Why the Relationships Don't Work According to Your Sign


The reason your relationships don’t work out, Aries, is because you hate when something gets too routine. And it is very difficult for a long relationship not to fall into routine and monotony. You love falling in love, feeling accompanied and enjoying life with someone, but you don’t like it so much when you get bored with that person. You want your relationships to be constantly exciting and when things start to calm down and settle down, that’s when you start to get alarmed. It is important that you know that not every day you can have that adrenaline that you like.

You have to learn to love the little details and that will be when you start to really appreciate the person you are with. Value that person that you have by your side and you will realize that it does not matter what you are doing because you will be next to the person you love. It may not all be exciting, but you feel better when you are by his side.


Your relationships never last long, Taurus, because you are too scared of having to let someone into your true heart. You are afraid to let someone in and then leave and leave you in pieces. You do not want to bet on someone and then play it on you and turn your life upside down. You are afraid to show who you really are and you worry that that person will walk away when they find out. Taurus, if you want your relationships to last, LOVE YOU, as is. In order to love others, you first have to love yourself. Trust and believe in yourself.

Love your flaws and accept them because they are another part of you. Nobody is perfect. Your weaknesses are not something to be ashamed of. We all have flaws and insecurities. Once you accept and know yourself, you will discover how much easier it is to open up to the other person, trust them and make the relationship last longer.


The reason your relationships don’t last long, Gemini, is because you worry too much about what’s outside of it. Before you focus on the relationship, you want to make sure you’ve explored all the other options in your life. You don’t realize that this is how you let go of people who are really worth it. Gemini, focus on that person who gives everything for you. If you feel something very strong for that person, don’t hold back your feelings. Many times you get scared when you start to feel those butterflies in your stomach.

If you have feelings for that person, let go and love that person in the way they deserve. Don’t say goodbye to the person you really like just because you wonder if you can find someone else. It’s a bit difficult for you to commit to it, but once you realize that your feelings are real, everything will be much easier.


Your relationships never last long, Cancer, because you worry too much about how your partner will get along with your family. The relationship that you maintain with your family and with your friends is something that you will never allow yourself to break. But you also have to understand that the bond that your partner will maintain with them will not be the same as the one you have. Your partner will not be as close as you want him to be, at least in the beginning, and that is something that ruins your relationship. It is obvious that if they get on badly it is something to worry about, but if they respect each other and have a cordial relationship, you should not complain, Cancer.

You should not worry so much about that relationship and worry more about the relationship that you have with your partner. It is important that you put everything outside aside and focus only on your feelings. Don’t let anything distract you, Cancer, because otherwise the relationship won’t last as long as you would like it to.


The reason your relationships don’t last long, Leo, is because you focus too much on yourself. It is great to be an independent person, who always does what he wants and who serves himself, and it is also something that you should not stop doing, even if you are in a relationship. But you have to understand that if you are in a relationship it is because there is someone by your side who wants to share their day to day with you.

You have to try that your partner does not feel forgotten or left by you. Everyone knows that you are crazy in love and that you love to fall in love, but you have to prove it, Leo. It is also important that you know you can not always be the center of attention and more when you are with another person. Both together you have to be the center of attention whenever you can. Do not forget that you have a person by your side who would give everything for you ...


Your relationships don’t last long, Virgo, because you sabotage yourself. You believe that you do not deserve that person, that you do not deserve a relationship or that the relationship is too much for you and that you will not be able to give the level of love that your partner deserves. And although that is something that is inside your mind, it is something that is reflected in how you look and how you treat that person. You have to believe much more in yourself, Virgo, believe that you deserve all this and more. You have to love yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, how do you expect someone else to?

The people around you believe in you, why don’t you? You deserve all the good and more, don’t be so stupid to ruin a relationship just because you don’t believe in your full power. Don’t make that be what ends the relationship, please, Virgo. Do not make that because of your self-esteem and your self-love you go back into that endless loop ...


