What You Can't Tolerate in a Relationship


What you cannot tolerate in an Aries relationship is very simple, straightforward, clear to digest, and very clear to understand. You do not want or have the need to share your life with someone who does not have a spark, who does not want more and who does not want to live, laugh, experiment, create, dream, travel and love. Well, the list is much longer than this, but what Aries cannot tolerate is being with someone who has less blood running through his body than a tree branch, that is.

You are a very energetic person and you need that, an ideal travel companion who can follow you, who encourages you to do more and who likes adventure the same or more than you. The typical person who is more annoying than funny and who annoys all plans because they seem dangerous, boring or too provocative, is the person from whom you have to stay away, because your nerves can be seen very affectionate with her.


People who are on the list and who think they know everything but then, at the moment of truth, have no idea what they want, are people who should be prohibited from entering your Taurus life. If there is something that you really cannot tolerate for the world, it is the inept and irresponsible indecision of people who go through life aimlessly. That kind of people, outside of Taurus, you know they don’t suit you because they get on your nerves.

Even if you try, Taurus, that person can create insecurities for you, for the queen and king of control and that is bad, very bad ... A person without a fixed direction in his life can force you to abandon your control and that, in you, It is not possible, because you love to plan every second of it, which is yours for something. You can’t tolerate sharing your valuable time with people who don’t know how to take advantage of every second of it. Point.


Look Gemini, there are many things that can drive you crazy, but whoever you speak and have no answer wins the prize. Of course, Gemini, you are a very sociable person and you love being with people who know and want to communicate, well, it is not a thing of the other world. SPEAKING is something universal, we all have the language to do it, so the fact of being in front of someone who speaks the same as a concrete wall, makes you very nervous. To be with such a person, you are not with anyone and that’s it, because communication will always be power and without it, boredom is served on a platter and YOU GEMINI don’t want that. A relationship where there are no jokes, gossip, planning and stories to tell how the day went is not a relationship for you, Gemini.


Having by your side someone with the same sensitivity as the bristles of a toothbrush over five years old, is highly discouraged for you CRAB, you cannot tolerate a life partner who makes you feel out of place, even if they want with madness Cancer, it is not good for a heart like yours. The last thing you need in your life is to have someone by your side who questions your every step, who controls your life and does not let you express yourself as you are Cancer.

You should never waste your time with someone without a heart, someone who wants everything to be logical and does not have a shred of imagination. Really Cancer, do not let your sensitivity take over you and nip if you are with someone like that because you cannot tolerate a lack of humility, period. You deserve someone with human defects of course, someone really who complements you, someone without a heart. Point.


Whoever enters your Leo world, has to be part of it in every way. Yours will become his and vice versa, in a relationship you give everything and more, always. Now, if your partner lives separately, he does not take you into account and does not treat you as you deserve, there are problems. You do not tolerate that for anything in the Leo world, knowing that you are not his main focus, that you are not his world and that he can live very well without you. You do not like lion, you do not like knowing that you are not his world and his stars. It sounds corny, it is true, but it is very true because you give everything for your partners and in return you want the same thing, neither more nor less.

When you do not feel valued and loved as you would like the world to fall on you Leo, in reality you are much more sensitive than people think and you have much more in mind that than any physical trait. You do not tolerate the lack of empathy and the fact of being one more. No Leo, you have to be unique.


You cannot tolerate a couple with zero desire to fight for a future Virgo, really, those kind of stupid people who want everything done and who don’t mess up a single hair for doing something on their own, they consume your energy , the good vibes and patience that characterizes you so much. Being with a person with ZERO aspirations in life is a very big detour for you Virgo, someone without dreams, without illusions, without future plans or ambitions….

You don’t tolerate someone being like that, you can’t get to understand why these people are, it costs you a lot to put yourself in their shoes because, honestly, you don’t want to be in their shoes, you don’t want to know what it feels like to be in their heads. someone with ZERO aspirations in life. For you Virgo, coherent people, with aspirations and with goals, go to you. You are loved by people who want to work, fight and dream. Always. The people who live from the story, the further away the better.


