Which Elite Character Would You Be According to Your Sign

    Elite is the Netflix series that sweeps the world by storm and becomes the most marathon run of the week on the entire planet. We, from Black Horoscope, have wanted to get even closer to its characters from an astrological point of view. Anyone who does not know the Elite series at this point is that either he lives in the middle of the mountain where the Internet does not reach, or he is completely disconnected from the world. Here we show you which Elite character you would be according to your sign. And yes, NO spoilers.


    Your Elite character would be Omar. Do you want to know why? Very simple. Omar is a boy who is very clear about what he wants to achieve in life, but he still does not know how to get there. He is a very independent boy who wants to flee from the life that has marked him but cannot because he still does not have the means. Aries are also very independent people who seek to flee from the established and flee from what makes them feel tied. So Omar does whatever it takes to earn money and gets into a world that will bring him some trouble. He also feels tied by religion and by the bond he maintains with his family. Although it seems that he has a love-hate with his family, deep down, he has an extraordinary bond, which makes him rethink things, especially with his sister. As you well know, Aries, you are a very close friend of your friends and, above all, very familiar. Although you are independent, you maintain an exceptional relationship with them.


    How Taurus Flirts Vs How It Is With a Partner Your Elite character would be the police inspector who is in charge of finding out who is guilty of the murder of the El Encinar school. Ainhoa Santamarდ­a plays her role. Maybe he is not the main character, but he occupies a vital role in the series. He is a very methodical person, patient, and focused on finding out the truth, like Taurus in real life. You want honesty and will not hesitate to get to the bottom of the matter to find what you are looking for. He has temperance a lot and controls more than he seems. She may seem cold and calculating, but she wants to find out who the murderer is deep down.


    Your Elite character would be Lu. Lu is a very conceited girl who does not lack detail and who always likes to be perfect. When it comes to talking about her personality, Lu doesn't have any hair on her tongue, and she is one of those who says things no matter who bothers her; she can't stand being quiet. And the same happens to you, Gemini; you are one of those who talks and talks, who has converted to give and give away. You don't have any hair on your tongue either, and you never shut up under any circumstances. Lu is a hilarious person with a very natural grace, just like Gemini. But Lu also has his character and knows how to defend his own better than anything, defend his ideals a lot, and cares about protecting the people who really matter to him. Lu always strives to be the best, and she does anything to stand out; she is pretty competitive. And the same for you, Gemini, that you are super competitive and you hate losing. Gemini, you are a person who defends a lot to the people that you care about, that you do not want them to hurt anyone of yours, and, above all, that hates being opposed.


    Your Elite character would be Samuel. In the series, Samuel is a pretty sensitive person who, although it may not seem on the outside, has suffered a lot in his past. He has not had a good time due to family situations. He is a pretty vulnerable person, and that transmits a certain tenderness. Just like you, Cancer, you are a person with a sensitivity that few others have, and deep down, you are more vulnerable than you seem on the outside. Samuel is someone who thinks a lot about things, a person who is affected too much by problems, but at the same time, he is brave and knows how to deal with them. He does not like that they have changed schools because he cannot find his place, but he knows that it is best to start socializing and make a hole. Like you, Cancer, you are a person who becomes a bit obsessed with what happens to you and who at first thinks that you will not be able to leave, but little by little, you gain strength. You manage to come out more vital than ever. Another strong point that you share with Samuel, Cancer, is empathy. You are both capable of putting yourself in the other person's shoes without hardly trying.


    What Are the Stereotypes of Leo That You Should Know Your Elite character would be Christian. In the series, Christian is a person who always wants to attract attention and who wants to be the king wherever he goes. He does anything to stand out from others. He is a person who wants to make contacts to succeed in any way in the world of fame. He knows that he is not perfect and that he has a long way to go, but he only teaches his best virtues. And with you, Leo, something similar happens. You are a person who likes to be the center of all eyes; you love to attract attention and make everyone notice you. Christian is a very forward-thinking guy who loves taking risks and trying new things. Like you, Leo, you hate routine and always want to take risks, get out of your comfort zone, and know the unknown. Finally, Christian is also good friends with his friends, who defend them whenever he can, likes to party, and enjoys life. And Leos are amusing people who love to enjoy their friends and surround themselves with good company.


    Your Elite character would be Nadia. In the series, Nadia is a very perfectionist person who is clear about her goals and what she wants to achieve in life. Nadia is also very demanding of herself and struggles to fight as far as possible. Just like you, Virgo, who, although sometimes you do not want to accept it, you are very demanding of yourself, to the point that sometimes you get angry because things do not go the way you want. Virgos are very clear about what you want and what you don't want, to the point that you lack a bit of madness and fun. Nadia is also a very self-confident person, but she tries to control herself to not fall into the networks of the 'bad' people around her. In high school, she is a shy but brilliant girl, who wants to be the best, but at the same time, she is very humble. And something similar happens to Virgos, you are knowledgeable people, but you are not showing off that intelligence. Still, you use it to do the things you like the most and to help others.


