Why are you annoying according to your sign


    Sometimes you forget that you are a mortal person like the rest of the people who are part of this Aries world. You act like the GOD of the universe that nobody has asked for but that everyone must-have. Yes, because you say so and period and possibly, that maximum leadership gesture may raise the odd blister in the people around you. The best of all is that you know it and keep doing it more on purpose because you like it and because bothering you has fun and point. Admit it, Aries, you like to raise envy, which means that you are doing your job very well and that they want to be like you. People get upset with you because you are the most competitive person on earth. Still, you know that they get upset because they want to nip at your heels. They don't even get close to you, that's what it is, you enjoy seeing how they are left behind, as they want to catch you but they CAN NOT Aries, and if this comes from people who envy you, it even gives you pleasure, cumbersome everything ... What's up, Aries? Are other people's successes smaller than yours? Are only yours, GLORIA? Well, of course, what nonsense would it be to say NO? You know perfectly well that you have the intelligence to stop a moving train without messing up an Aries's hair, you know that your enthusiasm and that your internal strength makes you go far above the others, and to top it all, you like it to be seen, you like others to see you as a step that is at a vertigo height and that most likely cannot be climbed. You love being seen as a god, and you know it.


    The day someone gets inside your head and manages to make you CHANGE your mind, at least 1% Taurus, frogs will rain from the sky. Could you ever do it? Of course, it is, but that for you is not ethical and is synonymous with a losing battle, and for that, there is no space in your life. Indeed, that is stupid greater than the height of a castle, and you know it Taurus, you do not change your mind because you do not want to, and that makes people who have the pleasure of living with you very nervous, period. A face-to-face with you is a real challenge and an excellent instant headache because you are a powerful, stubborn, determined, relentless, and cunning Taurus rival. You love being that way, and you know that. You do not like to negotiate matters that are not of your interest, which raises many sour faces and a lot of bad humor in the people around you, but since you are not the one who has a wrong time, well, that's it. As long as it doesn't affect you, everything will be fine. In your defense, we will say that your people have a lot to gain because you never lose, but they either go with you or against you, and there is no middle ground. People get upset with you because you are a tough nut to crack, but they don't understand that you go far, grow, learn, and never subtract, thanks to being like that. They don't understand Taurus, poor envious souls. In short, Taurus? Agდ¼ita with the person who starts a war with you, be careful and be very careful. It will always be easier and healthier to join your cause and go with you to the death following your ideals step by step than to go against you and stand up to make you change your mind or empathize with a cause that is not yours.


    Possibly a friend of yours had to go to an excellent professional to get his Gemini hearing back, and you don't know it. You have to grab a good bowl of popcorn and have a lot of patience to listen to you, understand you and understand you. In other words? Geminis, who listen to you once, listen to you again in a loop in their head for a long time, bothers them. You are very enthusiastic, energetic, dynamic, and fond of chatting with friends to tell about everything and laughing until dawn. Seriously Gemini, but of course, if we get to the point that sometimes you don't let others talk and that, when they finally manage to do it, you don't listen or you are not directly interested in the topic you were talking about, well there things are changing. Before dealing with the whirlwind that you are Gemini, it takes more than an excellent double cup of the best coffee in the world, and you know what? You love knowing that you are a formidable opponent to beat, more than anything, because you have arguments to stop a moving plane, and you know it, Gemini. You are very aware of that divine gift with which you were born, and you use it at will when it benefits you the most. We know that you are very capable of selling ice to the penguin of the North Pole himself. Your words always play in your favor. Your friends get mad at you because you always get your way by pushing yourself in your speeches and winning people over with nice words. That's Gemini, and you know well what to say and who to get away with it. You say something nice, and "voila," you are showered with offers, gossip, gossip, and information from others out of nowhere, and that bothers you a lot, but you love it.


    How to tell you the truth without hurting that seemingly sensitive heart that you have Cancer? By no means crab. When you read this article, you will cry like there is no tomorrow, and you know it. That things do not go the way you wanted, that that person does not do what you told him in your advice or simply, that there is not that last offer that you saw 15 minutes ago and that you swore to buy when you could, takes you down the path of the Cancer bitterness and makes you enter a loop of sensitive emotions and dramas that are from a rather severe crab joke movie. Yes, for you it can be a super drama, but your people do not think the same, your people have their dramas and the fact that you only focus on yours and make a circus of it bothers a lot in your environment Cancer and in the deep down you know it. Ah well, something super important to highlight in this article: your people do not know how you will react today and how you will act Cancer tomorrow, which bothers them a lot. The typical: now you are super happy, but possibly later you have a bad mood of arms and tomorrow you will be like you hate the world and end the day in love with someone new. You are like that. The chaos we go, but it is what it is. You are an excellent heart, but Cancer is sometimes very cold and burns without knowing why. Sometimes lonely and many others quite expressive, too much even, a very crazy heart, romantic but somewhat inconsistent. But so what? What's wrong with having such a heart? It might bother people, but you know what? That makes you unique, so keep scratching very hard if it continues to bite and bother you.


