What Each Sign Needs to Hear Before the Year Is Over


    After all that you have lived and suffered this year, you are waiting for THAT person to say those words. He is very sorry for having hurt you and did not want to do so. The wound is still open, and it will not be easy to heal, but at least you want him to acknowledge what he has done and be sorry. It's not going to be something that ends that disappointment or makes you happier, but at least you want to feel like you take a weight off your shoulders. It would be best to hear it as soon as possible before the year is over because you want to close that chapter and turn the page. You don't want all that burden to keep haunting you any longer, and you have to be carrying disappointments and more disappointments. It may not have been the best year of all, but you have learned a lot about yourself and others, whether good or not so good. You have become stronger than before, and it shows a lot.


    This year, Taurus, you have tried to help others much more than you usually do. You have always been there next to those friends who needed it, always giving the best of you to everyone. You also want to be thanked for everything you have done for others. You want them to value your time, your effort, your dedication. The world needs more people with hearts like yours, Taurus. You need to be told that you are a good person, that your heart is enormous, that you thank you for doing everything. You may seem like a solid and uncompromising person, but you also have a heart that is not made of stone as everyone thinks. You are always there for others, but you also want someone to be there when you need it. Without a doubt, Taurus, the world needs more people like you, with that unlimited patience, great temperance, and kindness that more than one would also need to have.


    It is true, Gemini, that this year has not been an easy year for you. You have had to face situations and problems that have been somewhat complicated. You have tried to seek your happiness and emotional stability by all means, but you have not achieved anything. You know that you have your people very close and that they are always willing to help you in everything you need, but still, you feel alone. Yet you feel that you are the only one who can understand you and the only one who knows what it is like to suffer. You need your people to be there without you asking them, and you need them to tell you that you are strong enough to overcome this, encourage you, and tell you that everything will be okay.  You don't ask for much more because, ultimately, you are the only one who can deal with these problems, and no one else can do that for you. You want to feel the warmth of others, feel their support, feel that they will be there if you fall to help you get back up. Gemini, remember, you are STRONG, and you can handle this and much more.


    Cancer, the year is ending, and you still need to hear that from a particular person. This year, you have realized that you have done a lot for some people. You have tried to help others, give them everything they need, and improve their lives. That empathy you have makes all of this come out naturally. That sensitivity makes your connection with others much stronger. It would be best if you heard that they appreciate everything you've done for it lately.  As is, you need to hear 'thank you for what you do for me' literally. You don't even need them to thank you and value your time and effort to do the same for you. This is the only thing that will make you feel that your effort is being rewarded. Your big heart also needs to be thanked and given all the warmth it needs. And being told this now will make your year-end in the best possible way. It will make you take all the necessary strength to start 2019 with the most significant energy possible.


    During this year, Leo, you noticed how little by little your heart was breaking slowly and how you were losing faith in love, how that flame was going out without hardly anyone noticing. Your relationship with that person is no longer the same, and you feel that something is missing. But you have realized that it was not your fault because you always do everything possible to make things work as well as possible and more when we talk about love. You need that person to tell you that they are happy when they are by your side. You want to hear from his mouth those words that make you believe again in love and your relationship.  It has been a challenging year for you, Leo, but you have been strong, and although there have been times when you have relapsed, you have managed to get ahead. But it would be best if you heard that to give you the motivation you lack. You need to feel that the spark of love is still on and that you haven't lost faith in love either.


    Virgo, it is true that you are a very hard-working person who strives for things to go as well as possible, that you do everything in your power to get what you want. But it is also true that there are times when you cannot find the motivation, that it is difficult for you to believe in yourself and that you are pretty pessimistic. You are in a time where you feel that your effort is useless; you are beginning to get discouraged and stop believing in your power. And just what you need to be told now is that you are doing a great job. That your effort is paying off and that others are proud of you. Virgo, you need to start being proud of yourself, even if you feel that the reward is not what you expected or that things have not turned out the way you wanted. But perhaps to be proud of yourself, you also need your people to value you and tell you that you need to feel pride in everything you do. Think for a moment of yourself, Virgo, of all you are capable of and all you have achieved thanks to that strength and perseverance.


