the eyes of the whole world. Seriously, you are a Taurus genius, nothing escapes your sight, and in your memory, everything is always recorded, everything, everything. Afraid to remember whoever it is with hair and signs? Not even in dreams. You enjoy it more than anyone. If someone tries to tell you that you are lying, be careful. Truth? If someone thinks they can cheat on you, let them run very fast because your memory is a hard drive, and never, ever, in life and not in a joke, will it have a single failure. You know.
    1. VIRGO

    You would often love not to have so much memory. Many times and you wish you could forget everything Virgo, YOU KNOW. But that would not happen even as a joke because your memory does not forget. You are the sign that cares most about not making mistakes from the past again, and for that reason, you take care to keep everything in your Virgo mind so that nothing escapes and repeats itself. If you have to remind someone of something they did wrong, you do it. What's more, you do not mince words in this regard (or in any other); you have received a lot of criticism for being this direct with this topic, but you do not like Virgo falsehoods, and if there were something that hurt you, you would remember it ad nauseam. Whoever wants to trust you to tell them something that happened a long time ago (with hairs and signs) should do it with their eyes closed because you are a Virgo and your memory works as if it were a category library.

    It's obvious, and third place had to be yours. You remember everything, everything, everything Capricorn, and you know it. In your case, you use it as if it were a lethal weapon to defend yourself. Thus, nobody will be able to play with you because with your memory, it is impossible to deceive you, and you know it. You were crowned with a memory of a solid and intelligent elephant that does not lose a single detail or want it and that for better and for worse, it is always in operation. It is true, your memory many times has become your greatest enemy, but you were born with it, and you will go through the front door with it, Capricorn, and the truth is that you take pride in it. Ole you. Be careful who dares to play with you. Be very careful for those who dare to play with your mind, because whoever does it to you once, you keep it and pay for it. Even if years go by, you consistently charge everything.
    1. SCORPIO

    You are a very observant Scorpio sign, and you grasp everything, everything, everything instantly. Cheating yourself is more complex than drinking water from a glass while lying on your stomach, and you know it. Your memory may not be as perfect as an elephant's. Sometimes you miss some details, but it has nothing to envy the others because it takes the prize for the most astute. You are one of the few people who may be able to give details of past stories with hair and signs. You do so with very detailed descriptions when you speak and express yourself. You make the person who is listening to you live that story in their mind, and that is because of that creativity that you have when it comes to telling things. Your memory does not forget almost anything, except for some details that can escape you ... Now, memories are not erased even with time.
    1. CANCER

    Cancer, nothing can be erased from your mind because she is the one that flocks here. Even if you want to, you can't. Even if you force yourself, you don't get it, and you won't get it. Everything is recorded, everything, seriously, every memory, every detail, every important date, every kiss, every illusion, every disappointment. You may forget small details or people who did not know how to be something relevant in your life. Your memories are installed in your mind as if they were photographs. That's how it is. In your mind, there is an album, the album of your life, in which there is both good and bad. You may fail in some things that we're not very important. But the crucial moments you classify as if they were Cancer photographs. There are times when you use those memories to act better in your present. And no, we would not call it resentment. In your case, it would be called "lessons from the past that you should not repeat in the future."
    1. ARIES

    Everyone expects the opposite of you. You are pure Aries fire, and people believe that you keep everything to use in the future. They think that you are a very spiteful person who, sooner or later, ends up collecting all the debts that others may have with you. But what nobody knows is that this is a lie more significant than a castle. Or well, a half-lie, because sometimes you are indeed a bit of a spiteful person, but only with the people who deserve it, with whom he hurt you. But people who know you know that after five hours, everything passes and that you prefer to live in peace and harmony than to have evil thoughts in your mind. It is true, you do not forget, but you do not hold it in your mind for long, Aries, because, inside, you believe in karma and its effects. Although sometimes it takes life to arrive.
    1. LEO

