What Are the Stages According to Your Sign


What keeps you from moving forward and stagnating is that you lose interest in things so quickly. The moment you notice that something loses emotion and energy is the moment when you stagnate and cannot move forward.

You are a sign that needs dynamism, that needs to be in motion, and who loves risk. Aries, you need adrenaline to feel more alive than ever.

For you, life is full of opportunities to enjoy and have fun, but you really can’t keep moving forward if something bores you or makes you lose interest.

In addition, you do not like anything that they send you or force you to do something, so no one must try to force you to do something you do not want or something that no longer interests you.

Because if you are already someone very independent who always does things in their way, that they try to impose something on you, it will make you want to leave directly.

But, Aries, it is also essential that you try to be a little more patient, even if it costs you. You may miss out on many opportunities by quitting early or falling behind because of that impulsiveness and impatience.

If you notice that something is starting to get boring, Aries, wait. Maybe the good is behind all that. Success is not something that falls from the sky, and if you want to achieve something, you will have to fight for it. Nobody said it was easy.


Taurus, what makes you stagnate and not move forward in life is your fear when facing the unknown. That kind of insecurity invades your body when you are forced to leave your comfort zone.

You are a person who is very clear about what you want and what you don’t want. But the problem comes when you have to face something out of your control or when something does not depend on you.

You stagnate for that very reason because you prefer to stay as you are rather than having to face something that involves risk.

The problem comes when there is something you want to achieve, something you have been fighting for a long time.

The problem comes when life challenges you when it proposes to leave your comfort zone to find true happiness. That’s when you really get stuck and fall behind.

Everyone likes comfort and likes to feel comfortable where they are and how they are. But, Taurus, you would be surprised how many incredible things could be on the other side if you were willing to take a chance.

Living in your bubble is fine, but you will not mature, grow, and remain stagnant. Take risks, Taurus, take risks. It is challenging for you, but everything has its great reward. You will see.


Gemini, what makes you fall behind and stagnate is your problem when making decisions. You know perfectly well that life is full of opportunities to learn, grow, and mature.

You, Gemini, love to know new things, expand your knowledge, and mature. Absorbing new knowledge is something that excites you and makes you feel alive. That life offers you a thousand plans, a thousand things to do, and a thousand things to see, and you know it better than anyone.

You are not afraid of the unknown, which allows you to face exciting opportunities.

But the real problem comes when you have to make a decision. It is challenging to decide what things you want to pursue and what things you should leave behind.

It’s hard for you to take the step, Gemini. You have so many things on your mind that it is difficult to know what you want and what you don’t want. It is good to have several options, but it is not so good to have unlimited options because it is more challenging to choose.

All of that makes you stagnate, and what you don’t want is to be left behind. You don’t want to see how others make their own lives when you are still thinking about which path to choose.

So, Gemini, sometimes the vital thing is letting go and not thinking about things so much. Choose a path and run after it. Do not look back, do not give it more laps, do not regret it. Maybe it is not the way you wanted, but at least you will have matured and grown emotionally.


You stagnate, Cancer, because of your constant desire to seek stability in your life. You don’t even ask for much; find emotional, family stability, a career, a job, and a life without many difficulties.

Saying you choose. That is indeed something that everyone would like to have. But the problem is that you want that stability so intensely that sometimes you tend to choose the politically correct things instead of choosing what your heart is.

What you need not stagnate. Cancer is a little more freedom.

Think more for yourself and not so much for others. You always want to make others happy, and you rarely think of making yourself happy.

If you want to move forward and don’t want to get stuck, the first step is to start thinking for yourself and no one else. Don’t let your life depend on anyone, Cancer.

You also have dreams that you would be willing to do anything to achieve. You know that there are things that make you happy but that you have to fight for them.

There are times when you are already satisfied and stable with what you have, and you do nothing to move forward or move forward. But, Cancer, do not allow yourself to get trapped in monotony, routine, and boredom. You are an active person who needs to keep moving, so please don’t let stability take advantage of your life.


What makes you stuck, Leo is that sometimes you worry too much about the opinions of others. It is hard to believe that you are stagnating because you are a strong person with a lot of energy and always want to try something new.

