What Are You Fighting Against This Week


This week, Aries, you are fighting with yourself, with your inner self. You are struggling with your self-esteem, self-love, and way of loving yourself.

You know everything you are worth, but lately, you notice that you do not have the same strength as before. But, Aries, remind yourself of everything you have achieved by yourself, value yourself how you deserve.

Don’t look for anyone to give you compliments as long as you can say them to yourself.

Look in the mirror and go out and eat the world. Although it seems that if you have good self-esteem and are strong, you think it is not like that inside. But you want this battle to end, and you want to overcome your fears and insecurities. You can, Aries. Everyone is sure of it, so be safe too.


You, Taurus, this week, you are going to find yourself in a struggle with your own identity. Lately, you feel lost, that you cannot find yourself, that you do not know which path you have to know.

You are not sure if what you have now in life makes you happy or not. You do not know if you want to continue like this or need a change. And what bothers you the most is not knowing what to do to overcome all this.

But, Taurus, you have to do at times like these to try to disconnect from your routine and put aside what burdens you so much and puts so much pressure on you.

It is necessary that you spend time with yourself, that you meditate, that you reflect on what is best for you, even that you talk with your people and your loved ones so that they give you their opinion and try to help you in moments like this. It will cost you a lot, Taurus, but you have to listen to your heart and let yourself go a little more.


This week, Gemini, you will be struggling to find your place and your plans for the future. You are going to fight your doubts about the short and long term. You’ve been feeling lost and aimless lately, but you want to stop feeling that way immediately.

You want to stop having doubts about yourself and your future, but you don’t know how to do it. You have no idea what you want to do with your life. But don’t worry, Gemini, you don’t have to have your whole life planned out right now.

It is also essential to let yourself go as they tell you what feelings. Gemini, it will not be easy to win this battle, but thanks to that positive energy that you radiate lately, you will be able to face it without any fear.

You know very well that life is not easy and that if you want something, you have to fight to get it.


Cancer, this week, you will have a little battle against your fear of failure. Perhaps your fears are not to lose but rather to disappoint others and disappoint yourself.

You do not care about losing. You care about feeling that you have wasted your time or have not done it how you should. You are very worried about disappointing your people, especially your family and loved ones.

The most important thing you have in your life is them, and you would never allow yourself to disappoint them for anything in the world. But, Cancer, you have to get rid of all those fears.

If your people love you and support you, they will be by your side whether you win or lose. You will not disappoint anyone. Stop being so afraid of failure.

You have to believe who you are, and you have to believe that you are powerful and will achieve whatever you set your mind to. Cancer, you can handle all of this and much more.


You have many doubts, Leo, and you don’t know how to solve them. You have doubts about your relationships and the people around you, and you will have to fight with them this week, whether you like it.

You thought that you surrounded yourself with the right people, but you are unsure about it. You thought you surrounded yourself with people who cared about you, loved you, and supported you, but you don’t know if that’s true.

You have many doubts, Leo, and the worst of all is that you do not know how to solve them. But don’t worry, Leo, the only thing you have to do to resolve those doubts is thinking with an unconscious mind.

Is THAT person giving you everything you need, or is he robbing you of energy? Answer that question, and there is the solution to all those doubts.

It doesn’t have to be a toxic relationship, and it just doesn’t give you what you need right now. And the best thing right now is to cut your losses, Leo, before all this gets worse.


This week, Virgo, you are trying to find balance in your life. You do not know how to combine your personal life, work, friends, or free time. You are fighting against your time and your stability.

You do not know how others do to be able to have free time, a career, and a relationship at the same time. You have a hard time organizing yourself to have time for everything. And look, you are a somewhat organized and planning person, but it is challenging for you.

You do not know how to find balance and feel at peace. Perhaps, Virgo, what you have to do is not take life so seriously and let yourself go a little more.

It is essential to organize, especially with essential topics like work or studies. You don’t have to organize all your appointments or spend time with your family or friends. But in the rest, you have to take the pressure off yourself and let yourself go with something else.


Libra, this week you will have a face-to-face fight with the ghosts of the past. You thought that all this had already happened and had passed that chapter, but it seems not.