    Your Elite character would be Ander. From the beginning of the series, we realize that Ander is a particular person. Someone who does not fit very well in his group of friends, perhaps because he comes from another world and does not have the same purchasing power as them. He is someone who wants to try to escape and escape from all that world around him. And you, Libra, are a person who finds it a bit difficult to integrate with others, not because you are not social or anything like that, but because you are different from others. You will never go along with anyone. Ander is also a slightly indecisive character. He is a tennis player. In his head, there are a thousand doubts about whether to continue dedicating himself to it to please his parents or to leave him to be happy himself. Very similar to your doubts and indecisions, Libra, there is little more to say about that. As for love, Ander is quite attracted to someone (no spoilers) who will be as I want and I can not. Ander is behind, but at the same time, he knows that it is better to stay a little on the sidelines. Something similar happens to Libras; it is like you want to leave yourself for everything you feel and what you feel like at that moment. Still, you are also afraid to show all your feelings and everything that you keep inside.


    Why Scorpio Has Feeled Off That You Should Know Your character in Elite would be Carla. This character is a girl who comes from a family with a lot of purchasing power; from the first moment she appears in the series, we already realize that she is someone with much power and that she has something very mysterious behind that image. Everyone thinks that she is a very applied and quite 'traditional' girl, but nothing is what it seems. Like you, Scorpio, the first impression that people take of you is usually very different from who you really are. You transmit something that no other sign transmits, making others want to know much more about you. Carla has been in a long-term relationship with Polo. This relationship is missing something, so they decide to try 'new things. Carla is a very passionate person with a strong character who does not go unnoticed in the series. Like you, Scorpio is a person who always wants to take risks, try new things, and break with the established. Also, you are a person with much passion and with enough character and genius.


    Your character in Elite would be Nano. From the beginning, we realize that Nano is quite a strong character who has lived a long time but still has much more to live. Nano is an intelligent person, but she has gotten into much trouble throughout her life. Now, Nano is trying to fight to put that past behind him and to be able to rebuild his life and not bring more problems to his family. Sagittarius, you are a person who likes to live life like Nano, maybe you don't get into that kind of trouble, but there are times when you screw it up when you say something you shouldn't. And all that because of that soon and to that impulsiveness that is sometimes impossible for you to control. Nano hates injustices with all her might, and she hates that her family and her people have had to go through all this, and she will fight to defend them. Nano wants her people to be happy and wants to put all those misbehaving in their place. Sagittarians also hate injustices a lot, and they are very close friends with their friends and very family members. In short, that rebellion that Nano has could only correspond to someone like you, Sagi. You will do anything to take care of yourself.


    Your Elite character would be Guzmდ¡n. In the series, Guzmდ¡n is a boy who does not go unnoticed, and he is someone who shows in what he transmits that he wants to succeed in life and that he wants to become one of the best. It conveys an air of responsibility, of wanting to have everything under your control. Like you, Capricorn, you are a very responsible person who is clear about what he wants and will do anything to get it. You and Guzmდ¡n are very ambitious people who care a lot about their future both in the short and long term. Guzmდ¡n is a very protective person, sometimes even too protective, both with his sister and with his friends. He wants 'the best for them, to such an extent that sometimes he doesn't even stop to think if 'the best' is 'the right thing.' On the outside, he seems an icy and controlling person, but he is not the wrong person; deep down, all he wants is to make his people happy. It is the same with the Capri, you are pretty tough people on the outside, but inside you keep your little hearts only for those who really want to reach him.


    Your person in Elite would be Marina. One of the series protagonists is known for being a girl who comes from an upper-class family and who practically already has her life resolved. But she is rebellious, and she does not want to live the life that her family has touched. Marina is independent and wants to break with that stereotype of a 'posh girl' that people have imposed on her. Like you, Aquarius, Marina doesn't care what others think of her; what really matters to her is being able to be happy and being able to do what she likes the most. Aquarius, you are also a person who struggles to do what you like the most and not to do what others impose on you. You and Marina are people who go against the established norms. Marina is a brave person, unafraid of anything, willing to face anyone who tells her what to do. Like you, Aquarius, you are a dreamer who wants to go very far and who will do anything to confront those who tell you what you have or do not have to do. Marina is a very creative person who loves to dance and who would like to dedicate herself to the audiovisual world. That creativity is also a very identifying trait of you, Aquarius. You are both pure creativity.


    What Excuse Pisces Gives When They Break Up With You Your Elite character is Polo. From the beginning of the series, Polo is a person who seems to go a bit unnoticed. A person who tries to follow what is established not to attract much attention, Polo is someone quite shy, to be honest, but deep down, we know that he has something inside. Like you, Pisces is a timid person at first, but you become a totally different person when he gains confidence. Polo transmits sweetness, kindness, and sensitivity. He is a character who first falls well for that image of a good boy that he transmits to others. With Pisces, it is the same. You are lovely people, susceptible. You transmit that energy of kindness and tenderness as if you were a small child. But as the series develops, we get to know the authentic Polo. In reality, Polo is a bit more rebellious than we imagined, and he also has his character and his genius. Everyone thinks that Pisces is the goodman of the Zodiac, the one who has not broken a plate in his life, but deep down, he is pretty rebellious. Everyone thinks he is the little fish, but he also has a bit of a shark side.