Please do not be scared, Leo, that, although the opinions of others affect you, you are a very independent person who always goes to his ball and is always up and down. But the problem is that you pay too much attention to something that should not even be important.

And beware, you are not affected by the opinions of everyone, simply the opinions of influential people who have marked your heart.

You care about the opinions of your close people but also of your ex or those friends who are no longer such friends.

Those opinions affect how you see yourself and the decisions you are going to make.

But, Leo, you would never want to get stuck or lag behind others. That would be to be a cowardly person with fear, and you are not like that. So please don’t let a single opinion affect you, much less affect your future.

You are the one who has to live your life and not anyone else. You deserve to chase your dreams for as long as you want. And the opinions of those people who no longer contribute anything to your life should not be so important.

Past trodden, dear Leo. Do not make that because of them. You are a person that you would not like to be. Please do not give them pleasure and less now.


The reason you get stuck, Virgo, is because you are constantly questioning everything you do. You are a very perfectionist person who always wants things to turn out as well as possible.

This is a good thing because that means that you put in the effort and do the impossible so that everything goes well. But the problem comes when you have to make a decision.

When you try to choose what to do, where to go, or how to do something, there is always a voice that tells you that you are not good enough to try.

You are a very determined person with clear things, but you become insecure when doubt and indecision come your way.

Virgo, this cannot happen. It cannot happen that you are left behind because of that perfectionism and that mania of wanting to do everything right. You can’t get stuck because that makes you stand out from the crowd.

You are not perfect, but you are not, and no one is—enough spending more time regretting all the things you can’t do. Stop beating yourself up for not being perfect. Accept reality so you can grow and you will not be stagnant. You know that if you propose something, something you achieve.

Everything is in effort and dedication. You may not be good at everything, but with effort, EVERYTHING is achieved. Everyone knows that you get what you want when you put something in your mind. So Virgo, enough of criticizing yourself and holding yourself back so much.


Libra, what makes you stagnate and unable to move forward is your need to find balance in everything around you. It is to envy that ability you have to be so peaceful and try that everything in your life has harmony and meaning.

It is not something to be ashamed of at all, and it is something that is a virtue that many more people should have. But what holds you back is that fear of losing your balance and harmony.

You are afraid of finding something that hurts you, disturbs your peace, and you do not feel ready to know how to react.

And often you do all this more for others than for yourself, so as not to disturb, not to cause problems, and make everyone happy. It is indeed okay to take into account the feelings of others, but you can not always be like that.

Libra, you have to live your life and not anyone else’s. You only live once, dear Libra, and it would be unfortunate to live for others and not for yourself. You have to worry yourself about being happy regardless of anyone else.

Sometimes problems happen, and not everyone is happy. You can help them find happiness or listen to them, so they feel more loved, but you can’t be on top of them all day.

You cannot find balance in the lives of others, Libra. That is something that only you can do. If you don’t want to get stuck, let others live their life, and you live yours. Do not pay more attention to the dreams of others than to your own.


The problem you get left behind and get stuck is because you always pursue what is impossible and what you cannot have. And this happens in all respects, Scorpio.

You pay much more attention to your defects than your virtues, which you lack and others have. But you don’t realize all the people who would like to be like you, to be so mysterious, a person with so much personality and a big heart.

Nevertheless, you tend to look at what you don’t have and spend all your time getting them, even when it is impossible.

You get obsessed with it and ignore other, much more important things.

Scorpio, it is okay to have goals, but they are realistic goals, things that You can achieve.

You will not achieve anything comparing yourself with others because we are all different. Each one has its defects and its virtues. You enter a kind of infinite loop from which it is challenging to get out, so you cannot move forward.

Scorpio, you cannot allow your flaws and what you don’t have to take over you. Look at the good. Look at everything that you have that others do not.

Let go of all those things that try to stop you and keep you from going where you really should go. With everything you propose, you can start proposing real and not impossible things. You will be surprised when you realize how much you have achieved that others have not—enough of comparisons, Scorpio, enough of looking at others before looking at yourself.


What keeps you from moving forward and stagnating, Sagittarius is the difficulty you have to take things seriously whenever necessary.

