Which Zodiac Has Most of the Difficulties in Leaving the Relationship

    Zodiac signs have a hard time ending and letting someone go or leaving. Everyone suffers when relationships end, more or less, sooner or later. Still, in the end, if you really felt something for that person, in some way, you have a hard time. But there are signs that they are still much more vulnerable to all this. These are the five signs of the Zodiac that have the most difficulty leaving a relationship:


    Pisces has a huge heart, and although it is true that he also has a genius and a lot when it comes to idealizing the partner, he is all heart. He idolizes the person he is with, admires him, and sees only his best qualities. For this reason, you overlook things you shouldn't, signs you should probably stay away from. Sometimes, even knowing that it might not be for the best, she tries to do everything in her power not to lose him. When Pisces is blind with love, he defends his partner to death, even facing his friends or family, sticking his face for that person until the end. Suppose all is said and done, and the relationship is over. In that case, Pisces will have a hard time walking away or letting their partner walk away. You may suffer an identity crisis, anxiety, and much lack of control. He will be able to leave everything behind to go after that person. Still, he will open his eyes sooner or later, and he will open them forever. And when he sees the chaos that has formed, he will fix everything. Pisces obsession does not last for life.


    When Does Cancer Finds Their Love You love being in love with Cancer, you love to love, and it shows a lot. Despite having many insecurities in this matter, when you like someone very much, you tend to have high hopes for that relationship to work; you idolize them in some way. You constantly imagine your future with that person. But also, all your future, from marriage, coexistence and even many times to children. The problem is that when things go wrong, you become very overwhelmed and give a priority role to love that it should not always have, especially when it is the cause of all your stress. If this is when someone really likes you, imagine when they actually become your Cancer partner. There you go to another level. You give absolutely everything, Crab, and love becomes the first thing in your life. Sure it is something extraordinary, but Cancer love is not everything. You are aware of it in words but not in deeds. Before you end up so devastated when you know the end of a relationship, try to give it a cool head and let it go. Cancer will hurt, but only at first.


    You are always protecting yourself from all Virgo. Of others, that they can hurt you, that they can betray you, that they hurt you, and that's why in the end, you seem a much colder person than you really are. If you protect yourself, it is because you are vulnerable, and you know that, deep down, they have more power over you than you would like. And more when you fall in love. Your standards are high, and when you really fall in love, it is because that person has touched you a lot and has really stirred you inside. You are a brilliant Virgo person and also very aware of knowing when problems arise in the relationship when to cut. But do not cut the first time because it costs you your life to break up with someone you love, let him go, or leave yourself. You are the way you are, and like other signs would nip a relationship that does not work in the bud, you are one of those who fight to the end trying to fix everything. You are like that with everything in life, a born fighter and in love; obviously, it will not be less. You have patience, and because of that, you stay in relationships longer than you really should because you think that you can fix everything with time.


    You get hooked on love, too, Taurus; you are a dreamy and idealistic person. For that reason, you idealize love, and deep down, you believe that it is the most beautiful thing that can happen to someone, to love and to be loved without conditions. You are a person who cannot hide what they feel and what's more, you have no problem accepting it, explaining to that person everything you could do for them. You don't want to be left wanting anything in life, Taurus, and always. You would rather say what you feel than stay with the desire. Once everything is stable with that person, you feel super safe. Still, sometimes, everything is not as good as you think, and when this happens, you often deceive yourself to see things that are not. You cling to the memories, how you get it, how well you had a good time. But you forget about the present and that perhaps nothing is the same anymore. Sometimes, you stay where you are out of fear, Taurus, out of fear of breaking with everything, out of fear of walking forward, out of fear of leaving that comfort zone that is probably not so "comfort" anymore ...


    When Does Scorpio Finds Their Love In relationships, you are incredibly intense / or Scorpio. You are passionate, and you always believe that the last person to enter your life will be the final one. You don't fall in love often, but when you do, it's to the end, to the bottom, and you go completely crazy for your partner. Sometimes, even you know it yourself, you can reach the point of obsession, but obsession not to lose that magical thing. You usually are very independent, but in love, you are the opposite; you depend too much on your romantic partners. You give them so much that it is almost as if you are "empty." You get so deeply into the relationship that you do that even the other person can never forget you either. In other words, it can become an intense and obsessive relationship on both sides. You have given so much that you feel that if you leave it, you will have to start from scratch, that you will have failed, that you will have screwed up, and that everything will be shit. And it will be difficult for you to leave it even if you know that it is the best you can do. Be honest with your Scorpio feelings, and don't stay with someone you know you shouldn't, not now, not ever. In addition, you know it yourself, it is hard, yes, but it is not definitive, that pain does not last your whole life, you have also gone through that. You will never let go entirely unless a long time passes. It is something strange, yes, something that only happens with Scorpio.