You do not tolerate closed-minded people, you do not tolerate people who question everything, those who have to criticize others to comfort themselves with their life, people who go first, who overwhelm before helping, with zero kindness and who does not take into account anyone else ... You do not tolerate Libra ineptitude, much less lack of humanity.

Look at Libra, you are a person who is always in continuous learning, who never stops growing, who always wants more and who will never stop believing in the possibilities. You are a very thoughtful person, who loves to learn from others and who always has time to listen and ask for an opinion. Someone who does not judge without knowing, who gives second chances and who loves her freedom to be herself above all things. For that very reason Libra, you cannot be with someone who is more rigid than a stone in their opinions and actions, so of course, you cannot waste your time with someone who does not know how to evolve with you.


Breathing the same air as a lying person? Sharing a bed and emotions with someone other than who they say they are? IN THE LIFE. Look Scorpio, if there is something that you cannot really tolerate, it is that, being with someone you know who hides things, someone with a confused past, with many unknowns around him and with less confidence than the one who walks a tightrope in a ravine, so clear.

You are a very astute Scorpio person and you know very well when someone has an open secret, when someone is not to be trusted and when the wheat is not clean in the environment. You do not tolerate that they laugh at you, that they believe that Scorpio can deceive you, you cannot with it. You read them before they even speak and you know it.


People who hate to travel and who don’t like to experience what planet do Sagittarius come from? YOU ARE NOT IN HIS WAVE. You cannot tolerate being on the side of someone with ZERO aspirations in Sagittarius life, people who prefer to conform, who do not want to risk and with zero desire to discover the world, are NOT ANYTHING compatible with you. What you need is an ideal travel companion, someone with whom you can discover the world, someone with whom you can get excited and create thousands of adventures together. What you want is your perfect half, your traveling half, someone with whom you can share challenges, illusions and dreams.

Whoever enters your Sagittarius world has to be an active part of it. With you there is no chance of boredom, with you they are all adventures and what better way than to share them with someone who has the same desire to travel the world. As simple as that.


What you can never, ever bear in a Capricorn relationship is impatience, rush and stress. You really like to take your time to decide, weigh any decision to know that it is the right one and share your life with someone who respects that, who respects your time, your decisions and who does not put you between a rock and a hard place. You cannot be with someone who pressures you to trust, because that causes the opposite effect and makes you distrust more. You like to take your time to open your heart and make up your mind, right? Well, people who do not respect that point are not your tolerance.

You do not tolerate that your Capricorn personality is not taken into account, you cannot bear that it is your partner who decides the times, that she is in charge of deciding when, how and why, you cannot with it ... Whoever really loves you, He will leave all the time in the world for you to throw yourself. POINT.


Whoever enters your Aquarius world, will have to have an open mind and ZERO prejudices towards rebellious people and free as the wind. Look at Aquarius, even if you try you know that you can’t be with someone very traditional. You do not tolerate puritanical people who live by and to follow the rules and to settle for whatever comes their way. You do not tolerate people who do not fight for their dreams, people who do not have their own voice, who follow the masses and who, despite everything, get carried away by someone else’s opinion and do not take you into account because they scare your natural rebellion.

You cannot share your life with someone who is afraid to leave their circle, their city and who has ZERO desire to travel, experiment and learn by browsing other cultures.

You really don’t care much about what others think and honestly, you need a partner who admires that point. You need someone who values you and follows your game, who is not afraid to break the rules and who, whatever happens, stays with you until the end.


You cannot tolerate being around someone who does not know what Pisces humility is, really, you cannot share the same air of a person with ZERO desire to be good, with a strong desire to be evil and without any compassion. You can not tolerate people with a cold heart Pisces, you are someone very kind, with your failures of course, but with a very good heart.

You know what it is to put yourself in the shoes of others to understand them, you know what it is to have compassion with someone who is not good because it comes from your soul to be like that, you know how to be a good Pisces person and that, you should not enjoy someone with zero compassion for life, plain and simple. You do not tolerate the insensitive who go around “hovering” with expectations that later turn out to be more false than a supposed brand bag with crooked letters, that clearly little fish.