You are indeed a very optimistic, adventurous person, who loves to live life without worries and that is why people like to be by your side because with you they are never bored and there will never be any conflict or problem. But, Sagittarius, you will also find worries and things that need you to take it seriously in life.

Nobody asks you to take everything seriously, Sagittarius, but there are times when you do need to focus on problems and try to solve them and not let them solve themselves. Some things take time, concentration, and interest.

Even if you think it is, life is not as easy as you think, Sagittarius. Life also has its pluses and minuses, and there will be moments when you will have to take things seriously, even if you don’t like them.

Your sense of humor is necessary many times, Sagittarius, to take the tension out of the matter and lift your spirits, but it is good to know where the limits are.

It is essential to know that you can try to take the weight off the issue but deal with it properly. You can’t always laugh at things like life is a joke. To move forward, Sagittarius, you have to face life profoundly and maturely and not as if it were something unimportant.


You get stuck, Capricorn, because you are too demanding of yourself and push yourself too hard to succeed.

When it comes to achieving your goals, you are a very persistent person who does not stop until you achieve them. You will do what it takes, and you will take whoever it is to achieve what you had proposed.

It is difficult for you to stagnate due to a lack of motivation or desire because that is what you have to give and give away. But the real reason you fall behind is that sometimes you push yourself too hard and demand more of yourself than you can give.

You try to become the best in everything you do, and sometimes that is impossible. It is good to be such an ambitious and hardworking person, but you have to know how to respect others and, above all, respect yourself.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to aspire to great things, fighting for your dreams, and pursuing those that make you happy. The terrible thing is pressure.

That pressure you impose on yourself and that sometimes, you exert on yourself without realizing it.

It is that same pressure that sometimes keeps you from moving forward and the one that makes you stay behind instead of moving forward.

Success and doing things well is something that everyone likes, but don’t get obsessed with it, Capricorn. Things aren’t always going to go your way, but you don’t have to let it get to you. You do not have to obsess over success because otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy life as you would like.


You get stuck, Aquarius, because you don’t follow through on everything you say you will do. You are a very creative person who has a thousand ideas inside your head.

You are someone with many potentials, which makes others envy you for being who you are. Besides being creative, you are a knowledgeable person with a thousand things on your mind. And the problem comes when you cannot externalize those ideas, and they stay in your mind.

You are a dreamer, and you love to live in your dreams, but instead of struggling to achieve those dreams, you prefer to live in fantasy rather than live in reality.

Aquarius, don’t settle for what you have, don’t settle for just dreaming. With that, you settle, and you don’t need much more. But you do not realize that this is what makes you stay in the same place and that you do not advance towards what you want.

Fight to make your dreams come true, fight to be happy without resorting to fantasy. Don’t be afraid to make those ideas tangible. You will be surprised at all the potential that you have inside and everything that you are capable of doing.

Don’t be a conformist, Aquarius, and it’s the worst thing you can do. You, who are such an intelligent person, must believe much more in yourself and in everything that happens in your mind. Nobody is forbidding you to dream. You can do that whenever you want, but you have to make those dreams come true, and you can live what you like.


What makes you fall behind and remain stagnant, Pisces, is the extreme empathy and sensitivity you have in front of others. You are the type of person that when someone suffers, you also suffer.

You have such a connection with people that you can feel the pain and sorrow of others and the joy and happiness. And in addition, you always do everything possible to help that person who is suffering or needs a shoulder to cry on and sound advice. And you will think that there is nothing wrong with this, but maybe there is.

While you pay so much attention to others, you lose your attention to yourself.

You are always aware of others, and you do not stop to think about how you are, what your needs are, or what you want to achieve in life. Pisces, it is sometimes necessary to prioritize and know how to put oneself ahead of others.

No one is forbidding you to stop being so kind and kind to others, but listening to what your body and mind are saying to you.

If you want to move forward, fight for your dreams, grow, and mature, you have to try to connect more with yourself and less with others. Beautiful people can surround you, but those people cannot grow up for you.

You cannot make your dreams come true because that is something that only depends on you and no one else. Nobody said being empathic was terrible, but you also have to be empathetic to yourself.