    Surprisingly, many little things and hobbies make the people around you very nervous, Leo, and you know it. You know it very well, and you love that it is like that, because what matters to you. Is that they speak, be it bad, good, fair or excellent you do not care enough but that they speak, that of being on the lips of people the truth is That gives you even a little pleasure, that means they don't forget you, they can't get you out of their heads and hey, it never hurts to feel pride in that. Well, Leo, if we add to this the fact that you spend more time in front of the mirror flirting with your reflection than doing more productive songs, we already put the icing on the cake, your people are bothered by that minimal touch of arrogance that you show when you do it, but so what? Won't your people have their quirks? Of course, yes, perfect is born and is NOT done, and if they die of envy, it is because deep down they want to be like you, and you know it, and that may be why you do it more and better. Let them continue to rage because that will never happen. What bothers the rest of you the most is that point of pride you show when you have to defend something that is yours. They do not understand that you are made of fire, a primary fire that devastates when it comes to defending what it loves most. A fire without fear of scorching whoever does evil, but a fire that can be dangerous and spread more than necessary. If others are bothered that you act like this, you know that you do not put out your fire even with a ton of water.


    Very few people can boast of knowing you in all aspects of your Virgo life, and that, honestly, annoys even the blandest person on earth. That's the way it is. What for you is to be a person reserved for others is to be someone who does not allow yourself to be pleased even with the best of blackmails, and you know it, Virgo. You look like a person who knows everything, controls more than he breathes, and never fails. You adopt that appearance of yours so calm and proud on many occasions as a shield so that no one goes out of line and manages to enter that inner world so warm and unknown of yours. You give it to yourself as a calculating person, and if Virgo, yes you are, but you know that there is an open secret circulating through your Virgo environment. It is none other than that you have a heart full of human warmth, a heart with many experiences and many fears but stubborn as hell. Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn, tenacious, stubborn. It bothers your people a lot that you are not satisfied with almost anything, that you demand much more than what sometimes you could give yourself, that you have less tact than the roughest part of sandpaper of those typical for Virgo carpentry, seriously, it bothers them that you adopt that bad mood when things go wrong, and there are changes of plans. Anyway, the list is quite dense. What news, right? Well, no, you are not surprised because you do not need anyone to come to bring out the defects, you already know them more than well, and you like them. Why lie? You like to be true to your style and get on the nerves of the rock by always being you and not letting anyone influence you to change. If your character chokes them, let them chew more slowly, right?


    Oh, Libra, Libra, when you get that stubbornness of yours so unknown to many and so, so annoying for everyone who knows it, you put yourself on a plan of maximum arrogance that you even fall in love with and everything, seriously, it is not expected the see you adopt a stance of pure iron. Good grief, anyone who does not know that part of you would say that you are not Libra because when the wires cross, and you let your most rebellious and impulsive vein come out, you leave the staff stunned in a measly second Libra, and you know it. You know you have a much darker SELF, and you like it. That dark is so unknown comes to light when you don't get your way or when they oppose you on a subject in which you know very well that you are right. Injustices bring out your most warrior side, but they also awaken that unknown side of yours, Libra, and honestly? See how people are stunned, mute, and white as a wall when you adopt the role of "don't touch my nose because I bite" you like it a lot. See that you can also cause annoyances. You like it, and you don't like it. You like it because that means that you too can go against the tide and be different from others, and you don't like it because you are a Libra and because you also love that everyone agrees and there is no conflict. And if to that, you add the fact that you never clearly position yourself with someone when they put you between a rock and a hard place, we already touch the sky with our hands, because if something bothers you a lot, it is that you do not want to get wet when there is to do it. You spend intelligence and cunning and others, impulsiveness. It is what it is.


    Here the question should be another, and you know it. What bothers your people about you, Scorpio? We rectify, what does NOT bother your people about you? NOTHING because, in reality, everything bothers them, and you know it very well because sometimes you have even gotten excited just knowing that you go and then the world. Come on, Scorpio, let's focus on the subject Mainly, the reason for the annoyance of others towards you. In other words, Scorpios envy you even when you breathe. You know it, you do it more on purpose, you make your fame bigger and bigger because you know this way you leave your mark in your way, you know very well that this is how you control others and what they think or think about your methods of leaving your mark is sweating you. Your fame is the worst, and there is something that you feel even with particular pride, which means that you are not going unnoticed in this world and leave your mark on whoever knows you, period. What bothers people who enjoy sharing the air with you much more than anything is your character, temperament, and pot rounds you get when something doesn't go as you had planned. They can't with your LACK OF TOUCH, PUNTO. People envy you, criticize you and leave you in the wrong place in their comments because they fear crossing paths with you and falling into your Scorpio networks. They fear that your supposed evil will shake them, and they will end up in your particular world, which annoys them. It bothers them a lot to know that you could fall into your networks IN LOVE, thanks to that dark streak that you always carry powerful Scorpio because you know it can go very far.


