What Each Sign Has Been Doing Wrong in Relationships

    We all do bad things in relationships, and we can all improve. The signs of the Zodiac have some weak points and other strong ones that they often use in relationships, even knowing that they are not right. We show you what you have been doing wrong in your relationships according to your zodiac sign. And since you have it clear, why not correct it?

    Fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius)

    You know, you go straight to the point, to what you want, to what you are looking for, and this is not a bad thing, on the contrary, it is quite a good thing, but you have to be very careful not to hurt that person's feelings. It may be that many times that mention that you make of your ex is not essential or that you would love to be able to meet that / famous / a because it even makes you. Okay, actually, and looking at it objectively, you are not saying anything wrong. The problem is how the other person might feel. He may not be amusing. You have to be a little more sensitive about everything. And no, it is not precisely one of the qualities of the fire signs, but anyway, you have to try. You also have to be very careful with impulsiveness and how emotions often get out of control. When you are passionate about an opinion, you know that you have many problems understanding the other part, it is like you are blind and only see yours, and also, that this happens to you with a lot of nonsense such as the way you put your things, or everyone's stuff or which tv show you want to see first. Honestly, you know that these little things can make everything get out of control, and yes, there can be a lot of passion in the discussions because nothing else, but you put passion into EVERYTHING. Take care of your temperament, but never lose your character because that, in the end, is what makes you come out of everything, but no, do not launch attacks every time someone does not agree with you, please.

    Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn)

    You know it, many times, even if you do it unintentionally, your trust and security problems come out, and they get deep into your relationship. Yes, despite being too safe / or in many things, you always walk with impressive insecurity in others. As if you were looking for an exit plan at all times in case things go well.

    It would be best if you had different options all the time, and above all, it is difficult for you to open up entirely to that person.

    It's not that it costs you. You don't want to give it all to him because you don't want him to have so much of yours in his hands. Just in case. You know you are the Queen or King of the "just in case ..." If you want a stable relationship, you will have to put aside your fears and start being a little more versatile to changes. Start breaking down all those walls once and for all and give full access to your heart. Do not exclude them and much less when you know what you want. Being single is great. Yes, it is perfect in a million ways. You are independent, accessible, and do not have to explain anything. It is very typical for you, even with a partner, to omit many things, such as the party you plan to go to soon or that crisis you had at work. Yours is the occult, and the less they know about your life, the better. Not to mention the feelings.

    If you have to express what is happening to you, you can explore and still not utter a single word. And you know.

    Come on, despite all that distancing from the rest of the world, and you know that having a partner is not bad at all and that you have to start letting go of all those things you keep inside you so that they come out and flourish. In the end, that particular person has to be your teammate, and no, you don't have to shut up and tell him anything out of fear because things don't work shit like that. Watch out.

    Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

    You give a lot, and besides, you give all the time. You would do anything for the person you love, but that does not mean that you have to give that person everything they want without stopping to think about anything. And no, you're not one of those people who sacrifice all of their own needs in the process. That particular person likes that you are yourself, that you have your own opinion of things, that you have your ideas, and that you are not afraid to express yourself as you feel. He likes you to decide what you want for dinner or what movie you will see at the cinema. And many times, it is what you lack: DECISION. You know that sometimes you shut up for not messing it up, you shut up for not starting to create an intense controversy, but you are willing to let go deep down. Well, let it go, don't be left with the desire to say anything, be nice though, but say what you think because, in the end, that's also what others expect and what they fell in love with one day. Also, when everything seems fine to you, or you keep quiet, you start burning others precisely because they feel like they can't argue with you.

    Seriously, if you keep everything bottled up inside, you will resent yourself and be super unhappy in the relationship.

    Please don't screw it up there. If something has to end, that is not because you did not make everything more than evident. Even though your greatest fear is that they will leave you in one of those moments or that everything will end badly, you have to be yourself with everything. And if what you say doesn't like it, it won't always be your problem. Ask for what you want, ask for what is yours, ask for what belongs to you. Also, thinking you are single is the party's life, so why do you get down when you are with someone? Please don't let this happen. In the end, for not wanting to screw something up, you can screw it up. Only by being yourself will you succeed in everything you do.

    Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces)

    You are a super sensitive person, and although you often try to trick your heart into seeing that it can be in the right place, you know that when it is, it IS. You have character and much more than the rest of the world thinks, and sometimes, it is difficult for you to understand that particular person may have goals and objectives very different from yours. Often, you try to convince them again and again that yours is better, and you try by all means to take him to your field. And sometimes, believe it or not, you can also learn from those rhythms of life that seem super bland or super conformist.

    What excites you may not excite others, those surprises that you would love to receive often can stress that person, or they may even feel insecure to start thinking if they are up to you if they deserve you if they do. Is doing well.

    Whether things turn out badly or well, water signs are very determined, and when they bet on something, they do it until the end. You want them to do with you, and the problem is that not everyone else is like you. And you have to accept, and you also have to understand. Try to read between the lines, the next time you want to make that person happy, ask yourself what would make them happy, not what you would love to happen. You are a brilliant person. Indeed, you would be that type of person who is there and gives excellent advice, opens the eyes of others to new paths, and helps them grow spiritually and culturally. But you have to learn that many people do not want that, or maybe not at the time you want. Try to understand others a little more, even if they seem "inferior" to you in many ways. Even if you think you know more and do things the way you do, everything works better. It sounds a bit pedantic, but you believe it 200% most of the time. Make sure you speak clearly about your intentions and don't "marry" the first time. You are someone quite in love, but perhaps that person might not be the same person you want in your life deep down, even though you think you are super in love. Your heart will know if you are where you should be.