You know how to wait and be patient because you are not one of the people who settle for the crumbs of others. You go little by little, granite by granite, to be the one who builds the most prominent mountain of sand. You are very top Taurus because you know how to wait with temperance for what belongs to you and what you deserve.


The prize for the most extroverted heart and the most pleasant and kind person is for you, Geminis, and you know that many blisters arise around you with him. The envious ones will say that you had to "cheat" someone to get him. Still, it is what it is, you are a person with many friends, but you also have many envies around you, and you know it. It is logical. It is expected. You are a person with an intellectual capacity, dynamism, and character that would not go unnoticed, neither here nor in China, and that is to be admired by Geminis. You like to learn, you always want more, you love to know, experience, and soak up any culture, you don't dislike a good adventure, and you are always available to have a good time. Your heart is the perfect best friend.


The exact things and the truths in the face of Cancer, you are the person with the biggest and best heart in the entire zodiac, and that is only a tiny part of all the potential that you hide. If you are at the top of the top, it is because you have earned it and deserve it Cancer, this and all the good things that happen to you, because you are a perfect helping hand and that is to be admired.  You are great because you are satisfied that others are well, and only by making your family happy are you already happy. Your heart is disinterested, and it gives love because it comes out like that. It does not do it to receive anything in return. Seriously Cancer, you are very admired because you go to death with yours, capable of anything for their protection and safety.


You like to play with fire, Leo, and you are not afraid to burn yourself. You enjoy playing with the sparks that are still burning because you are someone mighty. You are very at the top because you are not afraid to express your opinion, go forward with a firm step, and always say the good and the bad. You are a very enthusiastic person with clear ideas and a smile, always ready to brighten the day for those who need it most. You give human warmth when there are many toxic colds, and you give more regardless of the energy you are expending because sharing will always be living for you. The envious will say that this is a farce because it is evident that deep down, they want to be like you. You turn fear into courage, make a little opportunity to succeed the key, and make fear harmless by your side Leo. You are very top.


The success that surrounds you has not fallen from the sky, it has not rained on you, and no, you have not found it by chance on your Virgo path. The success that surrounds you results from your perseverance, effort, and sense of responsibility, and that is not. It is to be admired, that is, to frame it and bow every time it is seen. Since Virgo makes the difference from the beginning, you are the most hard-working and firm person that One can know, and yes, that is to be very TOP Virgo, sign it up. Virgo, you are ten. You are very top. You know that success doesn't come from anywhere, and you show great precision when it comes to working hard, and even if you don't know it, the people around you can't help but gape at you from the shock of seeing you in your purest form. They look at you and fall in love.


You exemplify friendship, equality, coherence, creativity, transparency, and justice Libra. If you are at the top of the top, it is all thanks to the lessons you give us selflessly. Despite everything Libra has gone through, you continue to inspire positivity and a good vibe worthy of admiration. More people like you and the world will surely be a better place because it is thanks to your personality if you are at the top. Keep looking at fear with that fortitude and courage that Libra characterizes you because they make you exceedingly great.  If you are very top, you know that it is on your own merits and because your popularity is very worthy of being admired. They cannot live without you, this is an open secret, but it is the truth, Libra, whoever knows you stay with your essence for life.


The way you have to look at fear with courage and sarcasm, Scorpio, you have to make your desires not something unreal, that strength you show when everything goes black. The dynamism that goes with you as standard to make a fucking grain of sand is the largest mountain that can exist are just small brushstrokes of everything that characterizes you. Scorpio, seriously, it is very much to admire your personality so characteristic. Still, if there is something to be very proud of, it is for your personality, human warmth, and Scorpio heart. You are not as the devil as they say about you. The envious is what they have, and the good thing is that it does not affect you, that feeds you, and that is why you are at the top of the top Scorpio, because you are cunning in person, and you know it.


The zodiac's lively heart, the most adventurous, never stops to rest because it always wants more, the sign most capable of going into prison due to excess travel and adventures, and the one that is almost impossible to forget.  You are Sagittarius. You are the most dynamic, crazy, and optimistic sign known in the first person. Even if you do not know it, people think that your way of seeing the world and of facing life is the perfect example of seeing how people act Real heroes, those who do not need to show off their achievements, that's how you are Sagittarius, and they admire you for it. You put your heart into everything you do, and you never, never stop learning, and that's the best. That your fire is pure danger, it should not be something to be afraid of, that is pure and hard passion Sagittarius, and for that reason, you are someone very, very top.


The commitment you show to the important things and the indifference you spend with the nonsense and the situations that remain Capricorn are two clear things to make the world see that you are the TOP and that to the chagrin of many envious. You are to remain a goat all your life because if there is someone who should be given a vast reward for perseverance, responsibility, and effort from day to day, it is for you without any doubt. You are very capable of everything and more for the protection of your Capricorn family. By your side, it is known that transparency is more than welcome. You are not a false person. You do not judge, you do not criticize, and if you do it, you do it in a very disguised way and with respect, that always. You are the very top goat. You are very top because you will never stop being you for not liking. On the contrary, you would continue to be with more and more pride.


In the deck of independent queens who always follow and will follow their ideals, you are the one who takes the Aquarius crown, and that is to be very top. There is a lot of creativity, dynamism, strength, positivity, and rebellion in the blood that runs through your veins. You have something in your power, something that many Aquarius people lack, and that is the courage to want to keep humanity safe. Humanity in its entirety is too much, but your people, your family, and yours have the biggest prize in the lottery because, by your side, they know more than enough that only good things can happen to them. After all, the bad thing with you will always have the Date of Expiry. You like justice, and that is very top. You cannot stand the typical smart ones on duty who trample on others to be someone, you are Aquarius, and with you, justice always goes hand in hand.


You are the reason behind the smile of someone who was having a good time with you, and you are the reason why good people are still good Pisces, and it will always be the heart that makes the most difference for being pure and good and that. It is not to be admired. That is a VIP pass to the district of people born TOP but who will become a Pisces legend. Something in you makes you very significant, and it may be your light, your essence, your creative personality. It may also be that you do not judge, that you see the good side of people. After all, you are half a witch / or that you help because you want and not to pretend and that, for both good and bad, you know how to read others, giving yourself an advantage and leaving you in the first place of the top. All can be.