what is the motto of the signs of zodiac that you should know



IF there is a perfect motto for Aries people, this is it. It suits him like a glove of course, Aries prefers and will prefer to live how he wants, when he wants and with whom he likes the most, than to have to follow masses and have to ask permission to be free.

Aries is not going to ask permission to be rebellious and to do what he wants the most, but he would ask for forgiveness for everything he may cause in his way. In life I would ask permission to love, fight and play, if anything I would ask forgiveness for breaking the odd heart and for all the damage it may cause. You cannot cut off a free soul like Aries, it cannot prevent it from going wherever it wants and having to give an account of its steps. From Aries, we are left with his motto of forgiveness. Aries knows how to rectify, knows how to back off, knows how to ask for forgiveness in time and out of time and knows that with forgiveness, he has permission to be free until he dies. Point.



If there is someone who does not have a bit of cowardice when it comes to taking their reason to heaven and fighting and insisting as much as possible so that their reason is the most valid of all, it is Taurus, without a doubt.

Taurus is a stubborn person in the opinion of many people, but in reality it is not stubbornness, it is firmness, strength and a lot of faith in your own point of view. Come on, if Taurus wants, he makes everyone see reason so that no one thinks differently, period. Taurus prefers to risk out of stubbornness and make everything he dreams of come true, to let himself be carried away by cowardice and allow others to be above his reason. Taurus prefers to live fighting to make his reason win, to living being one more and obeying everyone’s orders out of sheer cowardice. He will always make his reason outweigh the hypocrisy of people who want to see his truth fall.



The spirit most full of life and most eager to experiment, learn and grow is that of Gemini, and no, there is no one who can overshadow it.

Geminis breaks the rules with cause, dances and kisses slowly to savor every moment, but goes in a hurry and with ease so as not to miss a single moment to live. Gemini, it is very about living the now, the moment and not leaving for tomorrow everything that you can enjoy today. He knows that life flies by, he knows that there are trains that only make one stop, trains that can carry a range full of possibilities and that is something very pleasant for someone with such an adventurous spirit as Geminis.

For Geminis, the best will always be yet to come because their spirit is like that, because they believe in possibilities and because for Geminis, settling will never become an option. For Geminis, the option will always be to live life to the fullest and create thousands of adventures.



A cool motto for someone cool. A very good philosophy of life, for someone with a heart better than good, for someone with a huge heart. Cancer knows that it is better to love yourself first than to love yourself late, that by truly loving yourself, you can come to love the rest. Full-blown self-love.

Cancer is who he is and he takes care of others and loves them the way he does thanks to his self-love. Thanks to him, Cancer has learned to give place to each person, not to love everyone before himself / and to value people who really show him full-fledged affection. Thanks to its motto, Cancer is no longer there for people who then do what they want with their heart, thanks to this, Cancer remembers today, tomorrow and always how much it deserves, everything that is worth and the power that you have when your love for yourself is great.



The perfect life motto for someone perfect is this, without a doubt. Leo is almost always so successful for that very reason, because he takes risks whenever possible and fights to leave his mark and make a difference. Leo does not take risks to overtake others, Leo takes risks to improve himself day after day, not to conform and to break with the impossible. Leo does not lose when he risks and fails, Leo learns a new lesson and moves forward, as with everything in life.

Leo falls, he is human, he falls like everyone else, but Leo falls to get up stronger, he falls to learn, to grow and to improve himself as a person. Leo risks even knowing that he can lose, because Leo is like that, his life motto is that, he prefers to live risking and fighting for his dreams, than repressing himself every two by three for the fear of failing.



This is something that is very characteristic of wonderful Virgo people. A very worthy motto for someone with a lot of intelligence and cunning. Virgo first observes, then listens very carefully, observes again, captures absolutely everything and then acts. If he sees that he can, he barks as much as possible, if he sees that he cannot, he is silent and goes unnoticed, Virgo is extremely careful with this issue, he knows perfectly well that it is better to be patient and see well what people are doing with their talks, to be the first to speak and screw it up.

This motto fits Virgo like a glove, because Virgo has a very good memory and knows perfectly what to forget, what to let go of, what to listen to and what to pretend ... When everyone goes, Virgo is back, don’t forget. Virgo is the zodiac sign with the most detective instinct and the most intelligent mischief. Point.



Of course it could not be otherwise. Libra is the balance of the zodiac, it is the balance in person. Well, not the balance as such, the SEARCH FOR BALANCE, yes…. Libra without balance in his life, he is like a son lost in a shopping mall crying without seeing where his parents may be. Yes, it is dramatic, but it is the plain truth.