The main reason why your relationships do not last long, Libra, is because you care more about the relationship itself than about the person with whom you are sharing that relationship. It’s not that you hate being single, but you like feeling loved and cared for by someone else. And that is the problem, that there are times when, because you want to feel loved by someone, you don’t even stop to ask yourself if you really care about that person.

Many times you start a relationship and you don’t even know what your feelings are in those moments and you get too carried away. But Libra, don’t worry, it’s not all your fault. Perhaps it is because you have not yet found the perfect person, the one who will make you worry more about her than about the relationship itself. But from now on, you have to worry more about getting to know that person before starting a relationship, do you promise, Libra?


Your relationships never last long, Scorpio, because you doubt a lot about the love you are receiving. It is difficult for you to trust that partner, and even when you are already in a formal relationship, it is difficult for you to trust the love they are giving you. No matter how much your partner shows you or tells you in words, you do not quite believe it.

It is something within you that tells you not to trust at all, even if that person is giving it for you. You have a hard time believing that all of this is real. In addition, that jealousy so characteristic of your sign makes everything a little more difficult. But, Scorpio, you have to trust more if you don’t want to ruin all relationships. Do it for yourself only. Not everyone is going to play with your heart and you have to give that person who has done so much a chance to make you trust them. Believe and trust what it is telling you and what it shows you day by day.


The reason your relationships never last, Sagittarius, is because you don’t like standing still. It costs you a lot to commit because you think that the word commitment is synonymous with stability and routine. But let me tell you, that is totally untrue. It only depends on you and your partner whether or not the relationship is a monotonous routine. Being in a relationship does not mean that you have to stop making plans on your own or that you have to lock yourself at home with that person.

You are totally free to do whatever you want to do, and just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to ask anyone for permission. But this does not mean that you can totally forget about your partner. You have to know that there is a person who cares about you and would like to make plans together. That the relationship works only depends on you and the effort you put into it, Sagittarius.


Your relationships never last long, Capricorn, because you put them at the bottom of your priority list. Everyone knows that you are a very busy and very ambitious person. It’s okay to focus so much on your career and your future, but if you’re in a relationship, it’s important that you also worry and focus on the other person. It is important that you know how to prioritize whenever necessary. That you know how to separate your work, your studies, your work life from your personal life. Don’t make your relationship just another chore or an obligation.

Your partner is a person with feelings that needs LOVE. You have to know how to treat each thing as it deserves and if you are not yet ready for it, give yourself time to know what it is you want. You may not be mentally ready to start a relationship yet, Capricorn, but that’s not a bad thing. You have to find more time for yourself and to think about what you want.


The reason your relationships never last long, Aquarius, is because you’re not the best at expressing your emotions. Although it may not seem like it, you are a person with very intense feelings and you have a hard time knowing how to manage all that you feel. It is difficult for you to open up because you do not know how your partner will react when he sees everything that you were keeping in there. You are afraid to express yourself as you are in case your partner does not fully understand you and that is why you prefer not to show your emotions. But you don’t realize, Aquarius, that the way you express yourself says a lot about yourself and your relationship.

You have to open up more so that your partner can know everything that happens inside you. Silence is not the best option, Aquarius. You cannot make a relationship last in time if you keep your feelings locked up… Leave shyness and fear aside and jump into the pool if you really care about the relationship.


Your relationships never last long, Pisces, because you let others take advantage of your kindness. You are such a kind person, so empathetic, so kind that you don’t want to realize that there can also be evil people around you. You do everything for your partner and best of all, you don’t expect anything in return, just make her happy. It is something worthy of admiration, but you also have to know that a relationship is something of two people and that it does not help that you give yourself so much and that your partner does not even thank you.

Although it sounds bad, Pisces, many people take advantage of your goodness. And even if you don’t want to believe it, you have to be more ‘bad’ and look much more for yourself. Worrying if you are really receiving everything you wanted to receive. Love is not giving and not taking. Love is a balance between the two and that is what you have to look for if you want the relationship to last and if you do not want to be taken advantage of, Pisces.