What Should You Know Before You Go Out With Scorpio

    No.1 If you fall prey to his attractiveness, don't run away.

    Resisting the power of attraction and magnetism of Scorpio is impossible. You will not want to go far from Scorpio because when you feel attracted by his attractive personality, you let yourself be carried away by his mystery. Once inside, there is no escape. You DO NOT WANT IT TO EXIST because you will like it; Scorpio has something extraordinary that leaves a mark for life.

    No.2 Control is yours. Scorpio IS dominant.

    What Are the Strengths and Weaknesses of Libra Scorpio may have some other trust problem but NOT OWN CONFIDENCE, if not blind trust in others. That is why he loves to be in control, as much control as possible, and more because that is what truly gives him security. Scorpio is dominant because you cannot trust anyone 100%. There have been many things, and the stories lived to make you trust blindly again. Whoever wants to have Scorpio in their life has to work hard on this, on earning a position of trust in their life, because Scorpio does not give it away.

    No.3 Scorpio always wins.

    Did anyone doubt it? Scorpio was born to win, to fight, and of course, he won; he came and stayed to succeed. It couldn't be any other way, and he's a Scorpio; success is almost guaranteed for life; whoever is going to start a relationship with Scorpio, good luck. Scorpio insists and persists until the end, until he does not have what he wants and does not stop, which can be exhausting for his closest circle, but it is so pleasant for Scorpio. Clearer is impossible. The scorpion is like that. Who likes it well and who does not like a door.

    No.4 Your private life is YOURS alone and is not in the public domain.

    It is so, Scorpio is a person very jealous of their privacy and does not want all the details of their relationship to be exposed on social networks or on the bulletin board in their neighborhood so that everyone knows. Yes, he likes to brush strokes or show it subtly, creating a mysterious game, making the pleasure between the two partners go up and up, but from there to not having privacy, NO. Oddly enough, Scorpios are very protective of their most intimate secrets, their most seductive fantasies, and even their deepest feelings. He talks a lot about everything, about any subject, but subjects that are close to his own private life. NO. Not there.

    No.5 A business that touches, a business that leads to success.

    And whoever has any doubt, complaint or suggestion, keep it for yourself, fold it about twenty times, and throw it in the trash. Here, Scorpio will be more Scorpio than ever and will not pay attention to anyone else. His inner voice and his witch's intuition are the keys behind the success of Scorpio and his excellent business vision. Let's say that Scorpio would be very capable of doing business even with the leaves that fall from the trees, something very incredible, with his Vision of the future, is born, that is not learned even on the street, Scorpio is a true genius. No matter who likes it.

    No.6 It has a very dark, mysterious part.

    What Does It Mean to Dream About Darkness? Scorpio does have a dark side that is unknown to many people and is genuinely mysterious and attractive. His gaze tells you that he will always have something to hide, that he will always be a thousand steps ahead of you. Whether you want it or not, it transmits something hidden, something dark It's as if Scorpio had a connection with the afterlife. But hey, not everyone believes in these things, and that mystery can also result from its characteristic black and sarcastic humor. Many of the things that are not funny to most people are the ones that Scorpios like the most. Scorpio knows how to use his most mysterious part to do what he wants with whomever he wants.

    No.7 Scorpios have an extraordinary and magical gift.

    Scorpio has powers, okay? That's why he manages to guess everything, everything, everything. It is like that, and he has psychic powers that help him always get closer to the truth, know what the people around him really are like, and guess things that have not even happened. There will be people who believe it and people who don't, but Scorpios are the ones who know the truth; they know that these hunches are not just bad dreams; they know that their intuitions are not just things that could happen. Scorpio knows that it is magic and that if he concentrates a lot, he could mark and leave his mark in an absolute way. Obviously, his observation skills and his great photographic memory have a lot to do with it, but Scorpio has many tricks in safety.

    No.8 It has a very protective character.

    Scorpio is a very vindictive person towards bad people and who act to hurt. In that sense, Scorpio is very protective of his people. Even with people he does not know much about, it does not matter if Scorpio sees that someone is having a wrong time and that he cannot defend himself at all; he does not hesitate for a second. He does what be it to defend or help. Be careful with challenging or annoying Scorpio because the play can be costly.

    No.9 It has a radar that catches lies on the fly.

    What Virgo Looks for in Their Life Partner A radar that catches a liar sooner than a snail and that doesn't let anyone get away with it. You have to remember that Scorpio people come and go when no one has left yet. Life is like this: some do their best to be the best, and others are born a Scorpio. That is why Scorpio hates death when people hesitate and try to lie to him. He hates that people don't know how to be consistent and don't consider anything. Scorpio catches the liar before the liar says something. Without saying go, you already know everything. It is inexplicable; he feels it, senses it, and is so right.

    No.10 It is much better NOT to have him as an enemy.

    There it is. To your friends, always close, but to your enemies much more. With Scorpio, of course, yes. It is much better to have Scorpio as a friend than as an enemy for a straightforward reason: to avoid having nightmares for a lifetime.