What Signs Are Classified From Angels to Demons

    Some people are very angels and others who are very devils, and even, so we fall in love, although there are also people who have both sides. Neither the good one is that good, nor the bad one is as bad as they are painted, but we all know that our actions define us and that our personality also helps a lot. Here is a small ranking of the zodiac signs classified from angels to demons:


    All Libras are characterised by having an angel face and a personality that wastes a lot of tenderness (when you let yourself know in-depth, of course, because if nothing else) You are a very pure Libra person, and whoever is by your side can be sure that has a very good person around. What's more, you often sneak in and act like a good person. You know, you give more to others, but that is your hallmark. In heaven, he has a throne with a crown and in great detail for everything you do down here, like this, as data.


    Are you surprised to be in this position? Hopefully not, because you deserve it, Taurus. You have a heart that does not enter your chest, and you know it. Even if you are not the most demonstrative person on earth in terms of feelings, you protect your people like nobody else and do anything for their affection. You are a very good Taurus person, a little angel with many characters but very familiar and sensitive deep down. You know that many times that good side has been the one that has hurt you the most. Especially when they have taken advantage of your help. You are an angel among many demons.


    You deserve third place because you have your own way of seeing the world, and in it, you always count on making others happy. You are much light in the dark, Pisces. You are much of an angel among many demons who salivate when they see your goodness. Seriously, you are very kind (with whom you want), and you know how to empathize with people. Although do not forget, FORGIVE, and that makes you great Pisces. The only flaw you would have as an angel is that you don't know how to wait, and you want people to return favors faster than later. Nothing more. You like to see justice always done.


    Sagittarius, you are a very positive person, and you would only leave that facet to take a ten-day trip. For you, loving and making others happy is like breathing fresh air. You enter into the group of angels because you are Sagittarius light, you are positive, and you are the type of person capable of anything, to see others happy and smiling. Moreover, even if you have a shitty day, you put the best of all your smiles (it is also a protective shield so that they do not ask you, and you know it). You like to make your loved ones laugh, and you love to see how they overflow with joy in their lives.


      Even if you don't show it, you care a lot for others. Even if you do not like to give tokens of affection and affection, we know that you are one of the people who are most happy about the joys of others. Aquarius, you may not be the joy in person, but you have one of the kindest and simplest hearts in the entire zodiac. There are no double faces in it, and there is no double bottom; it does not hide anything. You are an Aquarius angel, not one of the most demonstrative and affectionate, but an angel who has fallen from heaven. Your actions have given you this position, your personality is what makes everyone see you as someone rebellious, but it is all facade.


    You are in the equator of angels and demons, and of course, it could not be someone else. It is you, Gemini, the sign that has two sides. The dark and the good. The yin and the yan. The angel and the devil. The typical image of someone with a mini angel telling them what good to do and that mini devil challenging the mini angel's ideas is yours. This is Gemini, and you are in the middle of it to get good attention. You do not pursue a specific pattern because you are like no one else when you want to be good. Needless to say, when you feel like being wrong, Gemini, you embroider it.


    The experiences, the experience, and the lessons that you have been learning by force throughout your journey have been the ones that have made them with one foot more on the side of the demons than on that of the Leo angels, and you know it. Let's see, and it is evident that you are a little piece of heaven with the people who need it and that you are very affectionate. Still, when you have to get serious and bring your claws to the light, you do it like the lion of the jungle that you are, Leo. You do it honoring your name because even the bravest can shit on seeing your fangs in full action. That's right, let a lion loose, and cowards will cry incessantly, right?


    You dream of being a good person. You try to be a good person, and you know what? That you are a very good Cancer person, but life puts many temptations with a touch of sin in front of your nose, and, honestly, you cannot resist. Cancer, you are a fighter person and a defender of equality and rights. You like to take care of your people, and you love to see that they are happy and to know that you have been able to have something to do with it. But when that inner mini devil in you speaks to you and puts temptations in front of your nose, you cannot reject them. You plummet Cancer, and it knows how to blackmail you very well.


    You are more of a devil than an angel for a simple reason: because of your character. This is Virgo; let the person who has the audacity to stick their noses into some aspect of your life be prepared and pray a lot. Seriously, it is not a joke that the person who messes with you be prepared because when you have to defend yourself from whatever it is, you do not measure forces, words, actions, and revenge, and you know it. If you have to put yourself in an evil plan, you put yourself in a maximum lousy plan, and you do not leave anyone safe, Virgo. It's actually logical, and you know how to defend yourself very well.


    You love to see your people happy. You love to make jokes and make them laugh non-stop. But there may be the reason why you are more devil than angel. Aries, recognize that many of your jokes are double-minded. You know it very, very well. You make me a joke to tell painful truths or to throw straightforward hints in the face of someone you don't like. You are a devil of the Aries category. What's more, it doesn't have to be a bad thing, because you've played many of those jokes on friends who are very close friends of yours. And the best of all is that that air of "bad devil" suits you very well ...


    Oh Capricorn, how foolish the world is. You are the clear example of the devil in lambskin and with a face of not having broken a plate. You have the same acute and soft lamb as a maximum sentimental person. In other words, NOTHING, and you know it. You are in the penultimate position because, for you, this is the position of the winners. You are a very cunning person, with few scruples, a lot of evil intelligence, many tricks and secrets, and a pretty penetrating look. Seriously Capricorn and only the physical makes you be someone to be afraid of. But if we talk about your intelligence, we have already reached the devil's limbo. You're the best.


    Did you doubt it? Obviously not. The position of the maximum devil with the highest level of evil in his blood is yours, Scorpio, only yours and nobody else's because no one could carry that position better than you. There is not the typical image of the angel against the devil on your shoulders. No. In your case, you have a devil on each shoulder because there is no room for heavenly angels in your life. But be careful; this does not mean that you are not a beautiful person, not at all. But, indeed, you come back when everything goes, and that evil suits you fucking good Scorpio. To your will, whoever surrenders and you know it.