You have not healed the wounds well, Libra, and they are ‘bleeding’ again. The past returns, but you refuse to listen to it again.

Libra, the only thing you can do at times like these is pretending you don’t care anymore. You don’t want to keep paying attention to everything that happened so long ago. But those ‘ghosts’ don’t care, and they’re going to bother you again.

Repeat to yourself that it has already happened and that you don’t care until you believe it. It will not be accessible at all, and it will hurt because you have been fighting this for so long that it seems incredible that now it will come back again. But, Libra, you are strong, and your life is starting to go the right way. Do not deviate!


Scorpio will have to fight against your failed expectations this week. You wanted to do many things, and you haven’t done any. You had many plans and many purposes that have not been fulfilled.

You thought that you would be a different person with your age right now, but nothing of the kind has happened. You are struggling because the life you have right now is very different from the one you had planned. And you don’t know if you like it or would have preferred your plans to come true.

Scorpio, look at your life, do you like it? If you like it, be happy with everything you have achieved and everything you have. If you don’t like it, you have the power to change everything that doesn’t convince you.

Scorpio, you are the owner of your life, and you already know what you have to do to achieve everything you set your mind to. There is no use lamenting over what had to be and was not.


This week, Sagittarius, you will be fighting against your self-love and against the respect that you have for yourself. You know perfectly well that you do not deserve to treat yourself and cannot continue like this.

You know that you need more self-love. You have to respect yourself, Sagittarius. But there is something that does not allow you to respect yourself. The first person who deserves your respect is yourself.

Your mistakes make you self-punish and make you lose the respect you had for yourself. But, Sagittarius, you have to learn that losing and making mistakes is not bad. Nothing happens if you do not achieve what you had proposed, the important thing is that you have learned a lesson.

You don’t have to whip yourself so much, Sagittarius. You have to start respecting yourself and loving yourself as you deserve, no more, no less. And it would help if you did it now. There is no time to waste, Sagittarius. Don’t waste any more time without even respecting yourself.


For you, Capricorn, this week is not going to be easy. You are going to have to fight to find motivation. Look that you are quite an ambitious person with a lot of motivation. You never have a hard time starting something because you have the strength it takes and the courage to face it. But lately, you’ve been feeling tired and not feeling like it.

This is not you, Capricorn, don’t let this last too long. There are many things you want to do, but you are putting them off too long. You are not sure where you can find that energy and that motivation.

It would be best if you made a slight change of scene because perhaps that is where you will find the motivation and the necessary strength to do everything you want to do. Try to disconnect and relax to get back to the load with more enthusiasm than ever.

Capricorn, a break from time to time never hurts and less to you, who always have so much pressure on you. Inspiration and motivation will come when you least expect it, do not pressure yourself so much.


Comparisons are hateful, Aquarius. You have to know that beforehand. This week, you will have to fight the comparisons you make to yourself. Aquarius, stop comparing yourself to others because there is no reason.

You feel that people of your age and the same characteristics are achieving more things than you and succeeding much more than yourself. Get that idea out of your mind now, Aquarius, because the only thing he will do is rob your energy, time, and more depression.

Perhaps those people you compare so much do not have something you do. Think about what makes you so different from others.

Everyone knows that you are an extraordinary person, Aquarius and that no one can equate you. Do not try to equal yourself to others because you will be ceasing to be true to your essence.

Aquarius, remember that you have something that no one else will ever have and that something is that unique charm. Being an Aquarius is something extraordinary.


Pisces, you are trying to fight with your faith these last days. There are days when you doubt your worth and your strength.

There are times when you question yourself, and you have a hard time finding the motivation to get up. You think you won’t be able to when you haven’t even tried yet. And you’re trying to fight all of that.

You are trying to find the reason for all this to happen. But, Pisces, you must know that there are also things that happen for no reason and that not everything depends on you.

You have to focus on what you want to achieve and get rid of all those doubts. You doubt that all they do is distract you and steal your attention.

Believe in yourself, Pisces, even if the world tells you no, even if your thoughts forbid it, you have to believe in everything you are worth. You are strong, and you know how to move forward. If someone is bothered, don’t look, period.

All those people who did not believe in you will have to shut up when they see everything you are capable of.