    Do you know what bothers others about you, Sagittarius? You can't get an idea. In this case, it is NOT your madness, rebellion, sense of independence, or pot rounds when you want something and doesn't know what. It is much more surprising because what bothers people about you is that you know how to emerge unscathed from any catastrophic situation with the taste and art of someone who could become part of the body of the CNI. When it comes to convincing others to believe your truth, to stay with you on your side and abandon their truths, you are the Sagittarius queen of hearts, and you know it. You know very well what to say, what to do, and what to offer as star blackmail so that they surrender to your charms and do what you want. You love that dark and dangerous side, and you love it because your face reflects the opposite, right? Who would say that a bit of angel could act like a demon in training, but life is like that, a surprise box, and you are the one who takes the prize to the person who surprises the most day after day? You are not afraid to go out without any plan, you are not afraid of going around without any fixed course because you are like that Sagittarius, your fame is to be the most independent and adventurous person in the zodiac, and that annoys and raises more blisters than pure iron Sagittarius shoes. The envious ones will say that you lose the pot too much, but the genius is you. They hate it. It bothers him that you succeed like that with your grace and cunning out of nowhere.


    Oh, Capricorn, how small the world is and how well we get to know people, right? Well, that's not worth a shit with you because very few people can say that they know each of your strengths and weaknesses, goat. Almost no one can assure you that they know you 100% and do not see what bothers that. The fact that you are something like an excellent massive and impenetrable concrete wall raises a lot of discomfort and envy around you, and you know it, goat. You know it, and you don't do anything to change it because you like to be like that. You love knowing that nobody knows you. You love being the one who controls the situation much more, being the one who controls and can handle what others will know about you. It gives you pleasure knowing that your AS up your sleeve is always safe. The last time you empathized with someone, the complete, when was it goat? There it is, one of the many answers needed to understand you. Look, goat, there is only one, and it is YOURS, period. Recognize that you are less flexible than the bar that they say there is in the GYM, and you know it, Capricorn, you know it because you do not feel like giving up so that others have the easier way. You like clear things and justice, and if you had to walk a lot to reach your success, why make the way easier for others? Let them walk just like you did in their day. You think like this, you are very fair dealings, but of course, those deals carry your standards, your essence, and your responsibilities. You do not do it if someone proposes something to you that escapes your radar. It becomes invisible to you, which raises a series of envy and blisters near you, Capri, that you could not even imagine.


    You are a person of ten Aquarius, and seriously, many would stick to being able to gain that naturalness that makes you make a difference from the beginning. But Aquarius, we will tell the truths right now, and you will read them all, all of them, all of them. Here, there is no escape as in real life, as you usually do when you are not in charge of Aquarius, and you know it. That isn't very pleasant because you do not have time to solve something important, but you do have time to go partying, shopping, or looking at nothing. Your people are perplexed by that, but they get annoyed much more with that indifference you show when something doesn't fill you up enough. They want to control you, they want to keep you close, they want to be entirely sure that you will not leave and that they will know where you are going, but that is impossible, and that frustrates them Aquarius, they want your wings to have their limits but would that be possible? In life, your wings will never stop unfolding and going wherever they please, and they are your hallmark, period. Who doesn't like it, door? Who disagrees with your independence, the door too, right? Because you are not going to change, which bothers them today, and indeed it will always do so, it is what there is. You do not like conflicts, and if a conversation does not go with you, you prefer to adopt an invisible role and not participate because you know what can happen if you get fully into an Aquarius discussion. You are more about acting and thinking intelligently and that. In your environment, it raises a lot of blisters. Yes, you are like that, and you prefer to express the truth to pretend that you like something when it is not like that. Pretending has never been your strong suit, but it's very annoying that it seems like they're talking to a wall instead of you.


    People get upset with you because Pisces miss you. They don't know where you're going to come out, what story you're going to surprise them, or what drama will be at the end of today and when the next one will come. It is not that bad, but it bothers them a lot not being able to control you 100%. You are like a full-fledged fish that does not get caught and bothers them too much. But Pisces, you know very well that this is not what can bother them the most. You know very well that they are even a little afraid of you on many occasions. Just because your people get very upset, use you know everything, and everything makes them more afraid than annoying Pisces. Seriously, even if you are not there, you find out everything because even if they want to do something secretly, you know it. Your intuition Pisces, they fear and are very upset with that divine gift the stars gave you when you were born. It bothers them because they know that they cannot have bad intentions or secrets, more than anything, with you. After all, you will surely end up guessing everything. They can't handle that, Pisces. It bothers them a lot to know that they won't be able to with you even being stronger because the truth is that you can't fight against your cunning, not today or ever, and that Pisces' life annoys them. Let them rage, cry and kick all they want because the witch vein that came with you will go with you and always do whatever it takes to be powerful. It bothers them that you are that great. It is what it is. Although the truth is that your mess with keys, material things, papers, and others also makes a minority around you very nervous, hey, that's minimal because here what bothers you is that you are the eye that everything goes and period.