    It's true, and you don't forget anything. Your memory retains everything, but you are not the kind of person retained in the past. You do not like wasting time remembering, thinking, and holding a grudge, Leo, and you KNOW it. If something is wrong with you, you say it on the spot. You explode instantly and wipe out whatever is needed right then and there. You don't like to leave unresolved accounts in your head, Leo. You do not leave for tomorrow what you can solve today, and you know it. It is evident, that does not mean that you do not forget the first time, but it is like that, you are very impulsive at a given moment, but then, RENCOR none. For what if you like to have excellent memory? They are for MEMORIES, for particular dates, for loves that left very positive traces for you, for those family stories that are so comforting when you are sensitive with life.
    1. LIBRA

    You think he remembers everything, but it is not like that in truth. It would help if you had a lot of peace of mind so that everything is stable and you know it. Your mind ends up retaining what it knows is good for Libra. It would be best if you had a lot of balance in your Libra life, which is offered to you by a mind with a good memory, but a memory in which there are only good, beautiful, and positive memories. As you add fuel to the fire and fill your memory with bad memories, you know that that later affects you. But in reality, everything is much simpler than that. You have an elephant memory for the things that interest you. It is like a personal defense mechanism that protects you. Your mind can harbor bad memories for a time, but only for a time because then it extermines everything. Just make room for what is good for you.
    1. GEMINI

    There are days when your mind can remember all of Geminis and days when you don't even know where you have left your head, and you know it. You are one of the most intelligent people on the Gemini planet, but you know that your mind takes a different step and that it is the one that sets the pace. That is to say, in other words, that your mind flies like a free Gemini bird and retains what it hunts at the moment. It is accessible, changeable, energetic, and does not stop for a second like you. Suddenly you can tell something from many years ago with hairs and signs and have a lot of difficulties remembering something that happened not long ago. It is like that, and there is no explanation because your mind is like this. Your memory has a lot of information at its disposal, and you know that it does not work as it should with a lot of stress. It goes a thousand per hour and lets things escape without realizing it. It is what it is, you cannot be brilliant and have an elephant memory at the same time in this life, but hey, you can settle for going, coming back, going again, and sitting down to take a nap when the others have not left. Still yet. You are a Gemini genius.

    You don't forget so easily. But you are not the kind of person who uses their memories to do bad things in the present. You are not the type of person who takes shit from a thousand years ago to clarify things in the present, that, honestly, you would like to live in peace. In short, Sagittarius? Yes, you have an excellent memory, but you know that later you forget the wrong things and only retain the good in them. What makes you suitable, what makes you happy. You are a very, very accessible person and somewhat carefree. You like to create memories of your adventures, and for that reason, you move very quickly in events of all kinds to create unforgettable memories. But you know that you are a person who forgives quickly, does not hold a grudge for a long time, and prefers to live in peace with yourself and let your mind only have positive things.
    1. PISCES

    Your mind is sometimes splendid and remembers everything. Everything, like it, goes into "total cricket cage" mode and remembers nothing. Pisces, you are a water sign. You are a very, very creative sign and very changeable and sincere. You remember many things and, above all, the ones that hurt you the most, but you know that time has his and that he gets his way and makes you forget most of the things at the end of the whole. Asking your mind to retain everything is like asking a stressed person for more work. Even if you want to hold your mind, make it stop, settle and hold everything, it is more complimentary than a bird in the middle of Pisces nature, and you know it. But be careful, don't get used to that sentimentality that everyone says you have all the time, because today you may forget everything, but tomorrow, you never know. You are a walking Pisces surprise box, and you know it.

    The prize for the craziest, forgetful and rebellious memory of all is for you, Aquarius. Of course, it couldn't be for anyone else. It is yours, only yours and nothing but yours on its own merits, and you know it. You are one of the most detached people on this earth, and you know that only IMPORTANT things are kept in your mind. Unimportant and irrelevant details for your life because as you don't care, and without knowing it, your mind directly removes them from your head. Only the used memories are saved in the file you have there, period. You are not one of those people who keep everything so that, in the future, you can remember it and collect the doubts that they have pending with you. Nothing about that. You are so highly accessible that you may end up forgetting it because if there is one true thing, it is that you love to live in peace.