    This year you have realized that you have done a lot to help others, Libra. You have finally realized that you have been the best version of yourself in front of others and that whenever you have been able, you have tried to make others smile. But you also feel that all that effort sometimes has not been rewarded and that sometimes makes you lose a slight desire to continue. At times you have felt like the advice you have given to others has gone directly to the recycling bin.  For this reason, Libra, now you would like to hear that a particular person is very grateful for your advice and that thanks to you, they are now happy. Thanks to you, it would help if you were told that they want to start being a better person. They can't even imagine how happy those few words can make you. They are unaware of how those words can change your way of seeing life. This is just what you need to hear before the year is out. Just what you need to feel that all the effort and all the time has served for something.


    This year and especially these last few months for you, Scorpio, have not been easy. As much as you tried to move forward, something was trying to hold you back, not allowing you to continue pursuing your goals. But it is also true that you have needed a lot of the warmth of your recent months and that your people have been a support to continue being strong. You have valued them, loved them, and thanked them for everything they have done for you. But maybe you need to see something else from him. You need to hear that they love you, that you are on their mind all day, and that you are someone important to them.  You also like to be thanked, tell you how much they appreciate you, and give you those hugs that make the day better. Simply those words could be able to make the year-end in the best possible way and give you the strength you need to start 2019.


    This year, there is someone who has tried to ruin your life, someone who has come after you to be able to hurt you. Luckily you are powerful and positive, Sagittarius, because otherwise, you would be broken. But you are not stupid, and you had known how to stop him when he wanted to go further. It made you go through horrible times and even lose hope in people. You came to believe that everyone was like that and that no one was worth trusting. But right now, you need to hear regrets from that person. Let him tell you I'm sorry for everything he put you through and that you didn't deserve everything he did to you. You know that will not change anything, and that is not why you are going to give him a second chance, but at least you already know that in his heart there is repentance and that at least he has known how to ask for forgiveness and that he has also known how to put himself in your shoes. These words will not erase all the damage he has done to you, that is clear, but they can make you turn the page and forget everything that happened.


    You have a hard time trusting others, Capricorn. But that will happen now, in 2019 and 2040. Always. You are like that, and it is in your nature to be suspicious. They have played you so much that you know that it is best not to trust if there are no reasons to do so. Someone in your life is trying to enter your heart and gain your trust, but you keep trying to keep your distance because you still do not know what that person is like, and you do not have enough reasons to trust. You need that person to tell you and promise that they will never hurt you. He tells you it does not mean that you will go quickly to trust them, but it is one more step. It is giving you one more chance to trust. You don't want to suffer, and you don't want to put your heart at risk. You would like to be able to trust others much sooner, but it is not something that you see as feasible. You would love to be able to open your heart and let your emotions come out so that they are free, but you know that if you do that, you would be giving many people the opportunity to play with him.


    There is something you are looking forward to hearing before the year is out, Aquarius. There's something you've been waiting for a long time to come out of that person's mouth. Although you may not show it as much, you are very sentimental. You can even seem quite cold simply because you are embarrassed to show what you have inside. Therefore, you are not a person who says a lot 'I love you' or says in words how he feels for others. Also, for that very reason, for showing yourself so closed to others, they are a little afraid to tell you what they feel. But right now, you need to hear from that person who loves you. This relationship is something real, and that person cares about you. He does not say it enough for fear of rejection, but you love to hear this kind of thing deep down. It would be best if you heard that. It will make you feel that the flame is alive and that the feelings are always present.


    Right now, Pisces, you find yourself a bit tired of always running into people who end up breaking your heart. You have tired of always being with people who do not know how to value your affection. You are very sensitive, and being hurt affects you more than any other sign. But that does not mean that you are not strong. Things may affect you significantly, but you know how to get out of them with the best temperance. And worst of all, people don't think you're strong. People can only see that 'weak' and sensitive side, staying with that. It is not that difficult, but people get scared when they see a sensitive person. But, Pisces, if they don't tell you, nothing happens. You know how STRONG you are, and that is what matters.