Libra people are very diplomatic people, very fond of mental and social stability and very, very defender of equality and justice. For Libra, balance is life, without balance there is nothing. More than a motto, it is the law of life.

When Libra sees that his environment is charged with negative energy and that injustices are committed more than driving offenses, he takes action. He cannot stand idly by, he explodes hopelessly, Libra cannot see how one person tramples another person with total freedom. EQUALITY and NON-DISCRIMINATION, for Libra it is more important than the air to breathe… Libra, in order to create equality and balance, is capable of finding the meaning of the impossible. Certain.



Clearer than water, easier, impossible and more certain of course that it cannot be. If there is someone who knows how to defend better than well, it is Scorpio, without a doubt. Scorpio is not a person who calls for hatred when he wants people to pay for his actions, although his fame is very bad, Scorpio knows how to move forward, forgive and close stages of his life forever. But Scorpio is very fond of things well done and it is obvious that he collects the debts that others leave him. And if they attack him, he attacks more and better. If they hurt him, he defends himself in a very dangerous way and if he tries to sink him, he pays with the same coin and sinks that person in less than a rooster crows at dawn.

It is a very clear motto, very simple and quite effective, Scorpio can forgive many things, but deception cannot. Deception costs dearly. Very simple, if you cheat on someone Scorpio, you sink yourself. Scorpio is fast when it comes to executing his revenge, it is that fury that characterizes him that makes him not measure the consequences of his actions when he is blind with anger ... Scorpio lives and lets live, if others do, if not, act . Simple.



This motto is perfect for Sagittarius. Sagittarius came into the world to leave a mark, to know, the world to learn and soak up all possible cultures and to pursue their goals and dreams whenever possible.

The Sagittarius motto is NEVER LATE FOR ANYTHING and no, it couldn’t be otherwise. The archer’s crazy and adventurous spirit PREVENTS him from staying without trying everything possible, without fighting, without pursuing his aspirations, the Sagittarius motto is very refreshing and fiery, it is the engine of his life.

For Sagittarius, it is never too late to fight again, it is never too late to try everything again and it will never be too late to be happy again. It is never too late to ask for forgiveness, to love again, to truly feel and to believe, dream and learn. It is never too late to travel, to meet and to learn from others, never ... For Sagittarius, it is never late for anything, never, and it is, it is a gift. The Sagittarius life motto teaches us to fight and fight for our dreams every day, whatever the cost.



Say no to Capricorn, and the goat will teach you YES. Deny something to Capricorn and you will see how the goat achieves it, triples it and closes your mouth in the most polite way possible. If there is a perfect motto for Capricorn people, of course it would be this. Capricorn is a very stubborn person, of course they are, very stubborn when it comes to fighting for what they really want and if they say NO, they won’t sit idly by and get it. It does not shut up, it does not allow itself to sink, it does not withdraw and no, it does not let it pass. Capricorn acts in defense with cunning, intelligence and great caution, because there is nothing that bothers him more than being denied something that he really wants.



Easy and simple. Aquarius’s motto is the coolest of all. The Aquarius motto is special, it is strong and it does much honor to the essence of Aquarius. The effort and strength that Aquarius puts into the things he does is not comparable to anyone else’s, the positivity he wastes, the good vibes he gives off and the sense of humor that always accompanies him ...

Live and let live is a perfect motto for Aquarius because Aquarius is independence in person. It respects the independence of each and every one of the people, it is natural and a very friendly hand of freedom of expression. Aquarius would never cut the wings of his family, partner or friends, on the contrary, Aquarius is the part that encourages them to fly and to pursue their dreams, encourages them to FLY.

The motto of Aquarius is special, like Aquarius. A very necessary motto for the world to learn to respect, a motto more than ready to teach us to live and let live and respect the freedom and decisions of other people, in this sense, Aquarius is the most respectful person you can find. . Without a doubt.



For Pisces, dreaming is an escape route, a perfect cure and a way to heal the mind and disconnect in a very positive way.

Pisces knows that to acquire knowledge it is necessary to be in motion, and to be in motion and acquire knowledge there is nothing better than knowing the world, right? Among the dreams of Pisces is to travel to places that offer them the possibility of learning things that are not within their reach on a day-to-day basis. His motto is perfect, his motto invites him to always want more, to live between two constant parallels, to never settle for what they give him and to dream, to dream of a much better world.

Pisces loves everything related to spiritual life and the invisible and has an immense curiosity to answer many of your questions. Where do you find them? In your dreams. In the premonitory dreams that always end up giving him light and telling the truth. Dreaming is free, but if you dream as a Pisces it benefits you.